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6pm, August 26th, 2012  


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GateKeepers Team Sunday CC Info
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Wang Dang CC for tonight (Sunday)
Vic1 in chat at OOM&F early afternoon post by SpecialAgentGibbs
Medic & Doc's Encouraging Words From DinarLand
Sunday Morning Dinar Chatter
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38cabo: that has to be a sweaty mess


38cabo: wink wink



GateKeepers Team Sunday CC Info

The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call Sunday @ 8 pm est 8/26/12

Skype:skype:freeconferencecallhd.7676 or Call (760)569-7676 Pin: 378652#

Zigmeister & Luigi1 Perspectives - Post By Leo GET Forum

8-26-2012 Zigmeister: Okay folks what I am seeing is crunch time for CBI. The boys on the financial committee(GOI) are not impressed with the situation, and they are not being easily herded to start printing the new dinar.

So the CBI is scrambling for a way to dedollarize Iraq. Personaly I think those pretty gold coins are just a few feet away.

The Central Bank had announced earlier that it is developing a feasibility study for the sale of gold coins and cash and other foreign currencies alongside the Treasury remittances to the public soon, indicating that this procedure was in place previously in the 1980s, but the embargo in the 1990s made the citizens focused on buying the dollar to easily discharged.

Greetings and Salutations;

How many heard or saw the detonation? I know the folks that caught it were watching the money and business channels out here. The distractions in the media kept most from catching it. The whole system was technically, reset.

Computers all around the world..banking computers. If you have a computer, you've most likely had to reboot..especially microsoft based. Curiously enough, all was finalized at that moment. International legalities handled. A big fire won't make This go away.

Precisely where things are, I won't say, I want nothing disturbed. I need that warm sand and sea, Now. Time to flush this puppy and move on.

I suggest calm, the 'hair fire' messages, as people give voice to their own nightmares, aren't helping. Yes, everything is in serious flux...but, that's nature. Always making adjustments according to what's needed.

Wang Dang CC for tonight (Sunday)

Conference Call with Wang Dang

Sunday 8-26-12 @ 7pm ET

Call in 530-881-1300 Pin 111646

Playback 530-881-1399 Pin 111646

MP3 Released shortly after call

Vic1 in chat at OOM&F early afternoon post by SpecialAgentGibbs

[vic1tgk] The point that our vision is much more clear and we can know that much has been done... leaves me with a much better position!

[jdez] vic1tgk Iyo, what classes would you recommend taking to educate ourselves, for those who lack it, on how to handle this blessing? I've already told my five children that they must take a college course in business mgmt before receiving inheritance. Any other suggestions? Tyvm!

[vic1tgk] jdez That is good question, I see your on track and my suggestion to you would be, ask your community college for investment and strategy classes they have in regards to that! Please understand I can't give you Advice...send me an e-mail

[donc0725] vic1tgk - have we been able to confirm if Prez or vice prez will be in Baghdad? and when?

[vic1tgk] donc0725 The next few days. I think the 29th... would make sense. Ban Ki Moon will be next door in Iran!

Medic & Doc's Encouraging Words From DinarLand


Post By Leo GET Forum:
8-26-2012 Doc There are a couple of articles that we found very encouraging that issued late this week. They both addressed what we continue to contend are key issues before currency reform will occur.

A quote from the first article stated "MP Mustafa further added that an important law drafting, which is concerned with oil and natural gas, should take place under the participation of UN to wipe out all the previous disputes between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Central Government."

What we find encouraging is there appears to be a seriousness to address the Ebril issues to the point of "mediation" by the UN. If this pans out we are hopeful resolution will come quickly.

Sunday Morning Dinar Chatter

[clubber3] Does the news look as good as I think it does, or am I on HOPIUM.

[steveg] cruiser - with the gold debate; some say there is not enough gold to cover $15T. Can that be calculated by taking the $15T by the total troy oz. @ $1,600.

[cruiser] steveg That is if the debt is still there. The global debt among certain countries will be wiped out with the change of the new "system". Gold will be going to 5k or as high as 20k.

[BigB] cruiser If I read you right, the price of gold will go up in order to cover the debt or will the debt be forgiven?

[prissynell] cruiser good grief 20 oz even 5k is huge

[cruiser] BigB Debt will be forgiven and gold will go up. 2 seperate things.

[BigB] cruiser Got cha - thanks

[steveg] cruiser so China will forgive our debt?

