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10am August 5th, 2016

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Beams:  Today we are just about 30 days from the next G20 meeting in China. All those articles I shared this morning, (see articles below) appear to me to be setting the stage for a public announcement. If my memory serves me well, it was discussed years ago that groups would have 30 days before Public exchanges started.... tic tock . tic tock

Beams:  "the upcoming G20 summit will play a historic role in boosting the global economy" <<< :smiles:

TNman:  Beams those articles leaves me with the impression that we won't see this until September. Why would they do it before the meeting that will be addressing the very thing that the RV will have taken care of? I want it now, just as eveyone else. All of the intel providers are saying now but the articles are saying September.

Beams:  Public.. Tnman.. not the groups


BLC Tlm724 News & Comments 8-4-16 Part 2 of 2

Islamic banking is expanding the service of sustainable development
8/4/2016 0:00   BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb focused discussion and workshop CBI work with Islamic banks around the financial and banking liberalization and globalization and its challenges, and products Islamic banks that took deploy in most cities of the world,
stood at the biggest challenge of how to handle Islamic banking with the decisions of all of Basel, as was eating large expansion in the world and Iraq for its products in harmony and the requirements of the beneficiaries of the companies or citizens and serve the development work.
the session was moderated Ihsan Yasiri Director - General to monitor the credit and banking , international banking expert d. Sadik Rashid al - Shammari of the Islamic adviser banking and Abdul Hussein Mundhiri general manager of Mesopotamia Islamic Bank attended the Islamic banking managers commissioners and members of boards of directors and managers

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BLC Tlm724 News & Comments 8-4-16 Part 1 of 2

Deputy Defense Minister for detecting the remaining names omission demonstrates the existence of a political deal
04/08/2016 10:29 | Direction Press / special   He Reform Front parliamentary member Mohammed N. Chihod today revealed the latest files of corruption in the interrogation of Defence Minister session does not impede the operations and victories in the battles for liberation against Daash.
Chihod In an interview with "direction," said the presence of cases of corruption, especially in the military establishment adversely affect the performance and armament in general, explaining that revealed the files of corruption gives impetus to the front and corrects own military operations tracks.
Chihod He added that the defense minister for failure to disclose the rest of the names demonstrates the existence of a political deal between him and the political blocs who announced the names of some of thedeputies abstention, calling al - Obeidi , courage and reveal other names involved corruption and bargaining.




Bruce:  Tonight, we do have some information. I think we have now is valuable. We know things have happen to move this along further than we were along on Tuesday.

Let's  start with tier 3, tier 4 and see where we are with that. Tier 3 area was dealing with primarily with bonds, bond redemption, skrs being made liquid. SKR accounts that been previously exchanged but funds blocked.

What we heard today starting last night about proximately 18,000 been handled last night. This morning a number closer to 30,000, then 36,000. Last time we heard over 50,000 accts been made hydrated.

All the paymasters have received all their funds in their accounts and been hydrated to pay off these skrs. About 9:00est all accts been paid tonite.  

I feel we are in good shape as far as that

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20 Celebrities Who Went Broke  Part 2 of 2

20 Celebrities Who Went Broke  Part 2 of 2
Wesley Snipes

Apparently making three "Blade" movies about hunting vampires doesn't pay the bills quite like it used to.
Snipes was making tons of money during the 1990's, but managed to squander it all. In 2006, Snipes was busted for tax evasion and had to go to jail for a few years as a result.

During the bankruptcy hearing, it was revealed that Snipes owed the IRS $12 million but just didn't pay it. He finally got out of prison in 2013. Since then, Snipes has only one movie credit to his name, "The Expendables 3".
It was more of a favor from Sylvester Stallone to his friend than it was as a much needed actor for the movie.


20 Celebrities Who Went Broke  Part 1 of 2

You've heard it before ... "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" ... and "Don't get the cart before the horse" .... And Don't spend more than you make ... Below are some stories of 20 most notable people  who went from high dollar earnings & living above their means to not just being flat broke  but millions in debt; - some declaring bankruptcy more than once -

These stories are to remind you how easy it is to be overwhelmed after becoming suddenly wealthy -  and to bring awareness to the importance of seeking trustworthy, licensed professionals  to help manage your spending.
20 Celebrities Who Went Broke
When you're rich, you will get hundreds of phone calls each month from people asking you for money. Whether it be friends, family you haven't seen in over a decade (or ever heard of), or even the IRS- people are going to want your cash once they find out you're a millionaire. Celebrities have been going broke since currency was invented, and there's no shortage of bad breaks and bad decisions made each year.
Celebrities go broke at a monumental rate for a lot of reasons. Divorce, not paying taxes, and bad investments lead the way (which comes as almost no surprise.)


Offshore Yuan Forwards Signal Depreciation

Offshore Yuan Forwards Signal Depreciation Bets at Two-Year Low

Bloomberg News    August 3, 2016

Bears surrendering, getting out of short trades: Mizuho

PBOC says it will keep exchange rate at equilibrium level
The difference between the offshore yuan's forward contracts and the spot rate narrowed to near a two-year low, reflecting reduced depreciation expectations as China's policy makers pledge stability for the currency.

