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6pm, September 16th, 2012  


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C Young's Opinion & Assessment - Post By Dinar Detectives
Poof for Sunday 9-16...Greetings and Salutations
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Cruiser and Intel4U Members Chat Sunday Afternoon
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Three Blind Men & The Elephant - Post By Rhinor 3's Intel
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Bluewolf in chat at Intel4U Sunday morning posted by Stitch
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Words of Encouragement from DebTarHeelGirl Sunday Morning
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Bluwolf & Intel4u Member Chat
Tidbit Rumors & Opinions - Post By Dinar Detectives
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The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
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Tidbit Rumors & Opinions - Post By Dinar Detectives

9-16-2012 Puckster_Guy: I don't know but it seems to me what we own as investors is only a drop in the bucket compared to holdings in the Fed or China or the rest of the ME for that matter. They will set their rate for the big players and we get standard going rate. Hopefully, around at where it was before or tied to most other M.E. nations. Which will be huge for us and them.

9-16-2012 Austin-Powers-For-PM: This is becoming a big shell game. I agree with BGG, something is up. Either press sources are confused on who is going where and when, or there is a deliberate effort to confuse and confound. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but something is smelling really fishy right about now.

C Young's Opinion & Assessment - Post By Dinar Detectives

9-16-2012 C Young (Part 1): Simple Truth about the IQD. Make no mistake, Shabibi is not going to turn a powerful currency over to the likes of Maliki. This is just not going to happen! So any that think the RV of the IQD has nothing to do with Iraq, they can yet again put their tail between their legs and walk away.

This false assumption has proven wrong day after day as Maliki has remained in power and there has been NO RV. Those who do believe that the RV of the IQD has a lot to do with Iraqi politics have been right - and in the end they will be right. Someday Maliki will lose a lot of his power or maybe even his life. When that day comes, then Shabibi will assess the situation.

Poof for Sunday 9-16

Greetings and Salutations;

Not much to say, that already hasn't been said. The messengers on the internet have been banging away, shouting the blues of a changing world, where no one can figure out who the good guys and bad guys are, just 'opinions'. So I'm going to post some links so you make some inform decisions as your pockets get filled and you pass thru the door way into the future;

Now here's the blow to the fed system and fiat money;

Clarifying Shabibi's Words - Post By SWFloridaGuy Dinar Vets

9-16-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Just to clarify Shabibi has never once said that the IQD would revalue to become the strongest currency in the Middle East and remain at levels above Kuwait's. In fact he's never said they would "Revalue" at all.

At the Arab banking conference in 2008 (held in Cairo), Shabibi did say that he wanted to return to their currency to levels that closer resembled what they were in the 70s and 80s.

He never used the word revalue for obvious reasons, nor did he even hint at by which mechanisms the NID could regain the previously held levels of their former currency.

Cruiser and Intel4U Members Chat Sunday Afternoon

[myprayerrealized] There have been many instances where those who follow the IQ news closely have found identical article from 1 year past with a current date

[2012jesus] myprayerrealized so right ,, heard all we wait for is iraq release rv

2012jesus] cruiser downers are in here today

[cruiser] 2012jesus downers?

[2012jesus] cruiser negative ,,and hello

[cruiser] 2012jesus I see.

[eddyeagle] cruiser....and everyone good afternoon..cruiser are we close to the

[cruiser] 2012jesus do not know why? Things are good. Just waiting for one more thing to happen and then things will be great.

[cruiser] eddyeagle If u are asking for a date, I do not know.

[2012jesus] cruiser what is the one more thing

The GateKeepers Team CC Info

The Gatekeepers Team (Joey, Whiskey-6, T-Dawg, KJ, A33 & Vic)

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday @ 8:00pm (ET)

(760)569-7676 Pin: 378652# Back-Up# (559)546-1400 follow prompts...

Replay: (760)569-7699 Pin: 378652#(Current recording only)

Please entertain yourself while being very enlightened with this story that is a parallel to the Dinar - the Dinar Community and Dinar Intel Providers - It was very well thought out and put together - Thank you Rhino!
Comments may be made on this topic and will be available for viewing upon approval

Once there were three blind men who were given the task of describing an elephant. Each was led into an elephant pen by way of a different gate.

The first man approached the elephant from the front and groped around the elephant's trunk. The second encountered the elephant from the rear and grabbed the tail. The last man walked into a leg and felt around that part of the elephant.

Then the men were led out of the pen and asked to describe the appearance of an elephant. Well, being blind, none of them had ever actually seen an elephant, but each of them did have a very real perspective from which to share; and share they did.

