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10am August 4th, 2014    


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Early Monday Morning:


Topic: "One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say." Bryant H. McGill

.MikeH] 8-4-2014 Millionday Report quote: "the situation with the province in regards to the budget in 2014 has become more complex," but that the House will try to vote on the Commission to resolve this bill in its session on Tuesday..." THEY ARE NOT STATING THAT THEY ARE READING IT SO...THE BUDGET WILL BE VOTED ON AND NOT READ THROUGH TWICE BEFORE THE VOTE. SO WE MAY HAVE A BUDGET ON TUESDAY.

Report quote: "the importance of maintaining the constitutional timings for the selection of a candidate, Prime Minister and the formation of the next government." SO ONCE AGAIN OF THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING THE NEW GOV IN PLACE BY NEXT TUESDAY DONE...ALONG WITH THE BUDGET BEING VOTED ON IF ALL THEY HAVE ANNOUNCED IS FOLLOWED AS ANNOUNCED. THE PARLIAMENT MEETINGS IN THE NEXT WEEK SHOULD BE FANTASTIC.

Millionday news 8/3/14   Part 2

    Welcome to for news time with Millionday!

    [millionday] confirmed Tamimi in statement received read "morning" on the need to direct a letter to the Ministry of Finance to report on the size of the spending from the beginning of this year until now, as well as to provide balance in 2014 modified by the government on the grounds that the foundation on which was built the budget is to export 3.4 million barrels While this figure is exaggerated in the current circumstances did not materialize, leaving us in front of "the budget do not reflect reality," and

    it is not necessary to make amendments to it. considered merging the budgets of 2014 and 2015 in one package contrary to the Financial Administration Act and the Public Debt No. 94 of 2004 rate, as well as confuse the economic situation in the state


Millionday news 8/3/14  Part 1

    Welcome to for news time with Millionday!

    millionday] SO HERE WE GO  WHOOOPOW


    [millionday] In looking Iraq for a way out of the challenges faced by the process of economic development is needed to the international effort Advanced,

which in turn needs to be a safe environment and able to absorb capital and advanced technology,

and represents the international effort major international companies active in the construction and reconstruction, investment and the sights, heading towards Iraq,

which is the front-Good offer job opportunities are many and great, here highlights the question of the most important elements of the attraction of this effort

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


The importance of the projects to stimulate the economy

[tlm724] nature of support was president of the Federation of Iraqi Industries has said in an interview earlier (morning) the possibility of providing this support through the activation code customs tariff to make the local product able to compete through the balance of production...
[tlm724] they know how important it is to get all the tariffs fully imposed

[tlm724] importance of starting the national product, which requires the support of the government to continue its efforts in the cases of war and peace



Sounddoc....Banker Intel from 8/03/2014 AM

Who stopped the RV the other night - UST Why? Not a full release of "TRN" one state not fully alerted - (Utah)

Meetings in  DC:  Saturday Night and Sunday Meetings:
Meeting with UST and WF execs and ? - topic: Preparing - making sure everyone is ready and prepared for the RV and the TRN release at same time. Only a few exchangers will have TRN besides banks.

Soundoc: meetings are still going on, this info is after the first meeting today - so I think that once they get done with meetings today and everything is settled, Monday everything gets verified and signed off, then it could go Tuesday morning at 2:00AM EST. That would be our next window

: As soon as I hear mention of "TRN", All credibility goes out the window for me.

Sounddoc :
I know I get the same thing but I can't disallow what I've been told from a reliable source. The banker who has actually seen them.


Sun Aug 03 2014 13:04 | (Voice of Iraq) - The Federal Judicial Authority denied receiving Federal Supreme Court any request or complaint of "largest bloc" in charge of the formation of the government, pointing out that the Federal Court decision issued in 2010 is still valid and in force.

He Bayraqdar that "the Federal Court issued a decision in 2010 interpreted Article 76 of the Constitution," adding that "this decision has become enforceable and binding on all the authorities."

Luckylady:   Good morning tlar and everyone!  Haven't they already  ruled on this?  I sure hope you are right about Maliki not receiving immunity.  He should pay for what he's done but this is Iraq and very little surprises me anymore. Thanks for all you do tlar by sharing your perspective in this confusing and frustrating investment.


(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU0425 -  "Upcoming Aug 5th Session"

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a recent update on the election process and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. The news was very good once again.

This is a time of great anticipation and expectation for our exchange. This last couple weeks has been a wild ride and the election process is finally coming to an end thus our window for the RV.

Note: If you have not read my previous news letter from Fri 8/1,  I encourage you to first read it. Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process.


Early Sunday Morning:


Frank26:   Gold.

In the Coming Hours ........... I will be in Church Praising God !

In the Coming Hours ........... You will hear DELTA and I on Your M CC ........ AND TUESDAY's !!

In the Coming Hours ........... The re-calculation will be done in the Budget. (already done)

In the Coming Hours ........... Banks in Iraq will do the same.

In the Coming Hours ........... 99.99 % of the anti M politicians will crawl over to his side ....... For Survival.

In the Coming HOURS .......... "But that is NOT my favorite color" ........... Will turn into ........ " I was just kidding ...... I thank You".


The Discovery of Ourselves
My partners in the RV journey, this letter is sent to you with much love and with great heartfelt passion. I can expound on the many-times-over written prose of this journey having its ups and downs but I will not rehash that.

For by now, we all know it to be true. However, I will say that this journey has been one of sheer discovery. The discovery always was and continues to be...the discovery of ourselves!

 Who got you involved in this journey? A friend? A co-worker? A family member? Your spouse? Divine leading? Whatever the scenario was in the beginning that prompted you to be a part of this wonderful event, know with complete assurance that there is a reason you're in this endeavor. 
No matter what you are facing in your life right now, I strongly encourage you to cast aside any worry, fear, discouragement and fill your life and the very fiber of your being with the HOPE and realization of a great tomorrow....that begins TODAY!

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