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6pm, September 17th, 2012  


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Med & Member Chat - Post By GLK Dinar Speculator
Talabani's Return Brings Hope - Post By SWFloridaGuy Dinar Vets
Tidbit Rumors & Opinions - Post By Dinar Detectives
Important Guest on Tuesday's Gatekeepers Team Conference Call
Reidar Visser report posted by SWForidaGuy Monday afternoon at Dinar Updates
Monday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
"2 sides of the Coin "from SeekerOfTruth Chat Emailed to Recaps
BWM in Chat at 3S's Monday morning
National Prayer call Today at 1PM EDT
Thoughts and Opinion of DinarDoggie Emailed to Recaps Mon. AM
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 10am email
News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Monday Morning
My Own Rumor - Post By Boozer Dinar Vets
Josey Wales Statement at Intel4U Monday Morning
TerryK Chat - Post By TONI1960 GET Forum
Med Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
BWM in chat 3S's late Sunday night posted by Asells
Blaino Fun Lil CC Sunday Night Playback
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 6pm email
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Med & Member Chat - Post By GLK Dinar Speculator


[tmac096] alot of anticipation in the air the past few days
[stlou] who is that masked ghost?
[Retta] yes and I am old
[tmac096] who knows... only the shadow knows!!!!
[glk] that is what a lot of us will be doing, cash a little if it is under $1 and wait for it to go up .......

[Retta] I bet I know g m Med


Talabani's Return Brings Hope - Post By SWFloridaGuy Dinar Vets

9-17-2012 SWFloridaGuy: To sum up, Talabani is back, Defense Minister is being nominated, they are going to try to resolve HCL dispute tomorrow and there is hope that now we may finally see a National Conference and a real breakthrough in the political crisis.

Today's been a very positive news day. Let's hope that they do more than talk and we have some actual progress. The talk right now at least has me very encouraged.

9-17-2012 ISCI: Talabani's return will be inductive to crisis breakthrough. The return of President Jalal Talabani will allow holding new dialogues in Iraq with hope of finding solutions to the political disputes. Talabani has good relations with most of the political blocs and he can contribute to the convergence of views. Talabani could end disputes upon his return by calling a National Conference where all political parties meet to look at ways of putting an end to political disputes in the country. Read more LINK

Tidbit Rumors & Opinions - Post By Dinar Detectives

9-17-2012 Capt Ron: I think we truly may have arrived. The synchronized events of Chapter 7 talks, the return of Talabani to Iraq, and the deadline of the oil companies to Iraq for payment. Also, the logistics of effecting a RV seem to be in place at the banking levels. I've never seen it all lined up so well before now.

9-17-2012 Austin-Powers-For-PM: It's hard to tell things from one photo, but he looks good, and since he's walking on his own he might just be back up to full speed. I agree that now it's official that he's back, all the puzzle pieces should start to fall in place rapidly. Ya gotta know he's been on video conference calls with all the players for the past 6 weeks, so for him to show up tells me it's show time!!!

Important Guest on Tuesday's Gatekeepers Team Conference Call

[~SpiritualWarrior] vic1tgk Hey brotherman! Welcome!!!

[vic1tgk] Good day and Hello to everyone! No questions just a very important message to all! post at Dinar Recaps as well! The gatekeepers Team call tomorrow will be very informative call! We have a very important guest that will be talking LIVE from the Iraq Banking Seminar in LONDON!!! This is HOW WE DO IT!!! Please continue to post through out the day!!! You do not want to MISS this CALL!!! Vic1tgk

[vic1tgk] The Gatekeepers Team Conference Call... Tuesday September 18, 2012! Main Call# (760) 569- 7676 pin# 378652, back up number is (559) 546-1400 follow prompts! 8:00 EST.

[texasmawmaw] vic1tgk would that be the same pin # on the backup # as on the 1st #

[vic1tgk] texasmawmaw the back up number ask for prompts... yes, the 760 569!

[vic1tgk] You all hold down the fort till I get back!!! We are seeing things speed up like no bodies business! Hold tight and Hang ON!!!

[TpW] vic1tgk last night's call was great

[vic1tgk] TpW Thanx...

