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6pm September 12th, 2016

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Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Monday AM Chat 9-12-16

jtank says():who knows whats stopping the reval-- they have done so much already- Bgg last call a real upper

heartland says():BGG..GM...question..If a person exchanged all their dinar at whatever price it began and then if they thought there was still the possiblity of the dinar increasing in value...

they not deposit their money in a US bank that would allow them to have it held in the form of Iraqi Dinar and thus participate in any future increase?

heartland says():I know that HSBC will allow you to have deposits in different currencies

Woodywoodpecker says():I say no don't own it anymore if you exchanged it

heartland says():This of course would be after the IQD was internationally tradedable
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Tidbits From KTFA Members Monday Afternoon 9-12-16


Militia:  They appear to be telling us in very many articles about the budget of $43 pbl, so many in fact it can't be over looked in WS and Franks compilation.

 The "Rider" HCL was said to be activated. This increase in the budget from $35.00 pbl to $43.00 has been approved and to note the remainder of the provisions of it are expected to be finished in November.  

One article tells us the Supreme Auditor was in Amman with Keywords..I smell a new credit rating is coming on the Fat Lady is thin enough to drop her veil! imho

Walkingstick:   International Monetary suggested price of $ 43 oil in the budget deficit in 2017 and describes as "great"


News, Rumors and Opinions Early Monday Afternoon 9-12-16


Ecubucs:  We Will Be BLESSED if it (Zim) simply comes out at .02 or .03 w/ a 6 Zero Lop. That's what I'm targeting..

Dallred123:  Even a half cent

SouthernTexas:  Ecubucs- me too. Still more money then I ever thought we would have in our lives!

Yada:  Ecubucs. It gives more meaning to blessings are renewed every morning. I'm our case. Interest posted every morning..... The money we have just sitting the banks alone, even before we invest in projects, will make interest daily. More interest than what some people earn in a year.

Kozmo:  I'm with you with the 2-3 cents regarding the Zim. That would be amazing. Even 1/2 of a penny will be fine with me

FantasticLady:  Well didn't Ray say that he was going to ask for 3 digits on the zim? I don't know about you all, but IMO,the zim could go up to .68cents. At least, I plan to ask for a higher rate when I go in. I believe it's possible. Anything is possible on this ride..... I mean if it comes finally at 3 cents and no more negotiation, then I'll take it. But why not shoot for the stars?

Tlm724 & Shredd News & Comments 9-12-16

Post From BondLadys Corner
Tlm724 & Shredd News & Comments 9-12-16
Governor of the Central Bank: IMF surprised Bamtlakena reserves exceed expectations

Ali Abdul Salman 87  09/12/2016
The governor of the Central Bank, on the Keywords, Iraq 's commitment to the pledges made to the International Monetary Fund Ptoukatadtha specific, especially as it is consistent with the orientations and objectives, noting that  the Fund was surprised to be Iraq 's reserves of foreign currency more than its forecast of about ten billion dollars.
And concluded in the Jordanian capital , Amman Saturday, ( the tenth of September now 2016), a new round of talks between Iraq and the international Monetary Fund on standby credit program for a loan worth $ 18 billion, to be completed in November.
the governor of the central bank and the agency, Ali Ismail Keywords , " The Central Bank has provided during the talks a detailed report on the action all carried out under an agreement with him , " adding that " the report stressed the central bank 's commitment to the implementation of more than 20 pledge and a proposal fully within the time the schedule."

BGG News Time 9-11-16

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, September 11, 2016
BGG says():It's gonna' be a short News Time tonite (we've got some stuff going on - we're trying to take care of...) but let's go!!
BGG says():I will start off by saying... I got more calls, e-mails and messages thanking us for the last call on Friday than any other call in Dinar Updates history. The response was overwhelming.
BGG says():Thank you.
jtank says():yes
BGG says():Here's what I'm going to do - a bit of a recap of the info on the Call from Friday...
plus an extra "Flashback" article regarding the same type of info...

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

AdminBill Monday Morning 9-12-16: " Nero Plays The Fiddle"


AdminBill:  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 (6:40AM MDT)




Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Sunday Night 9-11-16


Truckerbabe67: My guy roadrunner asked me to share this with the tnt family

roadrunner237 shared intel from his banker today, contact is hearing rate on 100 trillion zim note  is now 68 cents.
Making 100 trillion ZIM note worth 68 million

(of course as of now you cant go exchange just yet but hopefully not much longer! ) & he had two confirmations of this rate from his banker contact

SassyD:  Asian markets.... down... Down.... DOWN !! ...

Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat   9-11-16   Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

rcookie says(): Real exchange rate shock: A one-off real depreciation of 10 percent (20 percent nominal depreciation) would alter the debt to GDP path only slightly since GDP would be inflated when the shock hits, raising GDP in line with the debt stock.
rcookie says(): Combined shock: A combination of these shocks would increase debt to 117 percent of GDP in 2018 and 2019. Debt would decline to 113 percent of GDP towards the end of the forecast horizon.
rcookie says():Stress tests in the external DSA suggest that Iraq's external debt ratio is also sensitive to shocks. While the path of Iraq's external debt would rise only marginally in response to an interest rate or a growth shock, a current account shock and a real depreciation would result in a substantial increase in external debt.

Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat   9-11-16   Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
rcookie says():21. In 2017-19 and beyond, the government will design and implement deeper grounded revenue and expenditure reforms in order to continue to hold a tight lid on the non-oil primary balance and achieve debt sustainability (MEFP, ¶¶23-24).
The government will continue to have the account of the Development Fund for Iraq and Successor Account 300/600 at the CBI audited by an international auditor to check that all oil revenues reach the Treasury and monitor the use of the resources deposited in that account (SB, MEFP, Table 5).
The government will conduct diagnostics of the tax and customs codes and tax and customs administrations in order to increase non-oil tax revenue. It will also implement a hiring freeze in sectors other than security, health and education and have the Board of Supreme Audit (BSA) audit the wage and pension recipients' payrolls (﴾SB, MEFP, Table 5)﴿ to first identify, and then cancel payments to, ghost workers and ghost pensioners.
The government will also reform the public pension system, in discussion and coordination with the World Bank, in order to make it more financially sustainable, equitable and efficient.

Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat   9-11-16   Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

scarlet says():so is shabibi in control of the cbi?
scarlet says():and i thot they had to hold it at 2 percent for two years
jtank says():good ? s for the next newstime scarlet
scarlet says():lol
scarlet says():i like shabibi
scarlet says():if shabibi is in some what control, to me that is always good news
jtank says():everyone says he is too old but alan greenspan was 80 before he retired
scarlet says():shabibi is not to old

Awake-in-3D Sunday 9/11/16 Conference Call Recording Link, Replay #'s and Partial Transcript Notes by Pinkroses

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Conference Call Replay. Awake-in-3D with Yoni Spumoni in the control booth.

Replay for 9/11/2016

USA Dial in: 605-562-3149 - Participant code: 453972#


119 Minutes

Click READ MORE Below for Partial Call Transcript done by Pinkroses (Thank you mucho.)