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11am September 13th, 2014    


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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
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Mnt Goat Friday Update Post - "Seating The Remaining Ministers"
"Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm"
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You know, this is Iraq, a third world country that had a very bad leader and anything can happen, good or bad.

This is an investment and I have seen no dealer that guarantees what you purchased will be worth anything more or less in the future.

Now, with our many sources, this investment will in the end be a very good one for those that treat it as just that, until then you live day to day as if you never had it and live in the present and prepare for the future.

I have invested in it and I will not at any cost bail now or even in the future.

The results may have not happened within your time frame but this is not about you, but rather a county that is preparing for a new economic future.

You all have a safe week and will post our update only when we have something worthy to post that we can backup.

Ok now let's get back to the news and look for the budget getting passed. Until then, we do what we do not like to do, wait.


(Thank you George for emailing this to Recaps.)

UU9466 -  "Could this be the final step?" by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a short and brief update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my news letter of  9/12 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

Today's News

Today is Saturday 9/13 and so far this week we witnessed the announcement of the "fully"  formed government of Iraq. At least this is what we were told since in fact we know now that many positions were simply filled with proxy ministers so they could replace them later with the permanent ministers.

They needed to do this to meet the constitutional deadline and for NATO and USA coalition to go ahead with the strategic plan to fight ISIS. Could this be why we have not yet see the currency reform project completed and their currency revaluation announced, as we were told would coincide with the announcement of their government ( which was announced on last Tuesday) ?


Net Worth and Personal Worth - Does Money Define You? by Miranda Marquit

One of the things that has disturbed me recently is the fact that some of the people in my life attach an absurd amount of importance to money. Specifically, they measure someone's worth as a person by his or her net worth.

This disturbs me because, while I think that money can be a great tool, I don't think it defines your worth as a person. But such is the case.
This person feels entitled, by his superior earning power and net worth, to take charge, dictate terms, and generally look down on everyone else.


American Banks Set To Be Choked By New Regulations

Posted by EXOGEN on September 12, 2014 at 7:32pm

American Banks Set To Be Choked By New Regulations

The largest banks in the US - JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Bank of America Corp (BAC), Citigroup Inc (coffee), and Wells Fargo & Co (WFC) - find themselves in the line of fire, as the Federal Reserve and US Senators push for further regulations. The banks will be subjected to regulations that are tougher than the Basel III requirements for capital adequacy and liquidity.

    Millionday Roundtable 9/12/14  Part 2

        [jtank] what about electronic transfers?




    Millionday Roundtable 9/12/14  Part 1

        Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!

        millionday] OK HERE WE GO   THIS WAS SENT TO ME

        [millionday] Iraqi Prime Minister, on Friday, French President apologized for attending a conference in Paris next week to discuss the confrontation Alazhab in the region.

Haidar al-Abadi, in a press conference with Francois Hollande, said he could not attend the Paris conference to provide concern and Minister of Defense and Interior to the Iraqi parliament for Mnhmha confidence.

       [millionday] The Abadi, pledged at the meeting to give confidence to the new government, to provide the names and defense and interior ministers to parliament after a week.



Mr. Chen September 12, 2014

This is a list of possible traps at the bank that I have heard and some off the top of my head.

1) bank changes the wording of the contract making this exchange be an investment

2) bank makes you deposit the money into their bank and not take it all out and move it to another bank

3) bank requires that you keep 50% or so of your exchanged currency in their bank

4) bank says they will pay you out in an annuity format

5) bank says that they own your money, so if the bank defaults they can use your money to pay off their debts, "bail-in scenario"

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter



Falling oil price tilts political, economic balance in U.S. favor

Posted by EXOGEN on September 12, 2014 at 2:35pm


Gasoline prices at a 76 gas station are displayed in Encinitas, California, February 19, 2013.


(Reuters) - The drop in oil prices to their lowest in two years has caught many observers off guard, coming against a backdrop of the worst violence in Iraq this decade, heightened tensions between the West and Russia, and sanctions against Iran



[Papajack] Good morning, it is being said that Egypt is exchanging at $3+ Intl rate but nothing here yet. We all know you know who doesn't want us to get it so be ready for anything. Pray that Good triumphs over evil and we get our blessing. However we have heard all of this before keeping in mind that the devil is still in charge of the US Corporation. Others are saying Santa is coming to town.