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Abdul-Jabbar: Foreign not trading with the United Nations on lifting Iraq from Chapter VII

Abdul-Jabbar: Foreign not trading with the United Nations on lifting Iraq from Chapter VII 08/26/2012 9:18 am

A member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Rafi Abd al-Jabbar said the Foreign Ministry did not trading with the United Nations on lifting Iraq out of Chapter VII, despite convergence exists between Iraq and Kuwait to resolve differences between the two countries.

He told all of Iraq [where] that "the State has not taken any step to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, although Iraq expressed serious steps for collaboration with Kuwait through paid for most of the debt incurred by him as well as Kuwait Airways debt." 

Found two billion dinars in the car the deceased governor of Diyala province, which suffered an accident

Found two billion dinars in the car the deceased governor of Diyala province, which suffered an accident 08/26/2012 7:29 am

Witnesses said the place of the incident, which involved a car in which he was traveling Diyala governor Hisham Hayali they have found two billion dinars after his death and his family.

Witnesses said Miss they were present during the collision in which he was governor of Diyala Hisham Hayali, adding that they went directly to the car and found jewelery and two billion Iraqi dinars. The governor of Diyala Hisham Hayali had died last week in a collision with his family on the road between Khanaqin and spend Klar.

Expert: political leaders for failing to break down ... Allawi himself politically by accepting the Erbil

Expert: political leaders for failing to break down ... Allawi himself politically by accepting the Erbil  2012-08-26 14: 17: 37 Sunday

Baghdad (News) : The observer said political researcher, Mohammad Obaid Abdelkader, break the current political leaders for failing to create a democratic country belonging to exploit wealth up to Iraq to the ranks of European countries.

Said Abdelkader (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the few political leaders failed privilege in a democratic atmosphere and taste the bitterness of life made a citizen as a result of thefts and poor planning and political crises. 

Independent: blocs agree compromises to break political deadlock

Independent: blocs agree compromises to break political deadlock  2012-08-26 14: 20: 48 Sunday

Baghdad (News) : Qais independent MP, political blocs alshazar agree on compromises out of the current political situation.

Alshazar said in a statement (News Agency news) on Sunday: the political arena in which a hope to get out of the current situation through an agreement the blocks on Central solutions to the outstanding issues between them, and that's what will the political blocs. 

Expert: within months the price of a barrel of crude oil to less than $ 60

Expert: within months the price of a barrel of crude oil to less than $ 60  08.26.2012

West Texas light oil: Close New York 24/08/2012 $ 96.12 a barrel in a statement singled out the Voice of Iraq expert said global markets and oil, currencies and metals Dr. Sabih tremendous price barrel of West Tkas oil as its price closed on Friday 08/24/2012 at the level 96.12 dollars per barrel may be ended period corrective task of Aoti price record at $ 77.28 on June 22 last and drop from the level of 110.55 last February is considered the first phase of several phases so that the final phase may take prices to below $ 30 a barrel During the next several months. in cases where the end of correction phase current, the prices candidate to begin the second phase of decline punctuated stages corrective and expected target is her falling price of a barrel of West Texas light of the level of 96 to Madon of 65 dollars in the coming months. stage corrective current may continue and take prices to $ 99 and a low potential.  

Breaking News- Source : Maliki and Nujaifi's meeting ends

Breaking News- Source : Maliki and Nujaifi's meeting ends  26/08/2012 13:47:00

BAGHDAD / NINA : A source close to the House Speaker Osama Nujaifi declared the end of the meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Nujaifi.

The source said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the meeting was fruitful, where most of the outstanding issues were agreed on, "adding that "al-Maliki and Nujaifi would make an press statements to the media."

It is mentioned that the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki received the House Speaker Osama Nujaifi this morning.

An informed source told / NINA / that the two sides discussed a number of important political issues.

MP, expresses his fears of the tense atmosphere,that some politicians have put the Iraqis in

MP, expresses his fears of the tense atmosphere,that some politicians have put the Iraqis in 26/08/2012 12:43:00

BAGHDAD / NINA : MP, from Iraqiya coalition, Muhammad Iqbal Omar expressed his fears and concerns of the tense atmosphere that some Iraqi politicians put the Iraqis in.

He said in a press statement that "there is indirect efforts to enter in an internal conflict through linking all things with the fall of Assad's regime," wondering about the "real interest that some politicians being igniters of war, or defenders of Syrian regime."

