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10am, September 10th, 2012  


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A word of encouragement for you today from DebTarHeelGirl

You have a glorious destiny and God is urging you to trust Him one more time. To believe Him one more time. To obey Him one more time...this could very well be the time that you burst through and receive all you have believed for.  All God has spoken WILL come to pass. You have not missed God unless you stop now...don't stop...keep trusting and believing and you will see every single word He has spoken to you fulfilled in your life.

A Prayer of Rejuvenation for you Today!

 If you have had times or even days of allowing the wait and weight of this investment dictate your life, pray this prayer with me.

 Father God, If tomorrow never comes on this earth, I pray that I will leave behind a testimony that points to You. Help me to live as if today were my last before entering eternity, for I know not what the day may bring.

 It's hard waiting for Your blessing to manifest and I have let my emotions rule my thoughts and actions.  Forgive me Father as today I choose to lay aside the worry, the fears and put my trust in You alone.  I choose to now walk in the current path You have me on with JOY, going about Your business.

 I pray that I will love others with a Godly love, that I will be kind and considerate, that I will share who You are and what You have done, that I will smile at those I see throughout the day, that I will remember and pray for others, that I will appreciate every little thing and have an attitude of gratitude, that I will be honest and responsible in all things.

 I choose today to believe the Dinar blessing will come in Your perfect timing, even though it tarries, it will surely come.  Thank You for blessing me and loving me and filling me with Your Spirit afresh. Please feed my soul and give me strength this day. May You be glorified and my family be blessed. May I touch lives and sow seeds as You lead my steps. In the name of my Savior JESUS I pray, amen.

Fast Eddie: this was from Steve other wise known as the professor or Enorest from Dinar alert I believe this was an answer to someone's question that he got on a call. & he always gives you the best thought & if something changes in that thought he brings it out so people will know he came up with a little more thought on it

Because you have asked some very pertinent questions I've decided to open our discussion to the entire DinarAlert audience. I trust that after you read my comments you will not be offended for my having elected to expose our discussion to the entire team. Here, then, is my response to your email, which can be found at the bottom of my comments (in other words, folks, read the bottom first).

Thank you for taking the time to elaborate your concerns. I will try to deal with your questions in the order in which you asked them.

Shredd:From the research I've done, I wanted to share something regarding the thought of the Dinar being tradeable on the Forex. Simply put, while a currency is on a managed or "dirty" float, it will not be on the Forex because the biggest reason for the CBI to manage the rate is to protect from the economic response to it being on the Forex.

See, a managed or "dirty" float is a system of floating exchange rates in which the government or the country's central bank occasionally intervenes to change the direction of the value of the country's currency.

In most instances, the intervention aspect of a dirty float system is meant to act as a buffer against an external economic shock before its effects become truly disruptive to the domestic economy.

[Jeff] Congress is back this week and the FED meets hmmm

[childofgod] Jeff This should be a very interesting week

[Jeff] Josey Wales could we have a QE3 announcement but not really put into play?

[childofgod] Jeff I dont think there will be an announcement. As a matter of fact, it kinda looks like QE3 has started

[Jeff] Josey Wales per Jimmy Rodgers the Euro is in extreme danger this week lots of news this last weekend

[Jeff] childofgod there you go right

 [childofgod] Jeff We need to see what the outcome is from the Germany court this week

 [Jeff] childofgod agreed one judge is holding the whole thing in his hand per articles I have read

 [xyz] Debt crisis: German court may delay euro ruling - live Germany's Constitutional Court said it will examine whether to postpone its long-awaited verdict on the eurozone's permanent rescue fund and the EU fiscal pact after a new legal challenge by a leading eurosceptic politician.