The nation will keep the exchange rate basically steady at an equilibrium level, the People's Bank of China said in a statement Wednesday.


KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes 8-3-16   Part 2

Part 2:  

Frank26:  Now let me give you another thing where you are going to I'll be darn...and this is what I want to tell you....our President....George Bush Jr. signed Executive Order 13303 so that you and I could invest in Iraq and so that we could rebuild it....then Obama resigned it last year....Executive Order 13303....

Guess what....he did not resign it this year....he did not resign it this year....none of you have talked about guru talks about it....but let me tell you know why Obama did not sign it this time around....because they released....they being the US, Obama, IMF....whatever you want to call it....they released the DFI funds....figure it out. the way...this new electronic system means there is no I DON'T ever want to hear that again.


KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes 8-3-16   Part 1


Aggiedad77:  CC Notes for Wednesday 08-03-2016

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26:  Let's get started.....I'm going to talk to you tonight about a 250 IQD note, with Kurdistan language on it, from my broker.  I welcome you to our study of the Iraqi dinar investment....and speaking of times do understand the 2 by 2 by 2....but if you are new I humbly apologize because you may not understand everything that we lecture on tonight.....

You know kind of like a college have to come to every lecture of a professor or you will miss something....and the only way you are going to understand is if you got to your books and read or you go to your fellow students and pick up their notes.
So what we have been talking about is a time frame....and it is represented by 2 by 2 by 2.....the first two weeks have ended....that was the month of July, the last two weeks of July....and we now have 2 by other words four more weeks....that represents the month of August....and we told you there are situations....issues....enactments.....actions....that are occurring in these 2 by 2 by 2's.


Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Thursday Evening 8-4-16

Emailed to Recaps:

BLUWOLF:   SKR'S are liquid since Monday. Banks are still on standby. No adverse negative power is delaying anything. Gold standard is now the way to go.
The dinar is not a floater. The GCR will become public interest within days. 

The pending republic byass is starting to be seen, bits at a time by standard media, their message they don't want Trump let's swap him for Ryan is now a given since yesterday, like all cowardly things, these charlatans will screw you with the republic thing in a incognito devailing matter. 

There are now only 12 out of 400 left (richest people for the short minded). The GO should take its day view shortly. Blu

 The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)


 WE'RE IN THE MOMENT: Final Appointment and Post RV Guidance

This is your exchange, not financial planning. Go in with that goal and get the deed done. If it can wait, let it wait.

The exchangers will guide your process. You just come prepared. They will anticipate your questions and needs and provide the structure and details you will need to know.

Name your trusts and trustees and beneficiaries knowing you can change them in days, weeks, or months to follow with a team of advisers who are skilled and experienced in guiding you.

Bring your own trusts and LLCs if you wish, but you could also just go with the Skeleton Trust and allocate funds into your existing structures in days to follow in order to focus on your exchange.
Read More

Dinar Updates Thursday AM Chat 8-4-16 

Holly1 says():GM.. (F) The reason for the rise of the dollar today ... Luxury Iraqi    Henw reason for the rise
Holly1 says():Waseem Albaker pristine  Threatened the governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, on Thursday, preventing vehicles of rounds of licensing oil companies , the movement, as well as its security companies in the event of non - fulfillment of their obligations in the implementation of social benefits for the projects. He said Nasraoui told a news conference held today, attended
Reporter tow that "the local government of Basra gave the oil licensing rounds, companies one week to implement social benefits for the projects, or disbursement that Bzmtha, otherwise the local government will prevent the functioning of vehicles of foreign oil companies and the security protection of its movement in the streets of Basra province


Beams:Monday is 8/8.. good day for a fresh start .. don't ya think?

No. 8 has long been regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture. With pronunciation of 'Ba' in Chinese, no. 8 sounds similar to the word 'Fa', which means to make a fortune. It contains meanings of prosperity, success and high social status too, so all business men favor it very much.

No. 8 in Chinese Culture Because Eight (Ba in Chinese) has the similar pronunciation with 发 (Fa, meaning wealth or fortune), this number is very welcome among Chinese people. The popularity of 8 was obvious in relation to the Beijing Olympic Games which commenced at exactly eight o'clock eight minutes on the eighth day of the eighth month in 2008.

When people choose telephone numbers, mobile numbers, house numbers, car identification numbers and important dates, 8 is usually the first choice.


MBA Grad:  Hi Frank,

Thank you for the Conference Call that you and Jan did last night.  I could see that you were very tired and yet you made the effort to bring us the information that you did. It's very much appreciated and I thank you both for having done that.

I just wanted to reconfirm one thing that you had mentioned on last night's conference call.  Earlier in the call, you had mentioned that the citizens and the athletes didn't receive their MasterCard's on August 2nd but, near the end of the call, you had mentioned that the Soccer Team Athletes, who were already out of the country, did receive their MasterCard's.  These would be the folks who are already in Rio De Janeiro.

The Iraqi Soccer Team plays a game there on August 4th. This is the preliminary round.  The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics is supposed to take place on August 5th.