They all agreed that an elephant is round. After all, the trunk, tail, and leg are all basically round in shape. But that is where the similarities ended. Before long, the discussion turned ugly. Each man knew that he was correct. After all, he had touched the elephant! You can't get much closer to a source that than that.

[trebor1859] very interesting last 2 days. We had a guru predicting RV by end of business yesterday, a person in chat predicting the RV at 11:59 tonight, a person in chat predicting RV as soon as Qe3 was announced, and a Prophet predicting the RV yesterday. Unfortunately all was incorrect and here we still sit.

[Digs] Good morning fellow dinarians & dongadians -- so I guess the general consensus is this that is our week ???

[Mitzi] Digs Praying that is true

[Greek1212] cruiser What's the good word this morning???

[cruiser] Greek1212 It is Sunday. We are all still here. Other than that, really nothing else.

[Greek1212] cruiser What's your thought on the managed float info going around>?

[cruiser] Greek1212 do not think it will happen. I Will take my bank code (when it comes out) and follow the instructions.

[2012jesus] Bluwolf said word for today is BELIEVE

[2012jesus] he said no hold ups we are on track

Bluewolf in chat at Intel4U Sunday morning posted by Stitch

[bluwolf] All cb will be giving or will activate bailouts or stimulus do to the non-actions of all governments on a world scale,, this action in my opinion is cowardless,,unjust and strictly shows how man in politics show themselves to there countries,,these actions are of weakness on there behaves and it tells me that all politicians will not adopt or do anything that would put in jeopardy there reelections or there agendas.. These actions or non-actions by these people is strictly pathetic.. Blu ( information furnish by Cnn Bbc news)

[badgerbill] bluwolf Sounds like B.O. and other leaders have once again put our MANNA on the back burner!!!


Med Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator




The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Alliance Alcardstadta hopes on the return of Talabani to end differences

Alliance Alcardstadta hopes on the return of Talabani to end differences 16/09/2012 10:21

Baghdad, (Rn) : The Kurdistan Alliance bloc Sunday, hoped that the resolve of President Jalal Talabani after his return to the country's political differences, indicating that the reform paper had no effect so far.

And spin wide differences between the coalition of state law and the Iraqi against the backdrop of recent indictment of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of mismanaging the country.

The deputy head of Muhsin al-Sadoun bloc, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) "We Think of the President of the Republic after returning to convene a meeting to resolve the national political differences." 

Finance Minister's Ur: the presence of more than one factor to promote infrastructure law

Finance Minister's Ur: the presence of more than one factor to promote infrastructure law Sunday, September 16 2012 08:38

Baghdad / Orr News: Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi said the law passed infrastructures dependent on what will be issued by the House of Representatives on Monday, noting that the law was passed or not will depend on what will agree upon the political blocs on the law.

And said Issawi told (Orr) that "law passed infrastructure will depend on the decisions of the political blocs in the parliament on Monday," adding that "the presence of the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives said the Council that the issue in financial terms is worrying Therefore, the Ministry of Finance is obliged to pay within the specified period and this is in itself a guarantee of Iraq. "

Issawi pointed to "the presence of more than a reassuring factor on the Law of the infrastructure, including the Ministry of Planning and Finance and the Council of Ministers are concerned that the law can not be passed projects without the consent of the parties concerned after a thorough study of each project."
Click for Link

Najaf Chamber of Commerce participates in the Euro-Arab Economic Forum in Beirut

Najaf Chamber of Commerce participates in the Euro-Arab Economic Forum in Beirut 16.09.2012

Najaf News co-chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Najaf in the work of the Euro-Arab Economic Forum, organized by the General Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture for Arab country's cooperation and coordination with the European Investment Bank and the European Commission.

The head of the Najaf Chamber of Commerce engineer Zuhair Sherpa participant in the Forum that: The Forum was launched at the headquarters of the General Federation of Chambers of Arab city of Beirut, Lebanon, during the period from 12 - 13 September. added that: Iraqi delegation headed by Mr. Azad Hussein Rashid, Deputy Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations Ministry In addition to trade the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and representatives of the Iraqi private sector and the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the Iraqi commercial attache in Beirut.  

