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10am, August 9th, 2012  


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News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Wed. AM
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[Josey Wales] Good morning Dinar family......Here we sit on another Thursday waiting for some real movement toward our goal. IMO, this is one of the largest and most difficult undertakings the world will ever see. Most of us are just looking at the IQD and the VND to Revalue. There is so much more going on here. The global financial system is so bogged down with corruption, it is taking much longer to weed out the bad blood.

Think of it this way, you start doing some remodeling on your home, when you tear up the carpet, you see that the floor is in bad shape, so you tear it up, only to find more damage to the structure below. This example is what many feel is happening right before our very eyes. The layers of a corrupt system are being peeled away, and it is/was much worse than anyone had expected.

We should all realize that the process to get the IQD reinstated as a globally recognized currency has been done for some time. What we are waiting for is the cleansing of the system, and timing. The Wizard behind the curtain is pulling the strings and levers, and is in control of the entire process. So, until our time comes, my suggestion is to carry on with our lives as best as we can, get your life in order, spend quality time with your families and friends, and help thy fellow man.........JW


[Elijah72] vic1tgk I don't want to run off course but you told me to e-mail you in regards to copies off your currency and other ways to keep your blessings safe. I just cant figure out were to find your e-mail add.





The below posts shaded in green are on our
The Parliament of Kurdistan: founding Council to negotiate with the Government to standardize the Kurdish position
2012-08-09 13: 12: 06 Thursday

Baghdad (News) : Adviser, speaker of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, the founding of the Gibraltar Council to negotiate with the Government in Baghdad will get the support of all political forces in the territory.

According to Adviser to the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan, in a statement received (News Agency news) on Thursday: that this Council will help unify the position and will get the support of all political forces in the territory including the opposition with a view to supporting the efforts of the territorial Government in the negotiation.

He added: the Council to negotiate with the Government in Baghdad will help make the people and political forces to Kurdistan and problem-solving negotiations between Arbil and Baghdad.


Babylon: achievement (750) treatment of pension for martyrs
2012-08-09 13: 22: 42 Thursday

Babylon (newsletter) : The Subcommittee has completed to compensate those affected by hostilities and terrorist and military errors in Babil province (750) treatment of pension to martyrs ' families across the County.

The representative of the Commission on human rights to keep Khalid alfayhan (News Agency news) on Thursday that the transactions sent to a general retirement to complete the legal and administrative procedures.

He added: the Committee is in the process of completion (1000) treatment of retired new covered by law No. (20) of 2009, which provided for compensation to pensioners of the martyrs with retroactive effect from 1 January 2010 all pensions, bringing the monthly pension the martyrs ' families to 1,000 dinars (390).


Wasit Governorate Council distributes "Eid gifts to orphans and widows of conservation
2012-08-09 13: 40: 39 Thursday

Wasit (newsletter) : Wasit Governorate Council began distributing $ 25 thousand dinars for each orphan and widow in conservation in Eid gifts.

Chairman of the Finance Committee, said the Council Alla alhajim (News Agency news) on Thursday that the Council began distributing $ 918 day million and 625 thousand dinars 25 thousand dinars for each orphan and widow in conservative districts and aspects of Eid gifts, Eid.


Deputy: the tax authority should be provided with full information about client accounts in private banks to reduce financial corruption
2012-08-09 06: 35: 21 Thursday

Baghdad (News) : The Vice-Chairman of the Committee, stressed the Deputy financial/Kurdish blocs Coalition/Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, the need for private banks to provide general information to the tax authority for private financial accounts full of merchants and businessmen to reduce widespread financial corruption in banks and prevent smuggling hard currency abroad.

He said Faizullah (News Agency news): the proposal to provide information on the general taxation of private financial accounts to the public in private banks, particularly merchants and businessmen and with high good headers funds will help stakeholders to auditing and how it is converted and cashed abroad, what will reduce the financial corruption by some banks eligibility as illegal operations.