[vic1tgk] BBL Brotherman, Vic

Reidar Visser report posted by SWForidaGuy Monday afternoon at Dinar Updates

9-17-2012 Reidar Visser (Modern Iraq Historian): It looks as if it is going to be a long session for Iraq's parliament today, so here are some initial reflections on the reported vote by parliament to approve 8 out of 9 new members of the country's independent electoral commission (IHEC).

All that follows is based on the assumption that initial press reports about the vote and the identity of the new councilors are correct. The official parliamentary report is due later today and should be taken as the final word. For many weeks, the battlefront regarding the make-up of the new electoral commission board has concerned its size.

The decision last week to keep the current size of the board (9 members) was seen as a setback for Prime Minister Maliki, who had apparently hoped to expand the board to 15 with the aim of diluting the political influence of his enemies.

mr_shoemake] had dinner last night with my wifes uncle who was the president of the world bank last night he said be patient it will come

[mr_shoemake] 2012jesus he aluded that the thing holding this back was government in iraq he has been retired for 12 years but an invester for 9

[xyz] http://www.almustakbalpa ��� ID=27774 Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the GCC banking sector. The sources also indicated that if this plan has, will make the Baghdad market securities exposed, and infiltrated by foreign companies, in return for a scenario that occurred in Southeast Asia in the eighties and caused the bankruptcy of those countries

[okrocks] Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States...

[okrocks] soooooooooo how will they do that??? would have to be an RV I would think....

"2 sides of the Coin "from SeekerOfTruth Chat Emailed to Recaps

2 sides of the coin - in iraq's hands or out - let's discuss nicely/professionally

IMO, We can break most of the dinarian world down into two groups. One that follows the articles and one that follows intel/rumors/contacts.

1. It is still in Iraq's hands (Randy K, Frank, Delta, BGG, POPPY, IQD team, LJ, MED, Enorste, Kap, SWFG, DOC, AC, Wang Dang and many others)
2. It is OUT of Iraq's hands (Tony, Dan, Okie, Blaino, Hammer, Foot Foward, and others)

Let's discuss scenario one:

IF it is still in Iraq's hands, S wants Erbil (power sharing) and a seated GOI IMPLEMENTED along with HCL/140 before he will open the window for the RV. IF scenario #1 is correct, it looks like Iraq is making lots of progress towards implementation of key milestones that S is looking for in order for us to see the RV. IF scenario #1 is right, we have an excellent chance of seeing the RV by the end of the year.

Let's discuss scenario two:

BWM in Chat at 3S's Monday morning

averysgrampa: BWM Excuse me sir, I was just wandering, at this juncture what are your thoughts on the imapct that the Quantitive Easing will have on this outcome, and perhaps will it expedite this investment at all?

BWM: averysgrampa there are a couple of thoughts on that (since you took the trouble to google what QE meant)

[BWM] first, the banks needed hard currency in order to fulfill the cashin procedures.... let's face it, everyone who cashes in has been programmed to asked for "some" money... so unless they limit us to like 50 bucks each they won't have enough hard currency to operate daily business AND allow us to gather cash... so it would make sense that this QE was about actually printing hard currency as part of the process...

[BWM] secondly, while I don't think this will "hide" the process it will be an explanation for the amount of hard currency available now to dinarians and others. If the fed now says there's 40 billion more dollars available a month it will make the idea of ppl at the bank a whole lot easier to explain

National Prayer call Today at 1PM EDT

National Prayer Call posted by DebTarHeelGirl:

Isaiah 62:6-7 New International Version (NIV)

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night.

You, who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, ad give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.

NATIONAL PRAYER CALL at 1pm Eastern time -

Dinar Investors-Please Join us Today, Monday Sept. 17 -2012 , 1:00 pm EDT

Conference Line: 1-805-360-1000 code: 1016947#

Feel free to forward to other Dinar Intercessors

Thoughts and Opinion of DinarDoggie Emailed to Recaps Mon. AM

RV and Float, Removing the Confusion

I realize that no matter how clearly I write this the confusion will continue. So, drop whatever is confusing you, read, and learn.

