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10pm September 16th, 2015

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Sovereign Man /  Notes From The Field By Simon Black

The Last Time This Happened Was ...... Never

Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Every few centuries a new technology is invented and adopted that fundamentally changes everything about how a society is structured and organized.

The Agricultural Revolution allowed early humankind to stop being nomadic hunters and establish the roots of civilization in a single location.

The invention of the moveable type printing press in the 1400s (the Internet of its day) created a rapid spread of ideas that spawned lasting political revolutions across Europe.

Bgg Roundtable 9/16/15

BGG: Welcome to our Round Table Chat @

BGG: and thanks again everyone...

BGG: First report - regional politics.
BGG: this complicates the Turkish desire to bomb the Northern Syrian Kurds...

BGG: Our Spec Ops being there will make it more difficult for Turkey to "settle old scores" under the cloak of war...

BGG: that is my only comment there..

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
Post From Chat Room  9-16-15
Wealthwatch  News / Links & Chat  9-16-15   Part 2 of 2

  chattels: US Troops to Set Up New Base Outside of ISIS-Held Ramadi 450 Troops Are Going to Be Deployed on the Frontlines by Jason Ditz, June 10, 2015 Print This | Share This While the Pentagon and the Obama Administration continue to loudly insist that they are not involved in any ground operations in Iraq, 

the announcement of another 450 troops being sent into the nation is once again underscoring how much the strategy centers around putting troops where ISIS might attack them and justify further escalation. 

Though presented as trainers slash advisers, these new ground troops are being sent to set up a brand new US military base at Taqaddum, ( Habbinajah ? ) just 15 miles from the Anbar capital of Ramadi, which was captured by ISIS only weeks previous.   chattels:


Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  9-16-15   Part 1 of 2

Post From Chat Room  9-16-15
Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  9-16-15   Part 1 of 2

  sczin11: Fatlawi: 45 left over to the parliament a law to be completed after the withdrawal of the previous laws [Image: 152999.jpg] Agencies - head of the will of the MP Hanan al movement, on Wednesday, confirmed that the 45 law left over at the parliament to be completed after the withdrawal of laws sent from the previous government. 

[dir=ltr]Fatlawi said, "The deputy speaker of parliament Humam Hamoudi, announced that the current government has sent a letter to parliament asking for the withdrawal of all laws sent from the previous government and to maintain the laws that were sent from the current government and that 54 legally numbering". 

Fatlawi He added, "The House of Representatives had voted on a total of nine laws laws sent from the current government, and thus left over at the House of Representatives only 45 legally completed after the withdrawal of the previous laws,"


Dinar Updates:

BGG   " ...He said the Information Office of Ebadi said in a statement, said the cabinet approved the draft Cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act..."  

Cabinet approves bill to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act. 

 MALIKI IS GONE (soon)...not only is the CoM wanting to push forward the removal of these crooks (as a law) - but they are also withdrawing ALL the previous junk not voted on yet. 




Backdoc  » September 16th, 2015, 11:02 am  RE: Iraq:








Morning News Comments ~ AML Passed ~

House of Representatives vote on the anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism law

September 16 0.2015

The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft second amendment to the Law of Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and submitted by the committees economy, investment and financial study to be ripening and vote the event of a resumption of meetings after Eid al-Adha.

The Council voted on a draft anti-money laundering law and the financing of terrorism and provided financial integrity, security, defense and legal committees aimed at curbing money laundering and the financing of terrorism, 


The Progress of the Other "Hasty" (urgent) Reforms

Weeks ago we heard about the passage of the Parties Bill and I talked to you how important this bill was. It was one of the seven promises agree to in the June Paris Conference. Thought you might want to know it was grouped as part of the "hasty reforms".

Next I am presenting an article today to show you that parliament was to supposed to vote on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law today (note the third item on the agenda).

It is also another one of the "hasty reforms" I talked about in my last news letter dated 9/15. Please go back and read it. This is another one much needed for the reforms  and again is one of the seven promises made in the June Paris Conference 90 days ago. So they may get this one too. You can see they are scrambling now to complete these seven promises. Why?


(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

UU6807 - " Quick Update - Status Going Forward?" by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today I come to you once again to see what sense we can all make out of this RV saga of the Iraqi dinar.

Sooooooooooo much news coming out of Iraq I can hardly believe the progress and all in the right direction.

I am sending out this news today since I believe it is a critical period we are now entering and all of you should be prepared for anything to happen in the very near future.

As I said previously this timeframe from mid September onward is a critical timeframe for Iraq and much is riding on them completing these economic reforms and other reforms on time. What is this timeframe? Do they now have a good progress report? Are they ready to pull the trigger on this currency reform?

I will try to answer many of these questions today.