[~SpiritualWarrior] Awesome777 Much of what has and is happening "behind the scenes" was intended - for our safety and welfare - to be confidential. As often happens, information leaks out and those carrying such into "our community" can't distinguish between that which can harm us from that which is harmless. In our pursuit for "intel," I believe we have become our own worst enemies. There are names and events that have surfaced in print that were NEVER intended to be known... even when all is said and done. We're tired, frustrated and demand to know what's going on. I believe a handful of individuals, in their selfish pursuit of personal fame, have severlely and adversely influenced the intended outcome. Yet another thought to ponder...

[Awesome777] ~SpiritualWarrior true, you got me for a second, cause I thought for a moment you were referring to my post and what I had said

[~SpiritualWarrior] Awesome777 Indirectly, I did... everyone that comes in here is looking for the latest "intel." Some sites share stuff that shouldn't get out. Others, lacking anything, will fabricate... lending iteself to confusion on top of frustration.

xyz] Soros: Germany must lead or leave . International financier George Soros calls for Germany to "lead or leave the euro" days before a key ruling on the eurozone's bailout fund by a German court.

xyz] While Lagarde has warned about the U.S. fiscal situation before, this time she took her case directly to leaders attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Vladivostok, Russia. She said the fiscal cliff was one of "three key risks" -- the other two being the euro crisis and medium-term public financing.

[pcbguy] Just saw on CBS they said that wall street is watchin the feds this week for Quanatative easing....

Greek1212] pcbguy Hopefully QE3 = RV

 [kazorlando] pcbguy I just heard that also!!

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Greek1212 IMO, QE3 is the backup plan if the IMF can't pull off a C/E. They have to put it out there to calm the markets who are desperate for liquidity.

The Gatekeepers Team  (Joey, Whiskey-6, T-Dawg, KJ, A33 & Vic)

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday @ 8:00pm (ET)

(760)569-7676 Pin: 378652# Back-Up# (559)546-1400 follow prompts...

Replay: (760)569-7699 Pin: 378652# (Current recording only)

Greetings and Salutations;

 Well, instead of throwing the money into the wind, be productive with it. Found this most interesting, considering the times and what's up out here.

  I know of many vips who are ready to do payouts to their down lines but they are being held until the rvs show and the people(us) are paid. Quiet as it's been kept the euro zone has been handled and they are ready for the big public flip.

A good reader could have read about the big deal in europe, this past week. I'm not the only person who writes in the cryptic.

The point being the piggy banks are sucking wind in the countries central banks and 'time' waits for no one. Until one knows how to step out of time, without death, they are stuck in it.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Member of the Committee on Agriculture: Law "National Water Council" will ensure secure water contained to Iraq and distributed fairly
09/10/2012 1:50 pm

Praised a member of the Committee on Agriculture MP / National Alliance / Hadi al-Yasiri, a proposal law "National Council for Water", calling it will chart a unified policy in Iraq to maintain the water resources and distribution fairness between the provinces and territories.

Yasiri said in a press statement on Monday: The Committee discussed and voted the proposed law, which would allow Iraq to sign agreements with the riparian States with him, and will ensure the adoption of a common strategy to secure water contained to Iraq. added: that this Council will be chaired by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and includes in its membership (12) ministers on matters of water such as agriculture, water resources planning and Provincial Affairs and other than the rest of the ministries.


MP Allkash: the political crisis will continue beyond the next election
09/10/2012 12:41 pm

Between the leadership of the mass citizen MP / National Alliance / Mohammed Allkash, that the political crisis will continue beyond the next parliamentary elections, and this is what you want and some political parties.

said Allkash in a press statement on Monday: The current crisis occurred after the legislative elections and was beginning a problem and we demanded at the time a meeting of the political blocs on the table to solve, but the blocks did not respond to the invitation.