Nothing has changed. The plan of action has not changed. The plan of implementation of the Dinar has not changed. All this huge whirlwind of confusion that is taking place right now about a floating Dinar has not changed anything, period.

There are so many issues and there is so much absolute confusion out there in just the last couple of days that it is going to be difficult to sort this out so I will just start.

There has always been only one plan to introduce the new Dinar into the Iraqi economy. Only one, period. People, stop dreaming up other stuff! The plan was and is to de-dollarize the economy by replacing dollars with Dinars over a period of time and then let the Dinar seek its own value on the international market by the normal means, i.e., to let it value itself up on the foreign exchange markets. That's it. There isn't much more to it than that. I mean, give me a break here. You act like you have never heard of floating a currency before! You act like this is big news. It isn't.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Deputy Christian: Baghdad and Erbil agreement on pumping oil is a good step
Monday, September 17 2012 13:09

Baghdad Wayne: Counting MP block the People's Chaldean Syriac Assyrian, Luis Carlo agreement, the governments in Baghdad and Erbil on pumping oil, is a good step, and will contribute to the revitalization of the Iraqi economy.

Said Carlo told all of Iraq [where] today, "The Multi stop oil exports by the Kurdistan region is one of the important topics," explaining that "after negotiations that took place in this regard between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil were parties reached an agreement on pumping oil by the province, and to the best Sath ", noting that" the federal government agreed to pay dues for companies operating in the region. "

"The move is a good initiative on the part of the Kurdistan region, and is a good step for the benefit of all Iraqis, and will generate a lot of profit", noting that "subject will contribute to the revitalization and growth of the economy of Iraq."

Urgent ....Parliament votes on 8 commissioners for IHEC

Urgent ....Parliament votes on 8 commissioners for IHEC Monday, 17 September 2012 13:40

Baghdad (AIN) : The Iraqi Parliament voted for the approval of eight members of the commissioners' board of the Independent High Electoral Commission during its session of Monday.

Parliamentary source reported to AIN Monday "The Majority within the Parliament voted to approve the membership of eight out of nine candidates for the IHEC's Board of Commissioners."

"The blocs still have different opinions about the ninth candidate for the Board which allocated for the minorities," the source confirmed.

Click for Link

Disputes start between Maliki's party, Khuzai's party over IHEC's candidates

Disputes start between Maliki's party, Khuzai's party over IHEC's candidates Monday, 17 September 2012 14:05

Baghdad (AIN) : Heated controversial dispute started between the members of the Dawa Islamic Party, headed by the Premier Nouri al-Maliki, and those of the Dawa Party/ Iraqi Wing, headed by the Vice-President Khudhayer al-Khuzai (Both parties are included within the State of Law Coalition.)

Parliamentary source reported to AIN Monday "Members of the Dawa Party/ Iraqi Wing objected the nomination of candidates from Dawa Islamic Party for the IHEC rather than including the rest of the parts of the SLC." 

Iraq asks citizens to help find Missing persons from the Kuwait war

Iraq asks citizens to help find Missing persons from the Kuwait war Monday, September 17, 2012

Called the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights in Iraq honest citizens to help find 373 people reported they were still missing since the Kuwait war.

She explained the two ministries, in a statement posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the Iraqi government has made serious efforts to find those who are missing or their remains, we have succeeded in finding 236 missing so far and the remaining 373, without specifying the nationalities of the missing.

The two ministries confirmed that the provision of information about these missing is a service to our dear country to get rid of the effects of the crimes committed by the former regime and maintain the reputation of Iraq and its natural place in the international community.

Click for Link

US efforts behind agreement between Baghdad, Erbil over oil

US efforts behind agreement between Baghdad, Erbil over oil Monday, 17 September 2012 14:20

Baghdad (AIN) : MP, Jamal Kilani, confirmed that "The agreement reached between the Federal Government and the Kurdistani Regional Government over paying the dues of the oil companies working in KR comes due to US efforts in this regard."

He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "There are US pressures practiced on the two sides over this issue," noting that "This agreement is a part of the solution for this crisis." 