The delegation of the Kurdistan Region continue to hold its meetings and meetings with senior U.S. officials for the fifth day

The delegation of the Kurdistan Region continue to hold its meetings and meetings with senior U.S. officials for the fifth day 16.09.2012

For the fifth day of his visit to the United States, a delegation of the Kurdistan Region, consisting of Dr. Fuad Hussein, President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Region and Falah Mustafa foreign relations official in the Kurdistan Regional Government, to meet with national security adviser to U.S. Vice President and working in the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate and analysts Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Special Envoy and orderly international energy affairs. was the first meeting of the fifth day with Mr. Tony Blinken National Security Adviser to the Vice President of the United States of America, and the two sides discussed during the meeting the level of relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United States of America, The delegation of the Kurdistan Region objectives of his visit to the United States U.S. and reviewed the results of the meetings and meetings conducted by during the current visit, at the same time touched the delegation of the Kurdistan Region for the latest political developments in Iraq and the region and the political crisis experienced by Iraq, The Delegation of the Kurdistan Region on the importance of abiding by the Constitution and the treaties signed to resolve outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad and all the crises Iraq's political.  

Massoud Barzani expected to visit Turkey at the end of Sept.

Massoud Barzani expected to visit Turkey at the end of Sept. September 16, 2012

ERBIL-Hewl�r, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', : Kurdistan region president Massoud Barzani left on Sunday for Europe to attend a number of conferences, as reported by presidential statement.

No other details were given.

According to Turkish Hurriyet daily, Massoud Barzani will attend the ruling Justice and Development Party Congress due in Istanbul at the end of this month.

The semi-official daily added that Barzani received an invitation to attend the congress. 

The below posts were in our 11am email
The Lord put it on my heart to tell you about what it means when He is doing a new thing. There are two components to new things. One is a bit unexpected, but it's really part of the package: waiting. In our daily lives, we do a lot waiting. We wait at stoplights, dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, checkout lines and gas stations - you name it.

All of us have a measure of waiting in our lives. But when God is doing a new thing, one of the things that we don't anticipate is the whole factor or waiting and yet; "Now it springs forth but do yu not perceive it?" There is our "Suddenly!"

There's a whole process of the "unfolding" of the new thing that sometimes requires time. We seem to be right in the middle of that. God promised a new thing, but for some reason it's just not showing up at our front door. And so what do we do?   Here are 5 tips for us if you're in that place:

 1. Keep your attitude smelling good. Do I need to say anything else about this?

2. Keep your eyes fixed on God.

3. Don't drift (The only way not to drift is to stay in His word and to stay in worship.)

4. Watch your mouth. Don't complain or grumble, because God hates that.

shasta7] Precious ... The Brics are NOW called - BRIICS ... meaning = Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, & South Africa ... more are on their way!! China & Russia signed a deal on Sept 6th which is HUGE as Russia agreed to sell unlimited supply of OIL to China & the KEY is to do this WITHOUT the Petro-Dollar (USD).... there are over 20 other countries looking to do the same.... many believe it is to Break the back of the Oil Cartel of Petro-Dollar...

[shasta7] End of an empire? Huge shift in economics Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:29 pm (PDT) Posted by: "Jeannie Alvin" jeannie_alvin Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan

[Precious] shasta7 yes I read that..someone wanted to know who the 5 countries were....It is big trouble now

[shasta7] Precious ... yup ... Indonesia is the NEWest member... lol

[Precious] shasta7 things are really brewing now

[shasta7] Precious YES... it is just a matter of time... most countries around the world are scrambling to get rid of their US Bonds...

[newshound] shasta7 shasta7 I have a question, If all the countries assets become the value of the currency then what is the value of oil, natural gas, minerals ect. in the usa not going to be of great benifit to us as well?

BWM: I certainly hope everyone has continued to look for changing ways to protect your money and have gone over your own plan again to make sure nothing has changed in your priorities...

HeIsFaithful: BWM well you certainly have given us plenty of information to help us to that end.... I continue to look at my plan to see if it needs tweaking...

BWM: again, things you need to understand... WHERE will you go/be when you decide to finalize all your arrangements.... what are the factors surrounding that area that can help you with your investments and protection of funds...

HeIsFaithful: BWM okay... now I think I need to ask a dumb question...what do you mean WHERE?

BWM: HeIsFaithful I suggest tweaking weekly if possible at a minimum monthly... you should be updating your proof of residence information at that time anyway

BWM: HeIsFaithful ok... that is actually a great question because I don't know how many have really thought that out...

