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News, Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland Sunday Morning

andisgram1] when this ride gets you down, dare to dream about what you will do when this pops! Lifts me up every time!

Buylocal: Hmmm, is Romney hinting at the RV?

Romney saying the Federal Reserve wont be key in stimulating a "dramatic" economic recovery. So what is he hinting at here?

[xyz] The European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, known as the troika, have extended Greece two bailouts worth €240 billion over the last two years, but Athens has fallen behind in meeting goals to reduce its budget deficit, blaming a deeper-than-expected recession. The release of additional rescue funding is crucial as Greek officials have acknowledged that state coffers were running dry although European Union leaders have said the means would be found to cover a €3.2 billion bond held by the European Central Bank that matures on Aug. 20.

[da58] xyz "the means will be found" aug 20
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 The below posts shaded in green are on our


Adoption of financial abundance for the launch of grades

Adoption of financial abundance for the launch of grades

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah : agreed to the Finance Committee representative with the Ministry of Finance on the release of grades the new depending on the abundance of financial gain.

A member of the Finance Committee Deputy Secretary Hadi in a statement the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the Finance Committee was held last week signed an agreement with the Minister financial Rafie al-Issawi on grades allocated in the supplementary budget. "

said Hadi said the Minister of Finance confirmed that he will be the announcement of these grades during the second half of the current year and will be distributed according to the needs of ministries through benefit from the abundance of financial and in accordance with Article 23 of the Constitution.
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Mutlaq, the "morning": Adoption of the reform paper will investigate the stability of Iraq

Mutlaq, the "morning": Adoption of the reform paper will investigate the stability of Iraq

Alluded to the possibility of attending a meeting of the Council of Ministers next

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif : suggested Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Saleh al-Mutlaq, he will be present during the Cabinet meeting next after the end of the crisis between him and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and asked the latter to cancel the book-confidence motion submitted to the House of Representatives earlier.

The decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi, had confirmed that the prime minister sent a request to the Council to withdraw the book to withdraw confidence from his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq.
Read More

A call to action in the scientific planning of development programs

A call to action in the scientific planning of development programs
Sun 05/08/2012 8:44

Baghdad / range : met with Rep. Shirwan Waeli Maria Helen represented the World Bank in Iraq, and was during the meeting, they exchanged views on the work of the World Bank and the strategy for Iraq and support of the Iraq Programme Development, and the general lines and the importance of cooperation between the Iraqi government and the World Bank to serve the public interest.

Waili said meeting focused on discussion of World Bank's strategy for Iraq, to be completed in the tenth month, which are strategies for the development of the sectors of energy, water, transportation, and the private sector and development can social.
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Economists: improvised decisions have weakened the stock market

Economists: improvised decisions have weakened the stock market
Sun 05/08/2012 7:20

Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo : said that economists anarchy prevailing in all economic sectors and government decisions is studied led to the deterioration of the Iraqi market for securities calling for the government to face recession by buying shares of joint stock companies in order to maintain the balance of the market.

He said economic expert Majid that the picture of economic chaos and making improvised had a negative impact on the movement of the stock market.

The Image (range): The deterioration of the Iraqi economy in general and especially in Maitalq weak private sector activity has led to poor performance of the stock market, pointing out that he to have been remitted all trade and productive sectors to joint stock companies will be active from the work of the market.
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Parliamentary source: the supplementary budget without service projects
Sun 05/08/2012 8:43

Baghdad / range : attributed Rep. Abdul-Hussein Abtan not vote on the law of the supplementary budget as the accused citizen calling on Parliament to vote for projects that improve the living conditions of the individual.

said Abtan told all of Iraq [where] he refused to bill the supplementary budget was due to the lack of something to serve the citizen and in the supplementary budget expenses are not important to the citizen. "

He said the "most members of parliament decided to be Haddaan in dealing with the issue of the supplementary budget and submit legislation on the basis of citizen service."
Read More

Climb the Ministers of Finance and Planning to review the budget

Climb the Ministers of Finance and Planning to review the budget
Sun 05/08/2012 8:42

Baghdad / term : MP for the Liberal bloc Awad al-Awadi said his bloc submitted a request to the Presidency, the House of Representatives Btadhaev Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and Planning Yusuf Ali Shukri, to discuss the review of the general budget for the year 2012 and the application on the ground.

He said Al-Awadi said in a statement seen by long that block free is determined to be in this year's distribution of 25% of the surplus oil revenues to the people of ethnic.
added Awadi will be through hosting discuss an important topic in the articles of the budget for this year, the distribution of 25% of the surplus revenue oil to the Iraqi people.

He explained that this material was required and the Ministries of Planning and Finance to issue instructions and regulations, so the mass of the ministers concerned will host a free schedule instructions.

Europe under the weight of inflation and unemployment

Europe under the weight of inflation and unemployment
Sun 05/08/2012 8:39

Baghdad / agencies : inflation remained stable in the euro zone for the third month in a row which is not much relieve the suffering of consumers at a time when continued high numbers of unemployed, and caused the financial crisis in capital flight from Spain.