Central Bank decides to diversify fiscal policy in 2013

Central Bank decides to diversify fiscal policy in 2013 Monday, September 17 2012 09:03

Baghdad : Iraqi central bank decided to diversify its financial policies in 2013 through the sale of gold and government bonds and foreign citizens.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where], "The Central Bank has decided to not only his financial selling foreign currency from the dollar to the banks, but will have a monetary policy variety in 2013, through the sale of gold and government bonds and foreign directly to the citizen. "

He added that "the sale of bonds and gold to home will not be a substitute for foreign currency, but falls within the new monetary policy, which could be sold by the citizen or the bank to liquidate financial value and benefit." 

Will open the Baghdad Stock Exchange and infiltrated .. Conference in London will turn Iraq into a bank to finance the bankrupt states

Will open the Baghdad Stock Exchange and infiltrated .. Conference in London will turn Iraq into a bank to finance the bankrupt states 17/09/2012

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi: Parliamentary sources said that a high-level Iraqi delegation will attend a conference on investment in the banking sector and banks in Iraq to be held in the British capital London.

Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the GCC banking sector.

The sources also indicated that if this plan has, will make the Baghdad market securities exposed, and infiltrated by foreign companies, in return for a scenario that occurred in Southeast Asia in the eighties and caused the bankruptcy of those countries.

Economist: clinging to the security and economic situation to delay the lifting of the zeroes from the currency, "a lame excuse"

Economist: clinging to the security and economic situation to delay the lifting of the zeroes from the currency, "a lame excuse"  Monday, September 17 2012 11:33

Baghdad : Description economic expert on behalf of Jamil, invoke the security and economic situation, and work to delay the process of lifting the zeros from the currency arguments "flimsy."

Said Jamil told all of Iraq [where] today, that "everything in Iraq has become a subject of political decisions and moods, pointing out that" one of the paragraphs of the Central Bank Act, allows him to print and change the currency. "

He added that "the Iraqi currency ago by eight years, and Ntgah inflation monetary and frequent banknotes in Balasouk and consumption is part of the currency and the difficulty of the calculation, the deletion of zeros from the currency is very suitable for the time being, the central bank formatted officially more than a year for this process, which do not affect the purchasing power, but would ease the process of state intervention in the market purchasing, also will give the dinar moral force, and remains the dinar is the main currency in circulation. " 

Tomorrow .. Jordan intends to discuss with Iraq's debt billion dollars

Tomorrow .. Jordan intends to discuss with Iraq's debt billion dollars  2012-09-17

BAGHDAD / JD : intends Jordanian government to discuss the issue of debt on Iraq, amounting to a billion dollars, during a meeting with Iraqi Minister of Finance tomorrow.

held in the Jordanian capital Amman this week talks ministerial Jordanian-Iraqi to promote trade and economic relations between the two countries, and discussed aspects of cooperation in all fields, and that on the sidelines of the session 26 of the Trade Committee Jordanian-Iraqi Joint headed by Minister of Industry and Trade Shabib Ammari and Iraqi Minister of Finance Rafie al-Issawi, which Stbdogda Tuesday.

was Issawi had confirmed last March during his visit to the Kingdom for meetings with IMF mission "that his country will be discussed debt issue Jordanian Iraq. "  

Integrity: 68 members of parliament revealed disclosed their financial

Integrity: 68 members of parliament revealed disclosed their financial  09/17/2012

said Director of Information Hassan Karim body Aati only that 68 out of 325 deputies presented reports concerning disclosure of financial disclosure to the Integrity Commission any by almost 20%.

added Aati that all politicians, including members of parliament are subject to financial disclosure before the Integrity Commission for the purpose of the statement account accumulation wealth officials pursuant to the principle, "Where did you get this."  

The below posts were in our 10am email
[crossways] I woke up today feeling good about today. There is like a spirit of expecting! Wooo hoooo!!! Bring it, Lord!!!!!!!

[cruiser] GM all. Wow how a day changes people. This week will be filled with a lot of expectations and tons of news. Do not drive yourself crazy. Just sit back and let things happen. Please, Please, Please stay grounded. I have a very busy day. I will try to be on tonight.