Iraqi politicians: our space is open to all and sundry of our contacts and penetrates the
09/08/2012 09:51 AM

Babinaoz (Reuters) : It is known that Saddam Hussein was fond of spying on his ministers and his party, and was resorted to various means to do so, including eavesdropping on their calls, recordings, secret video and audio conversations. But Saddam devices rarely reveal what was in their possession, but this information was used to get rid of �enemies� President, after confronting them first.

In Iraq today, it has become a phenomenon, the most serious and it is detected whether recorded or filmed secretly tool for the delivery of warning messages to the liabilities, which is what happened apparently when the squadron finally a video he reportedly scored a hidden camera for the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, speaking two years ago in Office of the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, for his meeting with references Shiite Ayatollah Ali Sistani and Fayad, Isaac. It was apparent from statements made by leaders of the Iraqi List, the agency responsible for leaking the video, at least, is the State of Law coalition, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The below stories were in our 10pm email
Hello all,

Just dropped in to advise all that i am still ok................................ and expecting things to happen shortly.................. it has been a few days and I am now back in CANADA. I am here to be a part of my son's wedding........................................ I hear so many rumors about myself, it is hard to respond to................. I am not under house arrest ............ I have not cashed in .....................................  I have no restrictions other than a NDA/NCA ........... however nothing new is happening ..................... all appears to be done but it is not final for unknown reasons is quiet but strangely quiet.

[xyz] .jonnywg shortly as in hours? before 8/9/12?

[.jonnywg] xyz shortly as in who really knows.

[justaguy] .jonnywg Welcome, we used to have an intel guy by that name. j/k lol

[.jonnywg] justaguy there is no intel to give ............... all has been completed for 2 months or more and it is greed and interference that is the delay.

[.jonnywg] I can say that we are ....... and have been in a favorable position for a long time. as said, I am in CANADA AND will be here for a while.


Large Amounts Matter Too    By J.D. Roth 

This article is the sixth of a fourteen-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly.

Last winter, Kris and I re-financed our mortgage. In one fell swoop, we trimmed our monthly payments for principal and interest from $1386.60 to $1137.69, boosting our cash flow by $248.91 per month.

If we had consumer debt, that's $248.91 per month we have could used for our debt snowball. It's $248.91 per month we could stick in our retirement accounts, or to put into savings accounts for our trip to France next year - or to pursue other hobbies and interests. Really, it's $248.91 we could use for anything we wanted. (As it happens, we chose to use that money to accelerate our mortgage payments.)

dinarguru 8-8-2012  Newshound Guru Doc  We continue to be amazed that a few sites are trying to resurrect the $14 initial exchange rate or at least the $3+ range.  They continue to argue Shabibi said this when he said he wanted the dinar to be the strongest currency in the ME. 

Unfortunately this ignores the macroeconomics of currency reform all together.  When Shabibi makes this statement he has never referred to this as the initial RV rate but as the ultimate goal with a 3+ year horizon. 

Thank you Dealdoctor for sharing this with all of us-the Dinar Recaps Staff

All The Kings Are Dying-A Parable by DealDoctor

The old king has had a fatal illness for several years but now he is very near his death. The best physicians surround him and they all have given the same diagnosis and it is that the king is definitely dying, there is no hope of reversal and he could die at any moment.  Indeed he could die any second now and certainly it will be soon. Yet the king is not dead. 

 Each day the strong young prince of the realm comes to see his father and consults with the doctors from across the land and each day they say the same thing.  There is no hope that the king will survive much longer and in fact they would have expected him to die several months ago. The physicians are mystified how the old king as survived this long on his deathbed.  The case is unprecedented and a first in the history of the world.

The prince has many wives and it seems each day he has more children each of whom will come into a great inheritance the very day the old king dies. Their numbers grow daily and yet the old king lives on and both the prince and his children, until the king dies, actually own nothing because in this realm the king owns everything.  So the children of the prince all wait knowing their inheritance is certain but day after day the news is the same the old king still lives.