Late Saturday Evening:


[wheezer2] bluwolf bluwolf  Buenos notches amigo! what do you mean "We stand firm" ..I have not been in chat today


9-15-2012 Easyrider: Could be tied to the death of the EURO, which I believe will fall but the U.S dollar? Nope, I don't believe for a second the powers to be will let the strongest nations currency that is used around the world to fall completely. Their is a plan and I believe the dinar is tied to all of it.

9-15-2012 Carrello: If Shabibi doesn't RV, the IQD goes to a float, he doesn't have to bother with the Parliament. Float it, supply is controlled, creates demand, price goes up, and we may see a buck before you know it.

"I just wanted to give a brief update. I know a lot of people are on edge waiting to hear if a date has been set for the RV. I have not been able to get hold of my contacts yet due to the weekend.

As soon as I find out something, I will pass it along to Steve who will then pass it on to everyone. I suggest everyone just relax and let this happen. Enjoy your family and your weekend. Let the other sites go crazy and bash everyone.

Take care.  Blessings,  Ray "
SWFloridaGuy] So far I can't confirm that the HCL has been passed, although it looks like they could be close. Maliki hosted a session in the House of Representatives today where they had 35 speaker and it lasted 3 hours. Apparently, after the session was held the Prime Minister held a press conference and said that he is calling on the House to expedite the passing of the HCL and that they had failed to reach an agreement on the Infrastructure law. I can't find any press on Iraqi tv or confirmation in the Iraqi Legal Database that the HCL has indeed been passed but I am still looking. Sure would love for this rumor to pan out. :)

Coffeeone] Hey you guys really, go back and listen to Wang Dang, you will truly understand this CENTS deal, it is a trick, trying to get the people think that will be the RV, NOT, few days later the RV and you folks would have already run to the bank to cash out. Don't be Suckered! :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

[Tenizen] So, shabs -might- go freefloat since he can do that without parliamant support? Not so sure about that. I might need some confirmation from actual gurus, but I'm assuming that Parliament won't let that fly. Not to mention. Shabibi is the one who is playing ball with US/PTB on getting a high currency

WCW] It was 3.22 when the war started and shabbii said he would have the highest currency and god said this is his blessing .10 is a spit in the face

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Energy Commission: Article (6) is the only subject of dispute in the oil and gas law
09/16/2012 12:00 am

Optimism resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab Omar Abdel-Latif : saw a coalition of state law that ongoing talks between Baghdad and Erbil has gone positive and it was agreed to pay dues for foreign companies operating in the region to resume the last oil export abroad immediately.

The MP said the state law, Hussein Net "that talks between Arbil and Baghdad has gone positive, stressing in a statement for" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "on Saturday, said a committee composed of the ministries of finance and oil and trade ran the talks, it was agreed to pay dues for companies operating in the region to resume the last oil export abroad immediately, muses, "that this positive step Pope to reach a range of solutions not with the Kurdistan region only, but to resolve the current political crisis and the outstanding problems between the political blocs."


Proposals to strengthen the credibility of the private banks
09/16/2012 12:00 am

Called to cancel not handle

BAGHDAD - morning : moving economic cabinet to activate the role of the banking sector in the development of that backbone and the main gateway to the development of the Iraqi private sector, one of the most important indicators of economic and social development so that economic systems developed must be characterized system developed banking contributes in the process of achieving economic balance and encourage investment activity through its facilities and guarantees. reflects this trend Mazhpt him by the Economic Commission for the private sector in the Council during its second meeting under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister d. Rose Nuri Shaways Chairman of the Economic Committee. And the presence of the Minister of Commerce and Chairman of the National Investment and Chairman of the Securities Commission and Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and the Director General of Trade Bank of Iraq TBI.


Mutlaq: I returned to the government has 'political deal'
09/16/2012 12:00 am

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi : said Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Saleh al-Mutlaq, on Saturday, that his return to government by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki came political deal included several demands were approved discussed seriously. Mutlaq said in a press statement yesterday that the "bring me back to the government came in accordance with the demands of a mass was canceled ablation Act and the Federal Court and restore balance in the political process, which was built on a sectarian basis." He added that "the Prime Minister form a number of specialized committees to discuss these demands and work to achieve them to ensure participation of all in building the new Iraq," noting that "the law of ablation hurt a lot of citizens who have not committed any offense only belonging to the party of the former regime," calling on everyone to " work to overcome this and stop Titles actions that would harm innocent citizens. "


Maliki under the dome 'House': ready to discuss the security situation
09/16/2012 12:00 am

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi : showed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki yesterday willingness to discuss the security file in the House, as he emphasized that his presence of the Council, came �to bridge the gap� and integration legislative and executive branches.

said during a press conference held in the parliament building on the sidelines hosted �I present and ready and Minister Gung to discuss the security aspect in parliament whenever he wants members of the House of Representatives. Maliki said that �I was in the House of Representatives comes to bridge the gaps and integration of the legislative and executive branches to work together for the advancement of infrastructure and provide better services to the Iraqis because they deserve the best.