He added "politicians' duty today is to discuss how to protect Iraq from any negative impact from one hand, and reassure Iraqis not intimidate them form other hand." 

MP for state of law : Al-Maliki confirmed, during his meeting with Nujaifi, resolving the outstanding issues.

MP for state of law : Al-Maliki confirmed, during his meeting with Nujaifi, resolving the outstanding issues.  26/08/2012 14:39:00

BAGHDAD / NINA : MP, for the State of Law coalition, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, said that the meeting of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with House Speaker Osama Nujaifi included an agreement to resolve the most important problems and differences that have hindered the political process.

He told / NINA / that "the first subject in the meeting is to discuss the adoption of laws relating to the government work and achieving the integration of the legislative and executive powers and emphasizing the need to speed up to pass the law of the Federal Court and selecting the members of the Electoral Commission."

He added "the meeting also emphasized on the key points to activate the political reform paper and also agreed to hold the national meeting to discuss the paper after the return of President Jalal Talabani to be a major anchor in resolving differences between the political blocs." 

Three files gathered Maliki and Najafi

Three files gathered Maliki and Najafi 26/08/2012 12:00 am

National �morning�: initiating the implementation of reforms and wide across the tracks

Baghdad morning : while holding two prime ministers and the House of Representatives meeting today to discuss the political developments and ways of passing laws important, announced the National Alliance to initiate the implementation of reforms urgently by the government. said decision the House of Representatives Mohamed Khaldi: that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi meet on Sunday to discuss the political developments and discuss the reform paper and naming ministers and security chiefs.

He Khalidi's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," said the meeting would deal also means passing laws task, especially after the success of the parliament legislation 110 laws, noting that there are comments on the reform paper will be addressed during the meeting.'s Encounter may collect the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board House of Representatives last month has yielded agreement on a quest to the adoption of important laws that serve the people.  

For Al-Maliki's end definitely to end all differences

For Al-Maliki's end definitely to end all differences 2012-08-26 15: 56: 16 Sunday

Baghdad (News) : Over Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki met with speaker of the House of Osama in Tehran, sure to end all differences, and that the Constitution is the reference in all things.

A statement issued by the Office of Al-Maliki received (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the meeting held in the Office of the Prime Minister which brought together al-Maliki's stressed the importance of cooperation between the Executive and legislative powers in the interest of the people, and that the Constitution is the reference in all things, adding: the Prime Minister stressed the need for progress on the path of reforms and address the issues on the basis of the Constitution, especially with regard to oil and gas laws and Amnesty and accountability and justice, and move the functions needed in the way of State-building. 

The below posts were in our 11am email
This is reposted from April 2012 for the New Dinar Investors:

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To Whom it May Concern:

From Grassroots Leadership Teams

This is a grassroots effort originally done to help family and friends..  This has grown into a much larger effort and we just wanted to help all currency holders get the best rate possible in the future . Please feel free to forward this information on to the appropriate individuals as desired.

Point #1: Maybe the bank wants your business: if there is an exchange code and instructions that a bank decides to issue, that would secure the bank's offered exchange rate, that is the bank's business. Did you ever think that maybe the bank is willing to pay a little more to get your business? Is that called free enterprise and maybe the price the bank is willing to pay to secure a new customer?  Have you ever become a grocery store customer because of a grocery coupon they offered?

[cruiser] Hi and good morning everyone!!! Why is Brian Williams reporting from Iraq all week this week? Interesting

[cruiser] kids I do not know if he is in Iraq this week or just will report about Iraq his week. It looks like the later one of the 2.

[composer55] cruiser Maybe today will be the Day. I always feel good about Sunday's....

[cruiser] composer55 Anyday works for me. Just get it over already.

[kids] cruiser---there are reports of pres + vp there this week...

[DrRod] cruiser I like your statement "Just get it over already."

[blessedandhighlyfavored] cruiser I agree...I am ready to get over with too...In the back of my head I am saying only God knows!!

[cruiser] kids according to the president's schedule, he has not been around since Thursday of last week.

8-25-2012 Freebird: Gag order = I don't want to explain why my rumors didn't pan out. We're in a great spot and everyone is in agreement about this but don't fall for the hype from the gurus with delusions of grandeur. I maintain that September is a crucial month for us, as I've said many times before.

My opinion about that comes from listening to what the Central Bank of Iraq has been saying for over a year now. September is almost here.  Keep the faith.

Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, hosting the Governor of the Central Bank in the next few days in the House of Representatives to discuss the currency and selling the project to delete the three zeroes.
- Iraqi Parliament reconvenes on Tuesday
- That meeting,... in Parliament with the CBI within....line of sight.....
- CBI Governor ...will be in Parliament. ( trigger man )
- UN is looking after the HCL law...
- Maliki is working on the security ministers tomorrow... ( The political man )
- Talibani will be returning to Iraq after surgery on his knee. ( Following the Doctors orders :) )
- Expect this week for Talibani to call the date for the... National Convention...

Michigander Article and chat 8/25/12 8:29 PM edt

[michigander0131] 25 August, 2012 Put the CBI Saturday controls to accept the work of Iranian banks in Iraq. He said Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi in a press statement that the central bank told the Iranian side that he accepted the work Iranian banks in Iraq on the basis of lack of international sanctions against those banks and the need of the Iraqi economy to the work of those banks, according to Rsantha reputation and its capital, noting that Iran has banks are working in Iraq and would like to inaugurate several other banks in the next phase.  LINK|en&

[michigander0131] interesting that shabbibi wants to do alot of buisiness with iranian banks /and also wants more of them in iraq

[Agent 007] michigander0131 not good

[sandinar] michigander0131 wonder if he is crooked too

[michigander0131] sandinar that is a good question I just found that very interesting/

[Agent 007] michigander0131 yes and thanks

[michigander0131] the US can not be happy with it
  DocDinar: I am very encouraged by everything I've heard this week.  Many positive rumors, many positive articles.  There has been a clear shift of positive news in our direction. 

The rumors point toward a breakthrough as early as tomorrow possibly and the articles say that the reform paper and Ministers could be agreed upon tomorrow. Everything looks very positive from where I'm sitting.

  Mountainman: It looks like this great news week will end with a bang. The Speaker and the PM are meeting tomorrow and we may see Ministers announced finally. What a great welcoming present that would be for the President.

[vic1tgk] Hello to Everyone! What a Beautiful and great day the LORD has made for US!!!

[vic1tgk] You all ready for some mellow conversation?

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama Thanx...(((((((((((((HUGS to YOU and ALL))))))))))))))))

[vic1tgk] Well let me start off by saying... The W.T.O., which is a very serious... Alignment of Countries... does approve and does not approve of certain procedures! Is that some what clear to you all?

[.gypsymama] vic1tgk Always, come on in and pull up a chair, here is some sweet tea and cookies

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama Thanx

[vic1tgk] watereddown Ok..good point! Then I'm going to water down...this drink called conversation! U, ok with that Drink? Not a LONG ISLAND ICED TEA... some of My Sisters...Brewed to EXCELLENCE... Tea! OK?

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama we ready?

BGG] If they were showing the currency on IQ TV as we have been told and the POTUS is headed over there... "how do you spell relief"?

[Sam] RV

[dbsword] IQD RV


 [DrRod] I hear things mights be shared tomorrow about the "big" annoucement. Just hope it's not more hopium.

[healthscans] A really good call tonight from poppy3 and bgg! They said it means something for O to leave and go over there.

[capt ron] Is O leaving the campaign trail to travel to Iraq?

[capt ron] Or just Joe?

[healthscans] capt ron that is what I am hearing.

[healthscans] capt ron I heard both of them.

[capt ron] Because it would have to be a HUGE event in Iraq for O to do that.

[healthscans] capt ron that is exactly what BGG just said.

[Sparkles] healthscans So they believe he is going there hmmm

[healthscans] Sparkles yes and I have heard that from several people, just didn't believe it. Thought they would just send ol'Joe over there!

[Sparkles] healthscans Thats what I thought too


Mp3 Playback Link    36 Min
The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Expectations of higher inflation with higher salaries and loans
08/25/2012 12:00 am

BAGHDAD - morning : warned economist Salim al-Bayati, the likelihood of increased index inflation rates increase the salaries of employees and retirees and the granting of financial loans and the continuing advances percent salary because it will increase the money supply in the market in the absence of local product. Bayati said that the high index annual inflation rates in Iraq returns to the absence of clear economic policy in the country and the process of pumping money by the government to citizens, whether for salaries or loans held ways random without a study of the economic feasibility than lead to increased money supply in the market. added: that the plans by the federal government to increase the purchasing power of the citizen serve as a "processors prosthesis" by increasing salaries and grant financial advances which addresses a specific area of the state to cover the purchasing power but on the other hand will increase the rate of inflation in the country .