Millionday RobinRedHed and Fresh Wednesday Round Table Chat: 

** Be sure to join our daily chats at 6:30 PM EST and our Round Table Chats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST at **

[millionday] Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Iraq market for securities Laith al-Tamimi ruled the importance of incorporating mobile phone companies in day trading of Iraqi stock exchange. Tamimi said Agency/JD/listing of shares of mobile phone companies will do the movement of stock trading in the market as companies winner and large capital heading corrected a large number of investors as well as speculators in the market, he said that in the final stages of preparation asiacell for entry into the field of trading and are serious in this matter where legal proceedings were completed as well. He said trading in shares of three major mobile phone companies operating in Iraq, asiacell Zen and Cork is yversh the contract of employment, stating that Zain launched its endeavours for inclusion within companies market

[millionday] The mobile phone companies to adopt a system of financial disclosure and full transparency in the amount of transactions and profits/we prepare

[millionday] this is great -- phone apps on the way and entry very soon for the stock market
[millionday] brb with more
[Fresh] millionday wow - so they can manage their dinars electronically easier!

[millionday] they can manage their growth for sure -- no where to go but up --- love it

The below posts shaded in green are on our
Decline in the index by 0.29 percent
Thursday, 09.08.2012 9:01

Baghdad / Qais rods : Index the Iraqi market for securities in the session on Wednesday by 0.29 percent to 115.42 points.

During the meeting, shares of 35 companies the contribution of the 84 companies listed electronically, share prices of 13 companies, and prices of stocks of 10 companies, including, maintained with 12 companies on the stock price.

The number of shares traded in the meeting yesterday, 11 billion and 842 million shares worth 13 billion and 441 million dinars, achieved through the implementation of the 428 contract traded.

saw the banking sector trading of shares of 16 companies, the price of shares of 6 companies, and shares of 4 companies, while preserving 6 companies the price of its shares, and the number of shares traded with 11 billion and 692 million shares worth over 12 billion and 320 million dinars have been achieved through the implementation of 282 contract traded.


Babylon was the city of Hilla, the new investment
Thursday 09.08.2012 8:41

Hilla / Iqbal Mohammed : offered to the Investment Commission of Babylon location of the city of Hilla, the new investment opportunity, came during a visit by a delegation comprising consortium Dorsch German and diamond Lebanese.

said Director General Alaa Ibrahim bayonet to the extent that this great project enjoys a strategic location distinguished by its association with some spots Future major development in the province of Babylon, explaining that he is characterized by features of its association with the archaeological city of Babylon in addition to its proximity to the site which represents the island of Almhenawih investment projects as well.


Parliament is likely to decrease demand for the dollar
Thursday 09.08.2012 6:16

Baghdad / range : most likely a member of the Committee on Economics in the House of Representatives Qusay Juma, a decline in demand for dollar in the domestic market during the coming period due to the cessation of trade between Iraq and Syria and Iran, because of the political crisis with what the two countries.

Juma said that bilateral trade between Iraq and the states of Iran and Syria, semi-disabled because of what these two countries is witnessing political and security situation is unstable and difficult to transport goods to and from Iraq,


Bank: credit cards enhance the banking
Thursday, 09.08.2012 6:15

Baghdad / term : banking expert said the importance of improved use of credit cards to citizens in the banking transactions to easily dispose of the funds, calling for the dissemination of work in all government and private banks. Ali said, according to the Agency (news) that the credit card (Alvezacard) and (Mastercard)

Is very important in banking, because they are singing from the use of the money supply for the mobile citizen Ptaamlath in the local market. He noted that the financial system in Iraq is about to start a financial electronic art called "divided the national will" help to promote credit cards and expands the spread, indicating that the services of a credit card will make the dealers in the local market, obviating the use of the money supply because it has become a phenomenon tiring and expensive.


Assem Jihad: the resumption of pumping crude oil through a pipeline network of national line of Kirkuk - two sides of the Turkish port this afternoon, and the Kurdistan region
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 23:58

Baghdad : announced the Euphrates and the Iraqi Oil Ministry resumed pumping crude oil through national pipelines network across the line of Kirkuk - two sides of the Turkish port after the third hour of the afternoon and maintained with normal rates.

Said the spokesman of the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad told {Euphrates} News today that he was "as well as the resumption of pumping oil from fields in the Kurdistan region in the mid-day yesterday and today."

He explained that he "will be calculated rate amounts received by the North Oil Company after the stability of the pumping process."