[prissynell] The big question is: when the chapter 7 is removed do they need an RV first or After?

[2012jesus] prissynell first

[prissynell] Chapter 7 is to be removed on Thursday this week

[weimar_police] prissynell I have always heard that they can not do chap 7 without an RV first

[prissynell] well then that is great news for us

[2012jesus] prissynell most of chapter 7 is already gone ,,

[prissynell] bamanana very true

[prissynell] 2012jesus I think the final ending of Chap 7 comes the 20th

[MtnStar] prissynell logically one knows an RV would quickly make finances stronger - but Iraq has no say in the RV so it is just in play for the outside decision makers

[flashing] prissynell it is going to be simultaneously

[prissynell] flashing good news

2012jesus] prissynell i think 20th thursday or 21th Friday

[prissynell] 2012jesus what about Prior like on the 19th.  then they walk into the meeting ready to pay contractors and have a good rate.  Tuesday thru Wednesday

If Maliki is in the US with the UN and Obama on the 18 and 19,,, Shabibi is in London same time,, and Talabani is back in Iraq the same time...and the names of the ministry of defencse has been named.

sounds like a plan.. shabibi will RV, on the 18th so Maliki can ask for chapter 7 release on the 19th, and Talabani will have everything else done by the same time...

 Funny how Talabani is comming back on the day Maliki is out of town..just seams like a nice Im calling an RV this Month 1 for 1..Just the way I see it... :twothumbs:    Feel free to add your 2 cent...

[Josey Wales] Good morning Dinar Family.......The outlook for this week is promising. Meetings will take place, deadlines and ultimatums by large corps. invested with contracts in place. Dont get caught up in the spin of the termoil in the M.E. The Global atmosphere needs to change, and something positive will trigger it.

Not to say that you will see any mention on Prime Time News. The QE3 could very well be the distraction that lights the fuse for the upcoming RV. Politics, Greed, Global Chess Game are all at play here. If someone says its not, they are not looking at this with 20/20 vision. Stay vigilant and keep your head on straight. Our day is coming very soon IMO.
*) TK CHAT 8:38PM

[7:42:06 PM] Joe (mangiabuona):


[Wizards13] yep is that the lucky day   so do you think we might have a chance this coming week  

[Wizards13]    I've been hearing about it

[Wizards13] will do






walkingtall1943: BWM tyv for talking to all of us and no bs only the truth

BWM: walkingtall1943 just trying to get simple solutions to a complex problem

RV4ME2: BWM anytime. don't know what I would do without you. You have held strong and long for us Squirrels. We know we can count on you to speak to us when we are scratching our heads for the truth

BWM: RV4ME2 just want to see everyone prepared as possible...

joyjoyjoyjoy: BWM hi. ?? if okie gets to give the news when it comes, how will we trust it when it's been called so many times before? Thx

BWM: joyjoyjoyjoy don't expect things to be like "some" ppl tell you...

joyjoyjoyjoy: BWM what should we think about Russia oil to China, any effect on RV?

BWM: joyjoyjoyjoy if you consider how things have gone over this last 12 months then you shouldn't be surprised...especially if you look over the 4 months...
BLAINO: FUN LIL CALL PLAYBACK 530-881-1399 PIN 552157#
33 Minutes


The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Majdi and dagger his belt .. PayPal does not accept 250 dinars  

Majdi and dagger his belt .. PayPal does not accept 250 dinars

JD / Abbas Al passengers : runs and face right and left, like he does not see me, ignoring the outstretched hands when he finds the (250) dinars, and say (God benefactors) .. If you were to Houha answer from it to not take this small amount, you may hear words hurtful or insult.

scenery may be seeing every day reflect the reality of the beggar in Baghdad amid this recovery economy and high salaries that Pat Iraqis they receive after 2003.

and playing some citizens to give beggars any amount of little money or a lot and upheld as Tbtara the grace and they're not needy.

Khadija Hussein housewife (26 years) says: surprised one beggars when I knocked door of the house and gave her $ 500 dinars and said saying there as to not take money from the few categories, and they demanded an amount more, she will spend Each Emory incurable thanks propaganda if you gave me an amount more (in the words of Chath).


