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6pm August 30th, 2015

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Post By DAZ From TNT Forum  

Should a CFP® Be Required to Always Act as a Fiduciary?

Aug 15th, 2014   by sraskie.

Folks interested in engaging a professional for financial planning help and advice should generally seek out the advice of a CFP®. A CFP® has had the education, experience, ethics and exam (the Board's 4 E's) that qualifies he or she to hold the mark. 

We often encourage clients that they should look for this designation at a minimum before engaging with a financial planner and then meet with the planner to decide if the client and planner are a good fit.

Due to an excellent marketing campaign by the CFP® Board many clients understand what a CFP® is, what they do, and how they may be able to help. Many folks choose to work with a CFP® because they know that the CFP® is held to a higher standard. 

On a personal level - this is a bit of a different kind of email from me today... I would read this if I were you asking what can I learn from this...  I can say that I am writing this so YOU can be informed and MAKE CHANGES WHILE YOU CAN. 

I want to share something with you that truly relates to each of us in Dinarland.  


I have two friends that were so excited about the foreign currency endeavor and what the hopes were that it will bring, not only to each of us, but to the responsibility of what we are to do with the exchange monies.

Both my friends rejoiced in the fact that their family would be debt free at the time of exchange, both my friends rejoiced that the monies would help their kids and grandchildren solve their financial debts, so with my introduction the both purchased some currency.


June1:  IKO earlier this morning - Yep, ISX up a full 1%. Goid start to their week.

SassyD:   Looks like the ISX is got a pretty good bounce today....  ......

Iko Ward:
  Another positive on the ISX, 21 were up, only 4 were down. 12 were flat.

Rrrr:   The strain is starting to show. Every day seems to be the time that the RV is about to GO. BUT... a Global event like this is unprecedented. Constant delays should be expected. But now, everything points to the fact that we ARE truly in the moment. The moment we have all projected. This RV is about to Pop. Of this there is no Denying. Soooo, forget about was isn't and revel on what's about to be. This event can't be stopped! It's our Time! We did it! Our Blessing will soon shine upon us!

Post From Chat Room 8-30-15
Wealthwatch Morning Chat  8-30-15  Part 2 of 2

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Local and international media are reporting that an anti-ISIS protest began Saturday in the Anbar province city of Rutba, along the Baghdad-Amman highway, after ISIS killed a local civil servant. 

Bassem Eid Ammash, a spokesman for the Anbar provincial council, told Rudaw Sunday that after a funeral for a man killed by ISIS for allegedly killing one of the militants, mourners leaving the event began protesting against ISIS. ISIS shot back at the protesters, he said, and 200 people were arrested. 

The AP reported that only 70 were arrested, but otherwise confirmed Ammash's comments. The AP also reported that the man being buried at the funeral was Munir al-Kobeisi, a civil servant, and that he was killed for killing an ISIS fighter in part of an ongoing tribal blood feud.

Post From Chat Room 8-30-15
Wealthwatch Morning Chat  8-30-15  Part 1 of 2

chattels: KRG oil sales and its bid for independence

Doug_W: G M Gang

chattels: 2h2 hours ago #Iraq parliament sources say vote on key national guard bill has again been withdrawn from agenda

chattels: Baghdad (AIN) -The parliament postponed voting on the National Guards law draft till reaching an agreement on its articles by the political sides."

chattels: Speaker: Political blocs agree upon some articles within National Guards law 2015/8/30 12:39 * Speaker: Political blocs agree upon some articles within National Guards law Baghdad (AIN) -

Post From Chat Room 8-29-15
Wealthwatch Late Night Chat  8-29-15

 3h3 hours ago Abadi appointed new deputy commander of Anbar Ops, new 10th division and 8th division commanders

chattels: MP for the Bloc Mohammed Ali al-Masoudi that the political and economic reforms launched by the federal government and approved by parliament need some time to show results on the Iraqi economy. He said to the correspondent of National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / 

"The integration of the ministries and the abolition of the number of process positions and reducing the protections and retrenchment will have significant effects on the provision of liquidity to the Iraqi government, especially during the end of this year and the beginning of 2016, which is hoped to be his plan more realistic and useful than previous years. chattels:

Reforms II

The second phase of reforms was revealed to us the later part of August and is geared towards cleaning house on the banking and finance corruption such money laundering and the justice and courts system.  I have to tell you Abadi is moving fast and furious on this one too. 

We also know about the needed Justice and Accountability Law and the Parties Law. We witnessed last week the passing of the Parties Law and political groups have 60 days to read it, study it and conform going forward.

We witnessed the resignation of the   Iraq's Supreme Court chief judge Midhat al-Mahmoud then only to be rejected by the council due to lack of means to accept the resignation. Since judges are appointed in their office until death with no means to resign he must stay in his position (for now). We know that when the Justice and Accountability Law, when finally passed, will provide this means to resign.

(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6734 - "Onward to Reform Phase III" by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to pop in to give an overview of what we should expect from Iraq in these coming weeks and what we just experienced this week. We are now moving into September. Do you remember what I told you about September?

I told you from mid August to mid September would be a very critical time for getting these reforms accomplished. I told you Abadi would make a final push to get them completed and it would be very sudden and unexpected by most.