Deputy Governor of Central Bank: The charges against the bank's deputy Jubouri is very dangerous not based on official documents
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 17:03

Baghdad, Euphrates News: astonished deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq, Mohamed Mazhar Saleh, of charges of a member of the Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, the right of the Central Bank of the existence of mafia income and outside the bank and limited companies in control of the auction sale of hard currency, "adding that" the accusation is based on official documents to prove it. "

Saleh said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {today} "The security of the country's economy is everyone's responsibility and any attempt against the country's economy at risk everyone should work together in order to avoid these risks that threaten our economy."


Araji: Meeting of the National Coalition on Monday discussed the political crisis and disagreements center and the region and the repercussions of the crisis in Syria
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 16:15

Baghdad, Euphrates News: MP for the Liberal bloc were part of the National Alliance, Bahaa al-Araji, said the meeting convened by the National Coalition yesterday in the House National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi discussed the five main task of the current political crisis and also the differences between the center and the region and the Syrian crisis and its repercussions on the situation in Iraq.

They said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "the meeting was important because it focused on five issues, including the discussion of the rules of procedure of the INA and decided to vote at the next meeting which will be at the earliest opportunity after the day of the Eid al-Fitr," noting "The Liberal bloc confirmed at the meeting as an integral part of the National Alliance and the National Alliance is considered the parent of the rule of law and the National Coalition."


Maliki stressed the need to unify speech and external state not to allow any disorder of the reflected negatively on the prestige of the state
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 17:44

Baghdad : Euphrates stressed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the need for coordination among all ministries with regard to foreign policy and external state unification of speech and not allow obtaining any kind of imbalance in this area because it reflects negatively on the prestige of the state and its performance.

A statement by the Prime Minister received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki Terrace today a meeting of the Policy Committee of Foreign Affairs, whose members include ministers of foreign affairs, finance, defense and oil, planning and national security adviser and head of the intelligence service and the Legal Counsel of the Council of Ministers, in addition to Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives Sheikh Hamoudi. "


Nineveh looking to increase power by 2,000 megawatts
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 17:50

Nineveh: News Euphrates: discussed the local government in Nineveh rapid scientific solutions to a number of special projects and electric power to activate and accelerate the transmission

The Director of Information Nineveh province, Ali Mahmoud, told {Euphrates News} today that "the local government called for the importance of providing scientific solutions rapidly for a number of projects for electric power, study and activate and accelerate the transmission, including the line of molasses Arbil Qaraqosh, line Jarmjh Nineveh gas station east of Mosul distribution network and the project dam. "


Najafi: There are political differences delayed the final selection of the names of the Office
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 14:53

Baghdad : Euphrates said Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al that there are political disagreements delayed final selection of names to the Electoral Commission.

Nujaifi said during the conference which was held in the House of Representatives and a correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} on Wednesday, "There are differences disrupted names the final of the Office and it must end and stops, but not, as some people believed that these differences described Balbhah and quotas and failure," he said, adding he was "not Thus it is a legal matter and will follow the latter name the Commission. "

He added that "the Iraqi parliament to choose a legal manner past the Commission and there is a committee of experts of all political forces represented and worked for many months of {7000} until the candidate arrived at the {60} and in the final stages but began faltering progress in selection of specific names."

The below stories were in our 6pm email
Ok so maybe you are going to be rich soon and "frugality" will not be in your vocabulary -- I hope you are right -- so read this article anyway and make a copy to give to friends who told you the Dinar was a scam or who would not dare invest -

Small Amounts Matter By J.D. Roth

This article is the fifth of a fourteen-part series that explores the core tenets of Get Rich Slowly.

Getting started with smart personal finance isn't always easy. It's one thing to read about the steps you should take, but it's another thing to actually do them. Your debt is so overwhelming or your saving goals so lofty that you begin to believe that the only way you'll ever get where you want to be is by winning the lottery.

Part of the problem is that we live in a society that idolizes the Big Winner. Nobody celebrates the guy next door who bikes to work, grows his own food and cooks his own meals, shops at the thrift store, and gets all his books from the library. That sort of life isn't glitzy. Yet it's that sort of life that can (and does) lead to true wealth.