Defense announces the distribution of temporary emergency payments for the months of July and August
09/10/2012 10:30 am

Ministry of Defense announced the distribution of payments emergency temporary for the months of July and August. said a ministry statement today: "The Directorate General of Veterans Affairs Announces Exchange boost emergency temporary / session / for the months of July and August of 2012 between employees of the former Iraqi army from the military / officers and mattresses / and civilian staff and rhombic war-disabled except recruited in government departments all permanently or contract and retiring as benefits. added: "Rasheed Bank branches for this purpose assume the distribution process in all parts of Iraq


Central: per capita income will reach 6 thousand dollars a year and reserves of $ 67 billion to help us avoid the emergency
09/10/2012 10:03 AM

Expect the central bank to reach GDP per capita per year during the next few years to 6 thousand dollars at least, an increase of 50 percent from the per capita income for the current and $ 4 thousand dollars, stressing the need to increase oil exports, given their yields positive to double domestic production, according to Bank that drives the investment process in all provinces, and improves the standard of living .

In what was seen that the rate of inflation in Iraq acceptable, showing its ability to reduce by 3 percent if available services, and solved the housing crisis that which constitutes 30 percent of the installed number Almkiesa of consumer prices, pointed out that Iraq has a hedge well by 67 billion dollars, of any unforeseen circumstances that may beset the region .

For its part, the Commission considered the economy and investment parliamentary current inflation rate in Iraq as unacceptable, calling on the government to prepare a strategy to double the economic GDP in order to improve the standard of living and Alrvahe citizen .


Deputy state law excludes coverage of citizens share surplus funds from oil
09/10/2012 9:30 am

Ruled out a member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Amin Hadi Abbas, the inclusion of all Iraqi families excess money from oil sales this year, stressing the lack of reliable official data to estimate the exact amount per family.

Abbas said: The article (23) of the general budget confirmed that the surplus funds from oil sales for the current year is collected in a fund and pay off some of the deficit in winning the general budget and the remaining amount (25%) of it is distributed to the people.


Parliamentary Finance: next year's budget will be larger as a result of rising oil exports
10.09.2012 11:15 AM

Economic / Buratha News: Expect a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee secretary Hadi to be larger next year's budget from the current year's budget, due to higher oil exports.

Hadi said he "expected to be the next year's budget more than the current year's budget, which was {100} billion dollars due to higher oil exports and thus income from it."

He said "the Council of Ministers will announce in its final account is expected to next year's budget."


The Commission on the implementation of article 140 of the Middle Euphrates are distributed among the displaced and 1523 instrument deportees
2012-09-10 13: 52: 19 Monday

Babylon (newsletter) : The Director of the Bureau of the Middle Euphrates implementing article 140 Committee, Salim Al-Bayati distributed instrument between displacement and 1523 deportees under the Constitution and controls distribution of 10 million in the provinces of Babylon, Samawah, Najaf, Karbala and Diwaniyah.

He added: the continuous auditing transactions subject to controls in accordance with the Constitution in preparation for distribution to Central Financial Committee for approval in order to edit the grant instruments.


Iraq and the representative of the United Nations Mission: what gets in the provinces of Kirkuk in particular will prejudice national and confessional amid escalating political tensions
2012-09-10 13: 39: 48 Monday

Baghdad (News) : Search House of Osama in Tehran with the Charg� d'affaires of the United Nations Mission in Iraq security crisis and delayed the formation of the Electoral Commission.

The Office said in a statement received in Tehran (News Agency news) on Monday that the two sides discussed many topics, including the formation of the Independent Electoral Commission and other bodies, and great concern of delay composition, political disputes as a reason behind it.

He added: the parties also discussed the need for enactment of the Federal Council to the Federal boards and it almost reflects the view of the provinces and territories to properly House helps to accomplish its tasks smoothly.


U.S. Embassy in Baghdad strongly condemns yesterday's terrorist attacks
09/10/2012 9:12

"Portal Iraq" BAGHDAD : A statement by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said Monday that "the embassy strongly condemns the terrorist attacks that targeted innocent men, women and children in different parts of Iraq today, and specifically in Kirkuk and Basra and Tikrit, Baquba and Nasiriyah, Missan and Hawijah, Mosul and Nineveh, country and Salahuddin" .

He added that "these heinous attacks on Iraqi society without discrimination in all parts of the country, and we offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and communities of these victims, and sensitive except for the injured a speedy recovery."