I told you that "if" this reform process is successful,  we would be in a great window to possibly see the currency reform project pick up momentum and maybe see a significant increase the value of the Iraqi dinar and the continuation of the "deletion of the 3 zeros" project.

In mid June Abadi attended a second Paris Conference where they discussed the progress of Iraq under the Abadi administration and what was needed yet to be accomplished. Abadi was given until mid September to complete these items (or reforms). What are these reforms?

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter


  As you've been saying Frank the MR is a lava flow. How right you are! "... The HCL is lacking the fourth and final part for......... THE CITIZENS. BUT IT IS CHANGING NOW," you say. This is a present continuous tense that is in motion and waiting for finality. Barriers/barricades are lifted from the Green Zone..., The crowds are with A and he with them..., Sistani has given his blessing to the GOI/CBI, security is snug as a baby in its blanket. Can you see it family? Now the missing piece to this puzzle that we've all been waiting for, IMO,is all that is left and knocking at the door! "...BUT IT IS CHANGING NOW"!!

moneytalks1 : Hi Frank,A bit slow on the laws today. Maybe WS will have articles out later today. I know lots of great things happening between today and Tuesday. IMO, September will be a month to remember!!!


Chris :  From Earlier today: Just talked to one of my bankers he is ready for me to RV.....YES it can happen anytime    
I have two friends that are bank presidents...all they will say is to be ready, they will let me know.

Paperbag:   China is not happy with the delays so this can't go much longer.

  Shoot everyone who knows and has been waiting isn't happy lol

Starchild:   and China can sell $50 Billion in US Treasuries every week until the delay ends.... Zero Hedge is calling it Quantitative Tightening... the opposite of QE or Quantitative Easing...

Red: China if you are monitoring this website, push the button push the button push it tonight

Post From Chat Room 8-29-15
Wealthwatch Evening  Chat  8-29-15

BOBBY: Chattels. ...... i think we need a good bank story. lol

chattels: '@BOBBY' more like a " real bank story " :)

BOBBY: Chattels. ...... agreed on that sir

Wocardtexas: Hello guys

BOBBY: Wocardtexas.... how are you

Wocardtexas: Good and you

BOBBY: all good on my end

Wocardtexas: Do we feel good on Tuesday on a rate

BOBBY: Wocardtexas..... what is Tuesday supposed to bring?

Wocardtexas: If their going to do it it's got to before end of the month
Wocardtexas: Is that true bobby

Millionday Newstime  8/29/15  Part 2 of 2

Millionday: Baghdad held the House of Representatives, Saturday, its 17th, headed by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 260 deputies, is due to the meeting experiencing vote on the draft National Guard law and an end to the first readings and the second of seven bills. 

A parliamentary source in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The House House of Representatives held its 17th chaired by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 260 deputies,


Millionday Newstime  8/29/15  Part 1 of 2




Millionday: Oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives MP Mazen Mezni, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi send a draft oil and gas law to the parliament for legislation and approval, 

stressing that "the adoption of this law will give a strong message to international companies of oil to enter the Iraqi market and investment in the field of oil development economy and ease the financial crisis plaguing the country due to the fall in world oil prices.

Originally posted by 4Abba at TNT:

Difference between private banking and wealth management

Deciding where to bank and how to invest is one of the most important considerations for would be investors; banking has evolved over the years from a reserve of the elite in society to a common tool used by everyone in the society.

Many people are earning lots of money in the world and becoming wealthy. Many of them however, do not know the benefits of banking especially private banking to increasing their wealth.

Private banking:  is a type of personalized banking service offered by many high street banks and private banks. Private banking  enables the individual to communicate with the accounts manager on a personal level.

Post From Chat Room 8-29-15
Wealthwatch Afternoon OOTW News & Chat  8-29-15


OOTW: By Roudao one hour ago [Image: 154829Image1.jpg] Iraqi dinar Roudao - Erbil contains two new categories of the Iraqi currency on the Kurdish language, which will print the end of this year, as reported by the parliamentary finance committee. 

The deputy said Masood Haider, the network Roudao media, "we were informed at the last meeting with the Iraqi Central Bank on the plan and program for the printing of two new categories 50 000 dinars and 100 thousand dinars and pumped into the Iraqi market.

 "added Haidar said the central bank pointed out that" implementation of the project end of this year if the economic situation of Iraq's appropriate, and delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency in the coming years, 

"explaining that he did not announce a date implement the latest project in order to avoid destabilization of the country's economy. 

Post From Chat Room 8-29-15
Wealthwatch Morning News / Links & Chat  8-29-15

Tootsie: Good Saturday Morning!!
Tootsie: OK, Parliament meeting Sunday 30th
Tootsie: 11 items

Tootsie: The agenda of the meeting No. (18) Sunday 30 August 2015 The agenda of the meeting No. (18) Sunday 30 August 2015 August 30.2015 The third parliamentary session The second legislative year The first legislative term First, read verses from the Koran. 

Second: The vote on the draft law of the National Guard. (Security and Defense Committee, the Legal Committee), (Article 22). 

Third: discuss the subject of suspicious activities in support of the Daash. 

Fourth: discuss the issue of displaced balances in banks.