Adam Montana Q & A Chat - Post By KCW Dinar Vets

[Adam Montana] So let's get RIGHT into it.

[Adam Montana] No RV yet - I don't care who said people were cashing in over where, what bank screens are flashing numbers in the back room, or who's janitor overheard Maliki texting Shabibi about $3.86... it didn't happen yet

[Adam Montana] with that out of the way (sorry to let anyone down!) we are still looking at a couple of important events and opportunities in the very near future, BUT NOT UNTIL after Ramadan. Until Ramadan is over (August 18-19) nobody will be cashing in.

[Adam Montana] the good news is that right now we are nearing the end of this month-long holiday and from the looks of it - things are coming along VERY nicely and before you ask - YES, I believe it has a chance to happen this year. Exactly when? Who knows. Definitely after Ramadan is over, after that it's open season on the RV Geese.
Read More


Early Wed. Evening Dinar Chatter

Steveo: 8-8-2012 Kaperoni Now this quote is simply amazing. "This does not affect the value of the dinar so far but it opens the dinar to the free currency market such as against the dollar, etc." It is telling us that the value of the old dinar (3 zero notes) is not effected. Clearly, this is what we want. Some may want to interpret this saying "yes the value does not change and the exchange rate also stays the same," ie (LOP) Well this next quote...puts an end to that theory as well..."If three zeros were lifted from the IQD, this means the IQD becomes stronger 1000 times in terms of value."

This in itself is all we need to be assured of our investment. But the good Dr. [Bakri] gives us the dagger in the LOPster heart with this gem of an example..."For example, a pack of cigarettes that was selling for 1000 dinar would be only 1 dinar. If it was a conversion like that, if the three zeros were lifted from the previous currency, this means the old 1000 dinars will buy 1000 packs of cigarettes instead of 1.

[cruiser] chrivers here u go. Just where a mask because the smoke may choke you lo

[maddy] Cruiser so the news report on fox says its a scam??
Read More


The IQD Team & LJ's Next Step Team~~Highlights Recap & Replay Conf Call Aug 7~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~GREAT CALL

The IQD Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - August 7, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

The IQD Team plus LJ's Next Step Team
Two Teams, One Vision Working Together arriving at the same place for the Dinar Community

Tariq joined us tonight to update us on his progress since he arrived in the United States

Great Round table Discussion between LJ, Don, Barney & Straight Talkin Mike...Must listen to call.....The tone of the articles have changed.....cohesion, unity, team work, brotherly commitment, partnership, convergence of views, parties possess patriotism, goal to serve the country, and reconciliation, working together in peace...Great analysis and discussion

Recap CBI/Economy
Straight Talkin Mike

Read More


Wednesday Afternoon SWFG posting

8-8-2012 SWFloridaGuy: There are many reports lately suggesting that an agreement on key reforms has been struck. If Maliki advocates strict adherence to these reforms, then we may see a National Meeting where the Iraq List is in attendance. Allawi has made it clear that unless parts of the Erbil agreement are implemented they will continue to boycott any attempt at a National Conference, just as they did last time.

So, the fact that they are coming back to the table and moving away from questioning the Prime Minister is a great sign that there truly is a deal in the works. We are seeing not only from Maliki's camp but also from his opposition that they are maneuvering toward reaching (or already have) a consensus on implementing a reform proposition.

Of course until we see this actually happen, history has taught us to remain skeptical but the recent tone of the GOI certainly leads me to believe they are at least trying to strike a deal. The stability of the GOI is undoubtedly an appurtenant component to any currency reform project the CBI may be working on.

So, if true, this is great news for anyone investing in Iraq and something we should all keep an eye on.


PTR CC for Wednesday 1 PM

Wed Aug 8th 760 569 7699 pin 636233#

MP3 Freeconference Play Back LINK 73 Min


More News, Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland Wed. AM

Papa Bear] Hope u folks have one eye on following the$$$ today

[da58] Papa Bear what are you seeing?? good mornin..