[Papajack] You know it is possible that we will have group exchanges for awhile before it goes public.

[Papajack] Nothing is for sure in Dinarland

[Papajack] It's like being Rodney Dangerfield, we get no respect.

[Papajack] Remember the USA is the last bastion of Cabal control

[Papajack] I can't wait for them to do the perp walk.

[Papajack] I'm gonna go make some calls I'm hoping we get some good info for the weekend

The Big Call Recording Link and Replay #'s for Thursday night 9-11-14

The Big Call Recording Link for Thursday night 9-11-14


Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456# 

148 Minutes

The Big Call


7 Weird Money Laws You May Have Broken

by Joe Epstein on 20 June 2014

Money can make people do strange things. But what about when money laws themselves are beyond comprehension?

From bizarre tax systems at home to monarchy-imposed oddities abroad, the world is full of some very odd laws governing the spending and collecting of money. Lucky for you, this list of them is free.


aggiedad77 � September 12th, 2014, 11:52 am 

Friday News Summaries and Commentaries

Urgent .. Abadi: We will hold an open meeting for reporters to talk about the government's mistakes

This is certainly something new from Iraq....opening up to the news media in this fashion and admitting to prior should prove to be interesting to say the least.

Finance parliamentary calls for the government not to merge Almoisntin for [2014.2015]

Still more talk about NOT merging the 2014 budget with that of 2015....probably a wise idea.....even as the last few months of 2014 grind down.....the interim committee on Finance continues to study and work with things....when will they present anything worthwhile to Parliament....maybe on the 16th.


Nadita File - 09/11/2014  - Post Brought From Dinar Daily

Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J

Ukraine Crisis :   Saint reported US & EU to activate new Russia sanctions today.  Pres. Obama cites Russia's actions including presence of heavily armed Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. 

New sanctions bar more Russian banks, state owned oil and defense firms from raising new funds in EU and US.  Ban sales of "dual use" technologies to Russia.



Posted by EXOGEN on September 12, 2014 at 10:05am

Dollar heads for best run of gains in 17 years

By Patrick Graham    Reuters I hour ago

LONDON (Reuters) - The U.S. dollar headed for its ninth straight week of gains on Friday, some measure of how the economic fortunes of the United States and its major economic peers are diverging after six years of financial turmoil.


As I said many times before no one knows fully what is happening. I only try to act responsibly and tell you what my contacts are telling me, if it makes it through the filter of my common sense and relates to the current info maybe to what I heard 2 days ago or evena month ago. If it sounds like garbage and makes no sense I am smart enough not to pass it on to you. Now who does that make sense to? - all of us !

So moving on. There may also be some economic reforms too that need to get passed and implemented but lets address the announcement of the "fully" seated govt in this news letter since this now seems the major part of everyone's concerns now. I began to address the other part in my last news letter dated 9/10 and will address in more details in coming news letters.

So when will they have these 6 ministers seated?


(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU9416 -  "Seating The Remaining Ministers" by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

It is almost Autumn here in Germany. As I watch the trees begin to turn bright colors I began to dream already of the cooler days ahead. There are some wonderful fall time hikes up in the Alpines. We watch the earth change and begin its hibernation slowly and see the changes now already beginning.It won't be long before we begin to see the white dusting on the mountain tops.

This year we are going to the Munich Oktoberfest once again for some fun. Last year the kinder were finally old enough and so we enjoyed the time. Just the train ride to the city is fun too. Meine Kinder enjoy the costume parade coming on Sunday and Meine Hubby the beer (of course. My favorite is the gigantic pretzels and just being around fun people. So we are all excited. I certainly wish all you fine dinarians could meet us there and we could all celebrate something together as comrades this year. Do you know what this might be?

I come to you today to give you a recent update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.


GoddessofLove:  Turkey overflowing with $36 billion in mystery funds


Turkey overflowing with $36 billion in mystery funds

Author: Mehmet CetingulecPosted September 10, 2014

The pace of foreign currency coming to Turkey from unknown sources for the past 12 years keeps on climbing. Nobody says where the money is coming from. In the Central Bank's "balance of payments" table these unregistered funds are shown under the item "net error and deficit."

Summary⎙ Print Inflowing money from unknown sources during Turkey's 12 years of AKP rule totals $36 billion.

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