And saw the capital Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces, a series of terrorist attacks, car bombs claimed the lives of dozens of citizens among the dead and wounded.


Parliamentary Finance: we do not receive the draft budget 2013 and the deletion of zeros will not confuse the economy
09/10/2012 1:28 am

Baghdad / justice : Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed not received a draft budget that next year from the government.

The deputy chairman of the Committee Ahmed Faizullah that "allocations Supreme Judicial Council as well as other ministries are identified through meeting them and agree on those customizations," adding that "the budget is based on the actual needs of the annual institutions."

The below posts were in our 6pm email

I don't start many topics, but I wanted to help shed some light on an issue that seems to be confusing people. I believe we all agree that any dramatic increase in the value of the dinar will require them to issue a new currency.

I'd rather not debate at this point whether or not Iraq could conceivably support a revaluation to $.86. For the sake of argument let's assume that they can.

If they go this route they will issue new lower denominations within the same currency series with the same currency code of IQD.

Tidbit Rumors & Opinions - Post By Dinar Detectives

9-9-2012 LoriC: Great news this morning!! Ministers have been submitted for approval, smart cards are going to be introduced and Maliki is being forced to implement the reforms before anyone will even think about having a National Meeting and if he doesn't they are going to withdraw the confidence from him. That pressure is great news for us and with Talabani returning soon this all could fall into place early next week, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

9-9-2012 Mountainman: Great news today about the Defense Minister getting picked tomorrow, Erbil will be passed and a NC held. If this happens it's great news for the GOI and all of us.

There are many rumors that a big change is coming with the global monetary system and that the IQD is involved. At this point it seems we have a convergence between articles and rumors both showing progress and pointing to this being over in the near future and before the end of 2012 for sure. This is great news for us all imho.

8 Things You Won't Believe Can Be Hacked - By Colin Murdock

I am facinated by the capabilities of the internet and computers -- I want to learn more - I am so amazed at how far technology has progressed and the wonderful things that have been accompolished -- the down side of all of it is the fact that some push it further - using and abusing it for pranks - greed - and harm - I was shocked and alarmed by the info here - I like to stay informed and abreast of events that can have an impact on my life - I would rather read of the more positive ones - The artile below is for your information only - Just to keep you informed - and who knows maybe you /we can make a difference some how -

8 Things You Won't Believe Can Be Hacked By: Colin Murdock

If movies are to be believed, hackers are mostly kept busy fighting the man with CGI animations of smiley faces, or else dwelling in the darkest corners of their mothers' basements and doing purely nerdy stuff that never affects the real world. But neither assumption is true: Hacking does not look like a rad skateboarder busting a kickflip over an onyx tower, and hackers do gain access to things that can affect your daily life ... and sometimes, even end it.

TrinityeXchange's Perspective - Post By Leo GET Forum

9-9-2012 TrinityeXchange : I'm so glad for our study on the strategic framework agreement. It has really solidified for us in detail Iraq's obligation both to the United States, as well as to the international community of which it is working to become a full fledged member.

I don't believe that the United States has to publicly deal with Maliki at this time. They have already let him know that they have found him in violation of the SFA as well as transgressions against the international community. He has become a threat to both the democracy of Iraq and the rule of non-interference in a sovereign nation's internal affairs (Syria).

Kate1951) Austin-Powers-For-PM shasta7 Okay, please what is QE3?

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Kate1951 Third round of Quantitative Easing. Basically the Federal Reserve buys up Treasury notes en-masse and adds it to it's balance sheet. It's basically round about way of turning on the printing press and printing more money. It can (and probably will) lead to inflation and dollar devaluation in the near future.

[shasta7] Iraq, Iran, Turkey, The Briics all want to end the petro dollar... that is why most are using GOLD to buy oil from Iran... of course Iraq doesn't have to as they have their own. Why do you think we are so involved in Libyia, Syria, Egypt, & other ME countries... it is to stop them from dropping the petro dollar...