[Papa Bear] $$$$ in motion

[da58] Papa Bear I'm watching forex currencies appear to go wild, but only started watching yesterday, don't know what is normal..updating like crazy everywhere, almost continuous it seems..

[da58] Papa Bear wish I had started this weeks ago so I'd know what is normal..

[Papa Bear] Ilike what i have been seeing this past week. If you talk to winnie shasta or ga boy think they will agree

[Passion for Purpose] Papa Bear.....DO you mind elaborating?.....$$$$ in motion?

[Papa Bear] $$$ come off sidelines when trends start in motion .must always protect oneself but the trend is your friend

[Passion for Purpose] Papa Bear trend is moving?
Read More


pappyy] Today is one of those day I've Got a Feeling!!!! Reminds me of the song by the Blackeyed Peas!!!!

[Stitch] pappyy Black Eyed Peas I Got A Feeling:

[xyz] . CBI officially informs House its ready to implement currency reform at beginning of 2013; Politicians not sure if timing is right

[Imperium] All things considered.. all this news out of Iraq is just blah-blah and has nothing to do with an rv or global banking reset. it's all entertainment to keep us off stride. a massive disinfo campaign

[Papa Bear] Imperium We just are ready for the movie to end

[Papa Bear] RIGHT?
Read More
 The below posts shaded in green are on our

Net private capital flows to Iraq of $ 6.9 billion abroad

Net private capital flows to Iraq of $ 6.9 billion abroad

Baghdad / follow-up JD : solve Iraq IV at the level of net private capital flows to the outside during the last 11 years $ 6.9 billion.

annual report to the investment climate in Arab countries for 2011 issued by the Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and Export Credit "guarantee": The "Kuwait was ranked first, with a total value amounted to 209.8 billion dollars, followed by Libya valued at 27.6 billion dollars, followed by Bahrain valued at 7.3 billion dollars, Iraq is $ 6.9 billion, then Palestine $ 1.4 billion dollars."

The report noted a rise in the gross investment in the States Arabic by 1.2% from about $ 490 billion in 2010 to 496 billion dollars in 2011 despite witnessed the Arab arena events and developments.
Read More

National Alliance held a regular meeting to discuss the political situation and many other topics

National Alliance held a regular meeting to discuss the political situation and many other topics
08/08/2012 15:03:42 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : Declared the head of the Liberal MP for the / National Alliance / Bahaa al-Araji, a meeting periodically included all components of the alliance at the head of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi.

They said in a statement received by the Agency (news) a copy of it on Wednesday: that the meeting was an important He focused on the five axes, first discussed the rules of procedure of the National Coalition for a vote at the next meeting which will be at the earliest opportunity after the Eid al-Fitr, and the second to emphasize that we are part and parcel of the National Alliance, which is regarded as the parent of the rule of law and the National Coalition.


White bloc: the national meeting after the return of President Talabani will have a positive impact on the political process

White bloc: the national meeting after the return of President Talabani will have a positive impact on the political process
08/08/2012 13:46:56 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) : confirmed mass white parliament, that the national meeting after the return of President Jalal Talabani of the medical trip will have a positive impact on the political process.

and the bloc said in a statement today: the early convening of the national meeting will be a complete solution to the current political crisis and to prevent external interventions, suffered by Iraq a lot in recent times and indicated the cluster in its statement to: The National Meeting is the perfect solution to all problems of the country if ratified intentions was abandoned personal interests, calling at the same time the political parties to strengthen the language of direct dialogue to resolve all outstanding problems and resorting to the Constitution as a reference to resolve the country's crises.

$ 60 billion from the funds of U.S. wars blazed contractors

$ 60 billion from the funds of U.S. wars blazed contractors
Wednesday, August 8, 2012 15:34

Translation / Baghdadiya News : Report Herald newspaper said that the United States on the list of tasks of any American president to the winner in the upcoming U.S. presidential election in November that the concentration of efforts with the U.S. Congress

To resolve the issue the issue of U.S. government spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The committee has been formed to examine the contracts at the time of the war in these two countries have concluded that there are between 31 to 60 billion dollars have been wasted by contractors as a result of fraud during emergency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Kurdistan region pulling away from Iraq's control

Kurdistan region pulling away from Iraq's control
August 8, 2012

Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) is increasingly signing unilateral oil deals with international oil giants, bypassing Baghdad.

