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11am September 17th, 2016

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News, Rumors and Opinions Late Fri.PM/ Early Sat.AM


OKRocks:  GM all.... this could be an exciting day/weekend

Tada wrote I bet most of us are asking ourselves.... "should I go or should I stay"? (to work)... lol


Friday UPDATE for September 16, 2016

Just finished a 30 minutes discussion with the WF Manager of my branch....He says he has not been told when the exchange is to occur yet but that it IS planned..  He says WE will know when its activated before branch managers will know. 

Also, he indicated that he understands that WF plans to utilize exchange branches where possible instead of exchange centers. 

Dinar Updates Friday Chat   9-16-16  

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
NWBeauty says():Good Afternoon all in DU land ... been a while! I have a question but don't see Mr. White, Rcookie et al in house to ask ...
NWBeauty says():Maybe Larry can store this one in regards to the 10 billion "excess" in reserves reported (guess they mean 10B IQD not USD)
says():How much or how any $50k notes were printed? Could this be the same $$$ returned to their treasury (CBI) for cushion to reserves???
NWBeauty says():Just my calculator talking and looking for a reasonable answer ... where the 10B came from...

Zimbabwe Will Print Its Own Version Of The U.S. Dollar

Zimbabwe Will Print Its Own Version Of The U.S. Dollar

Zimbabwe is about to start using its own version of the U.S. dollar. The country's central bank said Thursday it will start circulating "bond notes" by the end of October. It said it expects $75 million worth of these notes to be in use by the end of the year.
The southern African country has been using a mix of different foreign currencies -- and most importantly U.S. dollars -- since its own currency collapsed in 2009 during a period of hyperinflation.

Don961 at KTFA: "Cask of Corruption"


Don961:  Article reiterates and rehashes the scenario in Iraq ... speaking of unprecedented , mind-boggling corruption in Maliki's time in power .... that led to the ISIS Crisis .... and to the place Iraq is in now ... talk about crimes against humanity!!  .. what was done affected us all !! ......

Abadi was left to work with with $700 million in the treasury ... after billions were stolen during record oil revenues ...

To see where we are now after his 2 years in office ... with the opposition of the corrupt individuals still in place in Parliament blocking him at every turn ... and a war with a brutal , ruthless enemy ... with the help of international friends behind the scenes ... it's more than remarkable what has been accomplished !!! .... IMO

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Afternoon 9-16-16


Elmerf123456:  Step on up!
If we are truly at the end of this magnificent ride, let me share a few thoughts from a simple man that spent most of his life looking for a silly Wabbit, and learned a little something along way!
*All questions will eventually be answered

*Chop your own wood, it will warm you twice!

*Most things in life are taken for granted 

* Be a solution in life

*Put your mind in gear before you put your tongue in action

*The important thing is not the triumphs but lessons lessons learned through the struggle

*Visualize better days ahead

RCE Thursday Late PM Chat  9-15-16  Part 3 of 3

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Post From Real Community Engagement
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights
RCE Thursday Late PM Chat  9-15-16  Part 3 of 3
Anonymous:Let's think about why it's very unlikely for the renminbi to replace the dollar anytime soon. China Has a Massive Trade Surplus When we talk about the US dollar being the world's reserve currency, what we really mean is that the bulk of global trade is denominated in dollars.
And yes, China is doing one bilateral agreement after another in order to trade in its own currency. Any country that does a great deal of trade with another country can create a bilateral currency agreement to be able to trade in a particular currency, but the great bulk of global trade is still in US dollars.
And you are not going to see Mexico, for example, wanting to take the renminbi for its sales of products to Great Britain. Mexicans want dollars they can readily convert back to pesos. For a country to deliver the currency in which most global trade is done, it must supply that currency "in size" to enable the trading.
The United States runs a massive trade deficit, pushing dollars all over the world to circulate among the economies of other countries. China, by contrast, has a trade surplus. It is taking in dollars and many other currencies although it does run trade deficits with some countries.
But it is going to be a long time before China runs a net trade deficit. A long, long time. An extraordinarily long time. That reality makes the reserve status of the renminbi a moot point as far as I'm concerned because the renminbi is not going to come close to figuring into any of my transactions and investments, even those that are of the very longest term.

RCE Thursday Late PM Chat  9-15-16  Part 2 of 3

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

RCE Thursday Late PM Chat  9-15-16  Part 2 of 3

Scarlet:We have never been shown the checklist of what all is necessary to let an RV go. May be a long time for all we know.

Scarlet:Garmst, yes it is about rehydrating the economy worldwide, and here
MajorX:I definitely see this RV unfolding, but there is no check list because it's a slow process, and we've been in it for a while. What most of us are concerned about is exchanging our foreign currency for a profit. Yes this will occur, but I don't see it occuring the way the "gurus" claim with all these outrageous rates.
The public will get a different rate from those that participated privately.... the private groups. The private groups will get the contractual rate, the public will receive most likely the international rate with zero's removed.
No one dares to bring this up, but that is how i see it unfolding. THere will not be millions of overnight millionaires, unless ur in a private group. 

RCE Thursday Late PM Chat  9-15-16  Part 1 of 3

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights 

RCE Thursday Late PM Chat  9-15-16  Part 1 of 3
Garmst1411:Bruce actually said he expects it this weekend or before?

WILDFIRE:Bruce said lots of things scheduled to occur around midnight
WILDFIRE:Just thought i would read notes
MacMandeere:Bruce: Excited about tonight. Excited about the ride we are on.
Rhayne:Thanks for confirmation, WF and Mac!
Garmst1411:only going to take one time for one of these gurus to be
MacMandeere:As long as everyone remembers. I called tomorrow!
Garmst1411:Mac- Well hope you are right! Do you have anything to back your prediction?

Mnt Goat News Brief for Friday Sept. 16th

( Thank you George for Emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

Hi Everyone,
Some very interesting news to share with everyone today. Hope you are ready.

Eid is now over and parliament sessions returned on Thursday 9/15.  

Two major items we waited for was 1) the outcome of Zabari's (finance minister) parliamentary vote on confidence and 2) the vote on the oil and gas law (HCL).
So what happened on these two issues?

First let me say that many argued and argued with me that HCL was all done, done, done and it did not need any law to be passed by parliament. Really?

Dinar Updates "After Chat Live !! Dinar Info Call" w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch Audio Player from Thursday 9/15/2016

Dinar Updates "After Chat Live !! Dinar Info Call" w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch Audio Player from Thursday 9/15/2016

Dial in replay
641-715-3639   pin 528733#

(In Recaps Newsletter, click blue title for audio player.)


85 Minute Call