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] shasta7 And with that you are totally correct.

[SWFloridaGuy] shasta7 The problem with this "global reset" rumor is it is very vague, no details of which currencies are adjusted in which direction and absolutely no direct correlation to the IQD or any real evidence it's going to happen at all. I'll believe it when I see it. APFP is absolutely correct that Iraq must have a seated government and a power sharing agreement to ensure the success of any possible economic reforms.

[shasta7] Austin-Powers-For-PM ... agree... this is why the Kurd area is wanting to break away from the rest of Iraq... they have their act together... the other two factions are still killing each other... meaning the Sunni's & Shites

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

state law: Allawi's speech was intended to "intimidate" the crisis and return to square one
Sunday, 09 September 2012 07:51

BAGHDAD : Re coalition of state law on the Iraqi leader's speech last Iyad Allawi, adding that the meaning of the letter is to "hype" and return to square one crisis after it began gradually.

The MP said the coalition of state law on Alfalh told the future on Sunday that: "speech Allawi characterized vasospasm and hype and too far from the latest political developments in Iraq," adding that: "Allawi either in isolation or political observer bad events in Iraq."

Allawi accused Alfalh saying "Mr. Allawi wants to rectify things after that broke with many members of his" reconciliation "and the withdrawal of a number of members of the Iraqi List, through the return of the crisis back to square one and try to negotiate on certain gains."

Read More Link on Right

Legal Expert: convergence legislative and executive branches will adopt laws broken boom
Sunday, 09 September 2012 10:02

BAGHDAD: legal expert Tareq Harb, Sunday, that the great convergence between Maliki and Nujaifi will accelerate the legislation of a lot of laws in the House of Representatives.

The war correspondent and news agency the future, that: "For great affinity between the legislative authority represented by its president Osama Najafi and the executive branch represented by its president Nouri al-Maliki will accelerate the legislation of laws that did not initiate despite entering the legislative term the third, but that there are laws stage of the legislative session Previous ".
Read More Link on Right

Motallebi: Hashimi's death sentence will not affect the path of the political process
Sunday, 09 September 2012 11:52

BAGHDAD : ruled by a coalition of state law Saad logistical Criminal Court's decision affects the death sentence against Tareq al-Hashemi on the political process, whether positively or negatively, stressing that the issue of al-Hashemi purely criminal case.

Said Muttalibi told the future on Sunday that: "All parties have realized since for quite some time that the issue of al-Hashemi criminal case purely did not interfere with the government or the ruling parties where or pressing any direction," adding that: "the Iraqi List, raised her hand for Hashemi after realized involvement criminal operations. "
Read More Link on Right

Electrodes: Iraq will not recognize a judgment against Hashemi

Electrodes: Iraq will not recognize a judgment against Hashemi  Sunday, 09 September 2012 12:08

BAGHDAD : Iraqi List, has refused to recognize the judgment of the Court of Criminal judge sentenced Tareq al-Hashemi, confirmed that the issue was political and politicized judiciary in Iraq.

The MP said the Iraqi List, Ahmed electrodes told the future: "The decision to execution of Tareq al-Hashemi, who issued by the Criminal Court in session on Sunday is completely unacceptable," stressing that "the Iraqi List does not recognize the judgment issued by the Criminal Court."

Massari said: "The verdict against Hashemi unfair and was the result of the politicization of the judiciary", adding that "the Iraqi List committed Balhashima and described as Vice President of the Republic of the fact that political issue rather than a criminal."
Read More Link on Right

Finance Committee affirming the receipt of the draft budget for next year and that the deletion of zeros will lead to an economic problem

Finance Committee affirming the receipt of the draft budget for next year and that the deletion of zeros will lead to an economic problem Sunday, 09 September 2012 08:00

Baghdad : Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed not received a draft budget that next year from the government.

