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6pm September 14th, 2016

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Tlm724 & Shredd News & Comments 9-13-16

Post From BondLadys Corner

Tlm724 & Shredd News & Comments 9-13-16

Tlm724:   High: Abadi failed
Last updated: September 14, 2016 - 12:28

Baghdad / Iraq News Network questioned the head of Civic Democratic Alliance on high, Wednesday, seriously, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the implementation of reforms, as he pointed to the existence of "pressure" exerted on Abadi by the "allies" in the coalition Aloutna.oukal high in a press statement today:
"the seriousness of al-Abadi in the further implementation of the reform program is questionable, given the way considered as head of the Council of Ministers to resolve and settle out of the predicament of the third mandate," pointing out that "Abadi leadership of the ruling party and is subject to pressure from his allies in the National Alliance."

More News, Rumors and Opinions Late Wednesday Afternoon 9-14-16

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SandnSea Update:

i met with the branch manager, privately in his office. Bottom line, he took notes, was quite interested in what I was saying as he only knew what clients were telling him and wanted to do more research on his own.

He wanted me to meet with the S. Florida Wealth Manger later in the week. He assured me that the WM must know something. To order foreign currency this bank he must order it from elsewhere.

Though it is a large chain bank in many states, it's not big on currencies other than ours. He Asked where he could get additional info. I felt like his teacher. He was willMing to learn all he could,but could give me no additional information. i will see if this next meeting brings anything. I will keep you posted good or bad as I promised. 

SandnSea First Post  

Mnt Goat News Brief for Wednesday Sept. 14th

( Thank you George for emailing this so Dinar Recaps can post it. )

Hi Everyone,

Many are still confused as to what and when are the Iraq holidays. Really? After all these years of dealing with Iraq you still don't know the holidays? Are you even sure about your intel and many wonder since you can't even get something simple like the holidays correct.
So let me clarify.

Holidays and festivals are a part of all our culture, tradition and nationality for all countries throughout the world.
However like many countries, the Middle Eastern region of the world has its own cultural traditions and they may vary slightly which are largely reflected in their festivals they celebrate in a year. These festivals are many. So for celebrating they do not have strict work ethics like in the western world where you are allocated only certain number of holidays off from work. Instead most of their holidays are mostly all connected to religion somehow and since the religion and state are so closely connected together and almost 90% of the population work for the state you can see how they get so many holidays off from work.  

Some of these closings are for festivals and some are for holidays.

News, Rumors and Opinions Wednesday Afternoon 9-14-16


Frank26:  IMO .............. This action has been taken by the CBI because time is of the essences to complete their MR (Monetary Reform) before ............... Before ................. Dessert tonight.............. Tell You more on this............... Smile.

Walkingstick:  Source for "tomorrow Press": the central bank will not be printed 100 thousand dinars category at the moment

13:55 14/09/2016

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press  Denied an informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, to be " central" had started printing 100 thousand dinars a class at the present time, stressing that it seeks to maintain the ."

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

Dinar Updates Wednesday PM Chat  9-13-16

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

RickeyT says():making chlorine gas is easy, I need to look up the recipe for mustard gas
clay says to JETSET():hey buddy
clay says to RickeyT():hey buddy but Syria was supposed to have gotten rid of it
JETSET says to clay():did you get the inside info yet? when are we going to the bank?
clay says to RickeyT():maybe ISIS got a hold of some
clay says to JETSET():lol
clay says to JETSET():2017
clay says to JETSET():I feel post Mosul

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Tuesday Night 9-13-16


CBonham:  Bacdoc, we have friends who have only VND.  IYO, do you see them RVing any time soon or maybe next year?  Not asking for date or rate.  Thanks for any insight.



MecVeyBlue:  So Abadi Activated the citizen's portion's of the HCL !! WOW !!

Frank26:  Yes and  ............. CC said it needs the census ............ Art 140 to be in agreement with this 4th part of the HCL.