Keep inflation in the euro area level, according to European Union statistics office "Eurostat", which was announced July 31, 2012), consumer prices in the seven years that use the euro rose 2.4 percent in July on an annual basis to maintain a level which Amsth for the first time in May / May, with the decline in price of Brent crude fell sharply earlier in the year.

It is expected that inflation in line with the objective of the European Central Bank to the level of less than two percent by the end of the year. Said Mario Draghi, Chairman of the Central Bank, in early July that the rate is slowing faster than expected. This allowed the ECB to cut interest rates a quarter point to a record low at 0.75 percent and reduce the deposit rate to zero earlier this month.
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More U.S. governor has spent $ 8 billion .. Where did the money Iraq, Mr. Bremer?

More U.S. governor has spent $ 8 billion .. Where did the money Iraq, Mr. Bremer?
Sun 05/08/2012 9:39

Guardian : at the end of the Iraq war, large amounts of available funds for the CPA, which was headed by Paul Bremer, to spend on rebuilding the country. After eight months, when Bremer left his post vanished $ 8.8 billion of those funds.

Upon the arrival of Paul Bremer to Iraq after the end of combat operations immediately there was a $ 6 billion left from the oil-for-food program of the United Nations as well as to isolated and frozen the assets of 10 billion dollars, at least from Iraqi oil exports.

Under Security Council Resolution 1483 on 22 May 2003 have been converted these funds to an account in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under the name of Iraq's development fund was to be spent by the Coalition Provisional Authority "in a transparent manner ... for the Iraqi people."
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Energy parliamentary reveal a tendency for parliamentary approval of national law firm Anaft

Energy parliamentary reveal a tendency for parliamentary approval of national law firm Anaft

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network : The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, today reported a trend for the parliamentary ratification of the national oil company, after the holiday Eid al-Fitr.

Said Member of the Furat al-Shara's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "the Commission on oil and energy agreed with the Presidency of the Parliament to pass a national oil law after the holiday Eid al-Fitr."

He added that "the Commission will deliberate with the Oil Ministry to the general principles of national oil law and what its relationship with the company management."
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Central Bank: $ 3.25 billion average of trading in Iraqi banks

Central Bank: $ 3.25 billion average of trading in Iraqi banks

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network : Central Bank of Iraq revealed that the average trading on the banks of Iraq's $ 3.25 billion, a block 80% of the actual need of the market.

The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network) that "the average dollar trading in Iraqi banks $ 3.25 billion, a 80% fill the need of the Iraqi market."
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The below stories were in our 11am email
DDA: Would someone P-L-E-A-S-E tell the fat lady we are ready for her to sing!!!

OOM:[Tiger4] Watch the number of Mods in the room. They are as excited as we are and want to be here for the release too! Last weekend when we had 10 on at one time, I think we were really close

[kgal] I have been watching the change in all of our MODS it is so exciting to me. I feel we are so very very close. Papajack was so funny last night wanting to say more but couldn't.

kgal] denhel when all is quiet it is a good sign be on the call with vic1 tonight. He is the best every only the truth always!

[hub] williamB the currency before what we have now, was the currency of sadam, they would never used that again

[williamB] bascially talking about the old prewar rate of 3.2163

[xyz] hub before that ...

[williamB] hub no before sadaam

[williamB] but i mentioned that shabibi had talked about using the old currecny unlreased lower denoms as well


(530)881-1300 PIN 111646

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    genog: I vote for just plain stupid!!!
    Ranjoesgirl: the opposite of what they are suppose to be doing for a free market economy

    Med: YES RJG
    Ranjoesgirl: they are going backwards with that move

[vic1tgk] Good Evening! Have you all been holding down the fort?

vic1tgk] how many bothered... to listen to my call Thursday?

vic1tgk] Well the reason that I asked!!! As I said... there was a Article that I re-read for the Call

vic1tgk] The Article was read by December of 2011

vic1tgk] Yes... To all that double Guess...

[vic1tgk] To all that think this taken to long....or WILL IT EVER HAPPEN?


[~SpecialAgentGibbs] It sure wasn't to re-paper the Whitehouse

[sng4him] It is so quiet today with no new intel. What does everyone think of this?

bouv] sng4him no news is good news!

[redsnowbird] sng4him It is so quiet.... you can hear the crickets!

bcrt1] sng4him just another weekend!

sng4him] bcrt1 yes maybe it is just me but it seems more quiet

berberboy] cap's room closing, bella, johnny, bluewolf, okie,bulldog gone mia, this is either really good or really bad!!!

prissynell] thinking positive thinking positive thinking positive

[top_gun] jetpack we are NOT expecting an rv.!!!!!

[jetpack] top_gun what happen or change ??

[top_gun] jetpack they say when we least expect it so we are not expecting it!!! lol

[_waterworld] Saturday into Sunday and do business on MONDAY.... But is this the weekend?

dinardetectives - 8-4-2012 Henry: For all of you that buy into the bank report, let me say this  - common sense should tell you that it does not take 2 years for a bank to prepare for something they already do on a daily basis (exchange currencies)

The banks in the business of making money not projecting or directing the revaluation of a FOREIGN Country... Will not happen... They will know just before you do (not days) think about this, the very institution that you and I will use to exchange dinar, has fore knowledge.