Parliament ends of the final formulations of amendments to the law of accountability and

Hassan Rashed: After about ten years of change, is still the issue of de-Baathification of different denominations, procedures and institutions, constitute an obsession worrying political situation and security in Iraq, so it did not disturb any paper, or project for repair, or a reconciliation of the reference to the need to ease procedures ablation.

The Erbil agreement that the current government was formed on the basis of which the last of those events confirmed by the easing measures taken against former belonging to the Baath Party.

In response to this, completed the Justice and Accountability Commission in the House of Representatives recently draft amendment to the law of accountability and justice, as it allows a wide margin of mitigation in ablation procedures, according to the Commission's decision Hussein Kadhim Moses.


Pink denies an intention to replace Allawi and close to al-Maliki and al-Mutlaq for government action only
Saturday, September 15, 2012 19:10

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News : confirmed the Iraqi List, Friday, that the meetings that take place between al-Mutlaq and al-Maliki comes as part of government action, which are linked together and not to form a new bloc.

A member of the list to meet Pink told / Baghdadiya News / "The meetings that gathered Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Saleh al-Mutlaq with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is part of government action, which collects together and not to hold a coalition between them was also raised in some media."

"The position Mutlaq to judge Hashemi clear although not announced, but sensitivity of the subject be dealt with strictly kind even to not take them socket other guidance fingers at the judiciary and the lack of desire to account terrorists and prosecute" noting that "al-Mutlaq not people who exploit circumstances and benefit from other crises to his personal interests. "


Baghdad and London agree to cooperation in political, economic and commercial
Saturday, 15 September 2012 15: 08

Baghdad/Orr news: Baghdad and London agreed to strengthen cooperation in the political, economic and trade, at the time of announcing the British Embassy near the granting of visas (Visa) for Iraqis who want to visit the United Kingdom.

It was received by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at his Office in Baghdad's first official British Foreign Secretary William Hague; they discussed development of relations between the two countries and developments in the region, particularly the crisis in Syria.

The Prime Minister expressed Iraq's desire to develop bilateral relations in various fields, political, economic, trade, confidence and the ability of the Iraqi British companies, calling for a more effective contribution to the reconstruction of Iraq.


Sources for (UR): a Conference in London to sell Iraqi banking sector
Saturday, 15 September 2012 08: 14

Baghdad/Orr news: Financial sources said that Iraqi investment conference in the Iraqi banking sector, which will be held in London on 18 and 19 of the month,Will make Iraq banks to finance the bankrupt economies and saving banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the banking sector.

According to sources, she is an expert bso'on, finance and economy that Iraqi officials view on investment opportunities in the financial sector would pave to sell Iraq to foreign banking sector, leading to the enactment of laws to facilitate foreign companies to penetrate the Iraqi banking sector, identify core projects to project penetration.

The sources, speakingAgency (UR) and did not want to disclose their identity,The process of investing in the Iraqi banking sector will turn Iraqi State development effort from the Central Bank to banks and private financing and inundating the private sector debt, in addition to laying the foundations for the development of private banks at the expense of the Government and State funds.


Urgent ... Al-Maliki: (5) has been allocated billions of dollars to build homes and distributed to over
2012-09-15 14: 30: 15 Saturday

Baghdad (News) : Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced the allocation of $ 5 billion to build homes.

Al-Maliki said at a press conference in the House of representatives, attended by (News Agency news) on Saturday: we have (5) billion dollars in infrastructure to build homes and distributed to over, hoping to vote on law infrastructure on Monday.



In secret and sudden visit .. A senior U.S. official arrives Iraq and meet with al-Maliki for a quarter of an hour before leaving to Kurdistan
09/15/2012 7:09 am

A source close to the leader of the Dawa Party, Sadiq al-Rikabi for a surprise visit to a senior U.S. official political affairs specialist,

The source, who asked not to be named correspondent readings, "said the U.S. official discussed with Maliki the recent rapprochement between Iraq and Iran and strengthen political coordination and the U.S. military - Iraqi,

He added that the meeting, which lasted nearly a quarter-hour was to tighten the large media and also covered the developments in the situation in Syria,

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