Use warnings Iranian Altoman in trade
Sunday 26/08/2012 07:06 AM

Baghdad / term : member of the Economic Commission warned Nahida Daini government to respond to the demand of Iran using its local currency Altoman in trade exchange with Iraq, stressing that it is internationally accepted currency and hurt the national economy when used.

The Daini according Agency (news): Iran is exposed to economic sanctions international because of its nuclear program and trying, through bilateral trade with Iraq to revive its economy and strengthen its currency at the expense of the Iraqi economy and the national currency local, and this is an offense to the international resolutions issued by the United Nations against Iran.


Contradiction in inflation indicators between the Central Bank and Planning
Sunday 26/08/2012 07:07 AM

Baghdad / term : inflation indices for the month of July in rates stable compared with the previous month of June after it posted a slight rise (0.3%). At the time of announcing the CBI annual inflation basis for the month of July to 140.7%.

The press statement issued by the Information Office of the Ministry of Planning said that this stability was the result of lower prices for food section and beverages by (0.7%) during the month and specifically decline prices of fruits and vegetables.

statement noted: that indicators annual inflation compared with July of the year last seen a rise clear hit (5.7%) as a result of higher prices Department of Housing in the whole of Iraq (10%) due to the high value of rents homes, which amounted to (13%).


Kurds: We will agree to change our stake in the budget, depending on the results of Census
25/08/2012 06:07

BAGHDAD / Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network : The Kurdistan Alliance bloc that Kurdistan would agree to change the ratio of its share in the federal budget amounting to 17% after a census destruction and its appearance.

A spokesman for the Alliance's a good supporter (Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network) "We in the Kurdistan region will agree to change the ratio of the region's share in the federal budget after a census destruction and the emergence of the results."

He is good to "claim the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani to reduce the region's share to 13% do not serve detente required between the center and the region nor in the interest of the political process in the presence of political efforts to reach a solution as he has no comments constitutional framework based on it."


President Talabani meets in Germany and a delegation from the Sadrist

Baghdad : where received by President Jalal Talabani at his residence in Germany on Saturday August 25 and a delegation from the Sadrist movement. said in a statement the presidency said the delegation was taken to President Talabani congratulations Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr successfully surgery he underwent and congratulations far al-Fitr, wishing him good health and happiness and age long.


Planning: census faces a political problem, not a technical

Union declares its readiness to implement Spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, Saturday, said that his ministry is ready to implement the census in the event got consensus on the vote, adding that the census process is no longer a technical problem but is a political problem. explained Hindawi (Voices of Iraq) "The Ministry of Planning ready to carry out the census whether to reach a political consensus on the issue, because the problem that prevent facilitate the census is no longer a technical problem but is a political problem." "There are various areas in the province of Nineveh, and the Kurdistan region, there Kirkuk and Article 140 and related national and field shenanigans on it, and all these clashes and political reality of the situation."

He noted "that once was consensus between the political blocs on a joint solution that satisfies everyone, the Ministry of Planning and technically administrative ready and we have no any problems."


Deputy for the rule of law: a real step reform and those who question where it going to dissolve parliament
Saturday, August 25 2012 15:45

BAGHDAD / With: MP for the coalition of state law Jabbar Kanani reform paper that emerged from the National Alliance, a real step, and that those who question where he should go to the dissolution of parliament.

Kinani said in an interview with the News Agency correspondent future Saturday: "The reform paper is a step the right way and to those who doubt seriously topic, it serves as dismissive of the reform and for that he should go to step to dissolve parliament and hold new elections."


MP Al-Maliki calls for the government to the statement of the reasons for the reluctance of the implementation of the port of Faw in Basra
Saturday, August 25 2012 15:17

Baghdad: Euphrates News: MP for the province of Basra, Abdul Salam al-Maliki government to the statement of the reasons for the delay in the implementation of the port of Faw in the province.

Maliki said in a press statement received and Euphrates News Agency {} Saturday that "talking about the port became more of achievements on the ground where we see many statements and visits of officials to the construction site of the port but without actual action taken and quick on the ground."

He added that "the House of Representatives allocated 200 billion dinars for the completion of designs for Pkasr waves bids were opened for that phase by the Ministry of Transportation at the beginning of this month, but every stage followed by stagnation do not know what are the real reasons behind it."

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