They would be to busy cashing in their on institutional trillions to cash in your millions. So who would benefit? Iraq has will always have complete control over this event...period. 


dinardetectives - 8-4-2012 Austin-Powers-For-PM : Many new dinarians are confused on how everything fits together both in Iraq and in the world. Let me put together a scenario that will be easy to understand. 

I'd like to introduce Christine and Barry.  They are a married pair of Chicago lawyers who went to D.C. to take on new careers. 

Christine took a prestigious banking job, and Barry snagged a great government job in a big White House over on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

However, Christine has a big problem.

**** 20 Timeless Money Rules **** A Must Read !!!  from OnebigDog

1. Be humble
When you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it--this is knowledge.

Investing is a big bet on an unknowable future. The mark of wisdom is accepting just how unknowable it is. Granted, that's not easy. Our brains are built to think the future will be like the near past. And we're too ready to act on the predictions of pundits, who are no more clued in than we are about what lies ahead.

Being humble in the face of uncertainty keeps you from costly mistakes. You won't jump on yesterday's bandwagon. And before you invest, you'll be more likely to ask a key question: "What if I'm wrong?"  Intelligent Investor, by Jason Zweig

2. Take calculated risks
He that is overcautious will accomplish little.
--Friedrich von Schiller

The below posts shaded in green are on our

Iraq calls for Kuwait to take serious steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
August 4, 2012

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network : called on the government of Iraq, Kuwait on Saturday to take serious steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "Iraq calls for Kuwait to take serious steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII."

He added that "Iraq has begun several steps and we expect similar moves from Kuwait to end this chapter and the start of new relationships based on respect for sovereignty and the promotion of trade."


Oil committee praises decision of Kurdistan Region to resume oil exports
04/08/2012 19:47

BAGHDAD (AKnews) : The oil and energy committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives praised Saturday the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to resume its oil exports after being stopped since April 1.

The KRG announced two days ago that it would resume oil exports through the federal government, demanding Baghdad to pay the required financial dues of the foreign firms operating in the region.

The Kurdistan Region decided early in April to stop its oil exports due to the federal government's non-payment of money to foreign oil companies operating in the region.


Kurdistan Parliament discusses the formation of the negotiations between the province and Baghdad
Saturday 04/08/2012 23:15:58

Arbil (news) : According to the President of the Kurdistan Alliance list in the Parliament of Kurdistan Suzanne Shahab, that next Monday will be a meeting of the Parliament and the presence of all Kurdish blocs, and the President of the Government of the Territory and the President of the Kurdistan Parliament, and Deputy Prime Minister and representatives of political parties Kurdistan, to form the Council to start negotiations between the Territory and Baghdad, and the declaration of territorial representatives within the Council.


House of Representatives lifted its tomorrow to discuss it after the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister and the termination of the first and second reading of the four laws
Saturday 04/08/2012 16:43:49

Baghdad (news) : discussed the House of Representatives in session fourteen, which was held under the chairmanship of Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Representatives, and the presence of 205 deputies, on Saturday, visiting Turkish Foreign Minister to the province of Kirkuk, as well as ending the first and second readings of four laws, to bring the Council its to day Sunday.

A statement by the House of Representatives received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Saturday: that the Council discussed the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to the province of Kirkuk, at the request submitted by a number of deputies. In the interventions of Representatives on the visit confirmed the MP Hanan al: The visit which took place was uncoordinated, returned it to be rejected and a provocation against Iraq, the government called for: to take a decisive stand regarding the visit and to approach the State Department to find out how to grant the Turkish minister a visa, as well as accounting Kirkuk governor and head of the provincial council.


Committee on Economics: a major project to replace the currency is not entitled to the Central Bank carried out without reference to the House of Representatives
Saturday 4 August 2012

Agencies : accused member of the Committee of Economy and Investment National Alliance MP Salman al-Moussawi, the central bank to waive the powers of the House and Minister for replacing the local currency.

Moussawi said in a press statement: "At the meeting of the Economic Commission with the central bank governor and his deputy, it became clear that the currency project not delete the zeros of all but replaced the national currency entirely with the change of symbols and format and the introduction of the Kurdish language to it, and this is not the work of the Central Bank because it is a major project that affects the state spectra of all the Iraqi and doctrines.


IMF extends loan to Iraq in February 2013

JD / Baghdad : International Monetary Fund announced on his arrival at an agreement with Iraq which the loan was extended from seven months to February 23, 2013 to the Iraqi government can implement a range of measures in the exchange rate regime in the country.

A statement of the IMF, "The changes to the agreement, which expired on 23 July was the request of the Iraqi government."

The statement added that "the total available funding for Iraq amounts to about $ 1.96 billion."


Auzmn: Iraq's new currency will have a teacher Turkmenistan
Saturday 4 August 2012

Turkmen MP from the Iraqi List Auzmn good that the currency of the new Iraqi Turkmen will include a teacher. "

He said in a press statement that "during the meeting which was held last week with the Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi on the issue of deletion of zeros and shape of the new currency has been several models for the new currency and the parameters of the ziggurat and a waterfall on the total Beck."

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