Iko Ward:
  So ISX gained another 1.13% last night. That's nice. Forex down to 1114.1. That's nice too. The world markets look like everything is just peachy...pass the Kool-Aid. Even the Saudis had a sip. Gold bouncing along, Crude trying to climb. Stopped in Jersey for gas yesterday, 2.10/gal. People are saying by Friday, except the people who need those hits on their blogsites.

EF:  In case some of you missed it! Huge find. Gives legitimacy to our funny money.

There are some out there who still don't believe the Zim has value. To those folks..I will gladly take that paper off your hands and ease any thoughts you may have pro or con on the subject!

JJF:   since debt has been forgiven for Iraq and Zimbabwe might we be the next?

JV:   I remember it being said that "hints" about currency would be thrown out to the general public so that they can't say they weren't aware of this currency investment. Someone mentioned that CNN said that Iraq"s currency is a risky investment this week. Now, with Zim being out mentioned publicly. Are these those "hints?'


The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
Post From Chat Room  9-15-15
Wealthwatch Late Evening Chat  9-15-15  Part 2 of 2

chattels: WASHINGTON DC - A five-member delegation of Shabak Kurds urged the United States to help liberate their villages from the clutches of the Islamic State group (ISIS) by boosting military supplies to the Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces. 

"We met officials from the State Department and asked for complete support of Peshmerga forces," Salim Jumaa Khudhur, an Iraqi MP from the Shabak minority, told Rudaw. 

"We told them (American officials) that our land, the villages of Shabaks, Yezidis, Kakais, Christians and Turkmens cannot be freed without supporting the Peshmerga," said Khudhur, whose delegation arrived in Washington last week at the invitation of the US government.  chattels:



Post From Chat Room  9-15-15
Wealthwatch Late Evening Chat  9-15-15  Part 1 of 2


Aggiedad77:  » September 16th, 2015, 8:16 am 

Family, the news is mostly good this morning......IMO.....they know we are back.....they listen and do as they are told....

Today we see the Anti-Money Laundering Law being voted upon....that is good....will be waiting on word that this will keep them off the black list we've been talking about and pointing to for months.....the COM got a letter to Parliament today.....just ONE DAY after they brought this up in their Tuesday meeting....this letter basically rescinds 54 laws that Maliki pushed to Parliament that have been squandering in Parliament for one reason or another.....

That to me is an indication of speed on their part.....something they by themselves are not going to do.....yes we are back....yes we are in a position to make things "shake, rattle, and roll".......and they are doing as told.   Aloha   Randy
.... News Time Chat 9-15-15  Part 2 of 2
Welcome to for News Time with BGG!!

jackflash101st: What exactly is the AML law?

BGG jackflash101st: Anti-Money Laundering Law. This is the one the WB and IMF want...

jackflash101st: Thank you

BGG jackflash101st: likely pointed directly at Maliki and his corrupt gang.

Martha Sue BGG: sosooooooo if it has been read 1X ... then does it have to do that 3 thingy before it can become a law?

BGG Martha Sue: It hasn't - but yes, that is likely the sequence of events required.
BGG Martha Sue: (to get rid of the crooks).
~~~ News Time Chat 9-15-15  Part 1 of 2
Welcome to for News Time with BGG!!

BGG: Welcome and thanks for tuning in this evening...
BGG: and boy do we have some NEWS TONITE!!

BGG: to whoever that was that was bummed they rushed over to find out it was "just us"...
BGG: they are REALLY going to miss out

BGG: I would have let everyone know what the details were for today - except I didn't know there was a change in the plan until 3:30 pm this afternoon... like fifteen minutes before I sent the tweets out.. BGG: (I do what I can )

BGG: Here is the HUGE NEWS of the day.


The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday Night 09-15-15


Playback number: (605) 562-3198
access code 123456#
66 Minutes

The Big Call

Note from Dinar Recaps:  It is against our policy to promote any outside company or product.  If you do not see a call posted by us, it is likely the call host was promoting a outside company or product.


(From Bruce on The Big Call: ) intel: did we think we would be there by now - yes; not there yet; high expectation of this week; certain things are hinged on other things; banks reconnected and ready; system tested and good;

Iran Rial in along with other currencies; nice rate; close to what the dinar will be;

Abadi to make an announcement in a few days; contingent on the announcement; forgiveness of 601 million debt for Zimbabwe; first fruits of forgiveness of debt; increased value of Zim; things are looking very good for us;

God is our Provider and look to Him; knows PP are coming out shortly, humanitarian/project funding coming.


Post By Tlar Emailed To Recaps

Tlar: I am afraid that the dinar will not happen this year. October has a chance but I am thinking January 2016 is most likely more realistic. 

Abadi, the prime minister is in the process of cleaning house of all the corrupt politicians that Maliki had put in place. 

Maliki himself will most likely be on trial soon as they are preparing charges against him. But this is Iraq and anything can happen. 

The IMF and WB both have put conditions on Iraq that they must clean house and get rid of corruption and pass the money laundering law by October 1st.