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10am September 15th, 2016

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Dinar Updates Wednesday Late PM Chat  9-14-16

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

tman23 says():It has been said that Zebari will be gone..... BUT there was a deal made with the Kurds for the termination of Zebari's position as Minister of Finance........ 

AND although they accuse Zebari of stealing money from Iraq as Finance Minister........  

remember this.......

When he took the office Iraq was BROKE -- AND in several articles --BANKRUPT...

News, Rumors and Opinions Late Wednesday Night 9-14-16


Purifiers:  Frank brought up this post tonight..(see article below). I found at least 5 other articles (with the same pic) that back this one up from Samson.

The picture of this flyer that was distributed (7 million of them) by air... is VERY VALUABLE, IMO.

And Frank was "pointing" in that direction... with the clock...

You can see dates, if you blow up the picture bigger... (but not clearly) and If you can read Arabic...

(Boy... if only I COULD!!!!!!!)  But... OUR DELTA CAN!
"which includes facts victories and the  hour of decision in Mosul"
IMO, "could it have told"... their citizens... "TIME FRAMED"?  Purifiers

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Wednesay Night KTFA CC "Dessert" Notes 9-14-16



September 14, 2016

REMINDER ... these are "HIGHLIGHTS" of tonight's CC.  Please refer to AggieDad's full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: On Monday ... what did you think about our conference call?  Did you like it?
It seems like they become more and more powerful due to the evidence and opinions we gather from others. 

I wish that some of you would respond more on our forum.

Last Monday, we brought out many, many points.

You Have Time To Plan, Time To Prepare, Time To Learn

Simon Black July 18, 2016 St. Petersburg, Russia

The financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace-
Now it's $13 trillion.
That's the total amount of government bonds in the world that have negative yields, according to calculations published last week by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Given that there were almost zero negative-yielding bonds just two years ago, the rise to $13 trillion is incredible.

Simon Black: Here's A Great Example Of How They'll Default  

Sovereign Man  Notes From The Field
September 14, 2016   Santiago, Chile 

Here's a great example of how they'll default on Social Security
On March 5, 1997, I signed up for the American Airlines "AAdvantage" loyalty program. 

I was 18 years old and didn't know anything about travel. Back then it was exciting to even set foot on a plane. 

But over the years travel has become a huge part of my life. 

I've been all over the world to more than 120 countries and have travelled millions of miles, including on American Airlines. 

Last night, in fact, American Airlines sent me an email informing me that I had just crossed the two million mile threshold. 

It took 19 years from the time I originally signed up for the rogram in 1997. 

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Tlm724 & Shredd News & Comments 9-13-16

Post From BondLadys Corner

Tlm724 & Shredd News & Comments 9-13-16

Tlm724:   High: Abadi failed
Last updated: September 14, 2016 - 12:28

Baghdad / Iraq News Network questioned the head of Civic Democratic Alliance on high, Wednesday, seriously, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the implementation of reforms, as he pointed to the existence of "pressure" exerted on Abadi by the "allies" in the coalition Aloutna.oukal high in a press statement today:
"the seriousness of al-Abadi in the further implementation of the reform program is questionable, given the way considered as head of the Council of Ministers to resolve and settle out of the predicament of the third mandate," pointing out that "Abadi leadership of the ruling party and is subject to pressure from his allies in the National Alliance."

More News, Rumors and Opinions Late Wednesday Afternoon 9-14-16

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SandnSea Update:

i met with the branch manager, privately in his office. Bottom line, he took notes, was quite interested in what I was saying as he only knew what clients were telling him and wanted to do more research on his own.

He wanted me to meet with the S. Florida Wealth Manger later in the week. He assured me that the WM must know something. To order foreign currency this bank he must order it from elsewhere.

Though it is a large chain bank in many states, it's not big on currencies other than ours. He Asked where he could get additional info. I felt like his teacher. He was willMing to learn all he could,but could give me no additional information. i will see if this next meeting brings anything. I will keep you posted good or bad as I promised. 

SandnSea First Post  

Mnt Goat News Brief for Wednesday Sept. 14th

( Thank you George for emailing this so Dinar Recaps can post it. )

Hi Everyone,

Many are still confused as to what and when are the Iraq holidays. Really? After all these years of dealing with Iraq you still don't know the holidays? Are you even sure about your intel and many wonder since you can't even get something simple like the holidays correct.
So let me clarify.

Holidays and festivals are a part of all our culture, tradition and nationality for all countries throughout the world.
However like many countries, the Middle Eastern region of the world has its own cultural traditions and they may vary slightly which are largely reflected in their festivals they celebrate in a year. These festivals are many. So for celebrating they do not have strict work ethics like in the western world where you are allocated only certain number of holidays off from work. Instead most of their holidays are mostly all connected to religion somehow and since the religion and state are so closely connected together and almost 90% of the population work for the state you can see how they get so many holidays off from work.  

Some of these closings are for festivals and some are for holidays.

News, Rumors and Opinions Wednesday Afternoon 9-14-16


Frank26:  IMO .............. This action has been taken by the CBI because time is of the essences to complete their MR (Monetary Reform) before ............... Before ................. Dessert tonight.............. Tell You more on this............... Smile.

Walkingstick:  Source for "tomorrow Press": the central bank will not be printed 100 thousand dinars category at the moment

13:55 14/09/2016

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press  Denied an informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, to be " central" had started printing 100 thousand dinars a class at the present time, stressing that it seeks to maintain the ."