The deputy chairman of the Committee Ahmed Faizullah told all of Iraq [where] today that "allocations Supreme Judicial Council as well as other ministries are identified through meeting them and agree on those customizations," adding that "the budget is based on the actual needs of the annual institutions" .

And on the deletion of zeros from the local currency Faizullah said that "the deletion of zeros will not create an economic problem or financial or monetary and some magnifies the issue out of proportion it's just the process of switching the currency which pertain to all Iraqis, and it may take time to get used to people about it."

Read More Link on Right

TEDA planning to address import random

TEDA planning to address import random  Sunday, 09 September 2012 13:57

Baghdad : Ministry of Planning announced it had begun to address the problem of indiscriminate import in coordination with a number of important ministries such as trade and finance to reduce the entry of shoddy goods and import according to the needs of the market.

The general director of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Saad Abdul Wahab told all of Iraq [where] that "the ministry is serious about putting in place mechanisms to reduce the indiscriminate import exceeds the Iraqi market needs in coordination with the Ministries of Finance and Commerce."

"The ministry is seeking to activate a number of laws including the Law on customs tariff to curb the spread of the entry of goods by local consumer Aihtajha addition to the recommendation of the Ministry of Commerce to tighten controls on granting import licenses."

Click for Link

Coverage of staff missing personal advances

Coverage of staff missing personal advances Sunday, 09 September 2012 11:09

Baghdad: Rasheed Bank decided inclusion of the missing staff on permanent staffing of government departments all personal advances [5] million, similar to their peers from ongoing service staff.

"We must take into account the existence of the support of the Department of the missing employee, in addition to a government sponsor guarantor."
Click for Link

White: United States plans to use the base in Anbar as a headquarters for troops

White: United States plans to use the base in Anbar as a headquarters for troops Sunday, 09 September 2012 16: 46

Baghdad : White cluster announced intention of using United States base in Anbar province as the seat of its troops if its military strike against Syria.

Spokesman white MP Kazem Al-shammari cluster in a press release sent to each Iraq [where] on "the United States is preparing to put 5,000 marines ready to drop the existing Syrian regime when necessary."

"Visit the help us Secretary for near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones focused on the possibility of using the base in restive Al-Anbar province of Western Iraq in any possible measures to counter the crisis and is followed by the Syrian delegation visit to Iraq by the United States Congress and this comes under the US plan aimed at helping to overthrow the Syrian regime".

And several cities in Syria for more than a year of violence between militants and Syrian regular army in addition to the ex. demonstrations and public protests demanding regime change ended.
Click for Link

IS MP: Political forces now ready to address political defects

IS MP: Political forces now ready to address political defects Sunday, 09 September 2012 16:18

Baghdad (AIN) : MP Talal al-Zawbae of the Iraqiya Slate confirmed that "The political sides are ready now to put new touches on the political situation to improve it and resolve its problems."

Zawbae stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The patriotic figures are able now to settle the existing political disputes, especially because the political forces became now ready to adopt new steps in the course of fixing the political situation to be able to confront any weaknesses experienced by the region or the country."

He added "Settling the political crisis is possible now since most of the political blocs held several meetings in order to reach suitable solutions that satisfy all the sides."

Click for Link

Talabani stresses the importance of the implementation of the agreements reached between the political blocs and the government that emerged case

Talabani stresses the importance of the implementation of the agreements reached between the political blocs and the government that emerged case Sun 09/09/2012 10:26 pm

President Jalal Talabani on the need importance of the implementation of the agreements reached between the political parties that emerged from the current government "

A statement by Talabani's office (site received our message) a copy of that Talabani received at his residence in Germany and a U.S. delegation senior included Messrs. Carlos Pascual and Jonathan Alknd. "To provide congratulations successfully surgery on his left knee and the success of phase physiotherapy wishing Back auspicious to land homeland. "

Talabani pointed out "that all problems will be solved through the constitution, agreements and constructive dialogues and brotherly and which alone is the best way to solve and resolve all problems and to move into a new phase"  

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