Intel Highlights from "The Big Call" Tuesday Night 9-13-16 by PinkRoses


Thank you PinkRoses for sending these to us tonight:

Bruce:  Welcome everybody for tuning in and being part of our call tonight. All those listening in, banks, financial institutions, etc...

Bruce:  Iraq. We know all the major bills and laws been finalized and entered in the Gazette and the gazette has been published. Maybe a situation that they may not have released that information to us yet. They want to release it when we get notified with the 800 numbers. It is known in Iraq.
They have been actively using their lower denominations, key cards, received back pay back to January. Things are happening in Iraq.  Moving right along. Still some terrorist's issues they are working on. To some extent we are helping in that and some together with other countries helping in that fight.

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Islandg1211 Tues.PM 9-13-16: "Iraq Review and Update"

Emailed to Recaps:

From islandg1211 - Iraqi Review and Update
The IMF met with the Gov of the CBI, Allak and the Finance Committee to assess Iraq's progress to date in meeting their requirements.
To review, the IMF required that Iraq did a number of things, including determining their 2016 and 2017 Budget, passing laws, banking reforms, and monetary reforms.
The IMF stepped in last December with a LOI that covered the first half of 2016, then in May/June, the UST, WB, IMF, US and other nations combined in a coordinated plan for an umbrella plan for Iraq in which Iraq would get loans. The meeting last Friday was a review of progress of Iraq meeting the requirements.
The IMF is completely taking control of the structure and conditions they expect their plan for Iraq to be implemented. The IMF does not want to lend money without Iraq doing what they need to do. That's they message that came out of Friday's meeting.

Dinar Updates Tuesday AM Chat   9-12-16  

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday AM Chat   9-12-16  
cobalt says to MrsBGG():Not been seeing Hutch and rcookie for a WHILE........
are they still with DU?
Woodywoodpecker says():rcookie was here yesterday
MrsBGG says to cobalt():Mr. BGG Just took a break for a few days.
MrsBGG says to Woodywoodpecker():There you go!! Thank you :)
MrsBGG says to Woodywoodpecker():How are the trees?
MrsBGG says to Woodywoodpecker()::D
cobalt says to MrsBGG():Okay and thank you very much (F)(F)

KTFA Monday Night CC Notes From 9-12-16  Part 2

Part 2:

Frank26:  Another reason that these numbers might need adjusting now is because you have 1.5 million Arabs in Iraq that were distributed in the Kurdistan region....and if you think that the Kurds will go along with Kirkuk that is mostly Arab now....there are less and less Kirkuk citizens....this has to be corrected and it is IMO....this displacement lays false claims of ethnic populations....because right now there is a misrepresentation...

When I mentioned Saddam....I meant like Saddam who redrew the borders by flooding Kuwait with Arabs....he did not change the map....but he changed the moving people false representation and power to him....this cannot happen in Iraq....not this time again.....the census must be....proper....all citizens must go back to where they belong to ensure legal proper representation in Parliament...

It was once not fair....but those days are gone....and that tactic cannot be used any longer within the GOI...that is not a democracy....I know they are parliamentary...but I think you understand what I mean....Iraq needs to negotiate this for true representation and votes within Parliament......Mosul and Fallujah....that is why these cities are needed Family....not for some egotistical reason...but so the people can go back...and they are....but they only tell you so much.

KTFA Monday Night CC Notes from 9-12-16  Part 1


Hello are the notes from last night's CC.....big thank you to Frosty for his prompt version that popped out last night, almost before Frank was finished....awesome job sir....glad you are with us.....enjoy    Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
CC Notes for Monday 09-12-2016
Frank26:  We are now ready to walk into our study of the Iraqi dinar.....I have been working at a very fast pace for the last three days....a frantic pace because we have a lot to share with kick back....relax and enjoy this conference call.
There are no super heroes of intel.....there are no champions of intel...and I don't claim to be either....there are many sites out there that can help you....