Iraq's central government is insisting that all such regional deals first be cleared by the Iraqi government, but the oil majors have apparently concluded that such diplomatic niceties are largely irrelevant in their search for profits, and are now cutting deals directly with the KRG in Iraqi Kurdistan's capital Erbil.

The latest Western oil major to bypass the government of Iraqi president is the French energy giant Total, which in 31 July issued a press statement noting, "Total has completed an acquisition of 35 percent interest in two blocs, Harir and Safen, held by (U.S. company) Marathon Oil... The blocs respectively have a surface of 705 square kilometers (272 square miles) and 424 square kilometers (163 square miles)."
Read More

Central Calls for Investigation "immediately" to "alleged" involvement of politicians, money laundering and stresses that his work is subject to control
08/08/2012 05:57

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network : demanded CBI investigation "immediately" to "alleged" involvement of politicians, influential phenomenon of money laundering, stressing the seriousness of this matter which targets national security, denied that the bank aware of these allegations, especially since all sales currency controlled substance, and sold at public auction.

The bank's claim against the backdrop of announcement of the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham Jubouri today about the involvement of influential political figures, (undisclosed), the phenomenon of trafficking (5-10) million dollars a day through an auction sale of the currency, and his confirmation that Dzoualamwal go to support "terrorism."
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Jubouri accused of influential figures in the Central Bank to "smuggle $ 10 million a day to finance terrorism."

Jubouri accused of influential figures in the Central Bank to "smuggle $ 10 million a day to finance terrorism."
08/08/2012 2:41 p.m

Alsumaria News : Accused member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haitham al-Jubouri, Wednesday, political figures influential in the central bank to "smuggle ten million dollars a day to finance terrorism," warning of the collapse of the country's economy if the bank continued to sell $ 55 million annually, while the likely dismissal of central bank governor Shabibi if proven guilty.

Haitham Al-Jubouri in a press conference held at Parliament on Wednesday, attended the "Sumerian News", "There is information about the breaches in the Iraqi Central Bank by the control of certain companies to auction the central bank and the absence of regulations and instructions to sell the currency," asserting that " There are six companies and six figures including influential political figures in the Central Bank of escape from five to ten million dollars a day. "
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Disagreement about the Iraqi debt Kuwait: payment began in 1991 or 2003?

Disagreement about the Iraqi debt Kuwait: payment began in 1991 or 2003?
2012-08-08 12:35:00

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow up : While Deputy Iraqi to pay the full amount your financial compensation Kuwait Airways for closing the cases against their Iraqi counterparts, revealed a colleague for a �different time� in the statements of the ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs regarding the payment of debts to Kuwait owed Iraq arising as a result of Saddam's invasion in August , 1990.

She explained the Attorney Magda Abdel-Latif al-Tamimi - Member of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary - that of its parliamentary owns �a formal letter from the Office of Financial Supervision refers to a difference in the financial statements on the payment of debts to Kuwait�, indicating that the Ministry of Finance indicate that the deduction of 5 per cent of the revenue Iraqi oil in favor of Kuwait began in 2003, while The Ministry of Foreign Affairs that payment began in 1991.
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Sadoun: There are red lines that can not be of the Alliance of Kurdistan waived .. Such as Article 140 and the arming of the Peshmerga and the oil contracts

Sadoun: There are red lines that can not be of the Alliance of Kurdistan waived .. Such as Article 140 and the arming of the Peshmerga and the oil contracts

Baghdad (news): The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Mohsen Saadoun, said that all political forces, Kurdish, agreed on the type and size of the differences with the federal government, and denied that there are differences or disputes between the Kurdish forces are all about the problems with Baghdad.

He Sadoun in a telephone conversation with the Agency (news) said on Wednesday: The forces Kurdish, her uniform direction of the differences with Baghdad, and agreed on the need for Kurdistan on the benefits granted to them, saying that the delegation of the Supreme Council for negotiating will visit Baghdad after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr to discuss differences with Baghdad.
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