Syrian Revolution embarrass the Iraqi economy and reduce its growth

BAGHDAD / JD : caused the Syrian revolution decline in economic growth rates in Iraq, and through logistical assistance and humanitarian that must be provided in such circumstances.

said the Commission's decision and the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil Mahma's / JD /: "The entry Syrian refugees to Iraq to reduce the level of the general economy in the country. "
Khelil said that the refugees Kapalua Iraq through the provision of housing, food, clothing and financial aid.

said "When comes waves of refugees affect the economy of the country that come to him and a lot of the Arab countries and the European Always confirm that refugees are causing her embarrassment.



Urgent .. postpone the vote on the law of infrastructure to next week and Najafi GIVES Committee to study law one week to submit its final report 09/17/2012 2:30 pm

For the House of Representatives at its meeting today to vote on the law of the infrastructure to the next week.

Said a source familiar with the House of Representatives for the Euphrates News Agency {} "The House of Representatives to vote on the law infrastructure to next week to a lack of quorum for the number of deputies participating in the meeting."




A security source: Al-Qaeda financed its operations in Iraq through investment, construction, trade, real estate and hashish
09/17/2012 1:19 pm

A source in one of the intelligence services in Diyala province, the sources of funding for al-Qaeda is continuing under the headings and legal ways, can not be prosecuted or control, was investing organization for contracting and bidding through intermediaries or help of some officials to keep Mmtalkathm and their lives.

The source revealed, that the adoption of al-Qaeda on external funding fell by 50 percent, and focused his interest in providing funding for its operations armed, on tenders and real estate trade and access to shares and stakes in projects and businesses that can not be detected due to modulation and tab regulator commissioned financial projects.

With responded leadership Diyala police, that the fight against sources of funding for the base going effectively, where they were able to prevent the base of access to sources of external financing, indicating that 70 percent of the sources of funding the organization local, and use bombs and explosive homemade few costs of material, and revealed enables intelligence agencies to arrest the largest financiers of al-Qaeda in the province, through the process of intelligence court, in the eastern suburbs of the city of Baquba.


Integrity adjust embezzlement of 11.5 billion dinars in a bank
09/17/2012 1:11 pm

Haider Ali Jawad : Adjust Office investigations Rusafa's Integrity Commission, embezzlement in one of the branches of the Rasheed Bank in the amount of $ "11.500.000" Eleven billion and five hundred million.

According to a statement of the Commission today: The team Department investigations - Rusafa the coordination with the security agencies concerned with some investigators to arrest defendants, and managed the investigation team set evidence rea represented a number of instruments and forms filing in Dar accused and Dar brother, with 49 instrument and 7 forms the deposit. "


Kurdistan: the current version of the law infrastructure is unacceptable and will not guarantee a vote
09/17/2012 9:13 am

Kurdistan Alliance questioned the possibility of voting on the law infrastructure in its current form.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Azad Abu Bakr told {Euphrates News} said Monday that he "can discuss and vote the law if amend certain paragraphs or articles", adding that "the country needs to promote the field of reconstruction, and the law of infrastructure eating it, but it is incomplete and where some of the shortcomings. "

He explained that "these deficiencies centered on the lack of an illustrative table to indicate the nature and the number and importance of the projects planned by the government implemented in addition to that" there is no guarantees with executing companies as well as the fear of lack of justice in the distribution of these projects among the country's provinces all. "


The local government in Basra announced the allocation of 31 billion dinars to support the agricultural sector and livestock 
09/17/2012 8:33 am

Economic / Buratha News: The local government announced in Basra for ratification by the Ministry of Finance to allocate 31 billion dinars to support agriculture and farmers project in Basra.

The project supervisor Dr "Mohsen Abdul Hai" the newspaper Basra (Juba) today announced that the project includes the processing of farmers and peasants and livestock breeders and fishery equipment Agricultural and modern techniques, within disciplines and agricultural sectors to farmers in the north of Basra.


Basra lay the foundation stone for the project "Basra Times Square" commercial at a cost of $ 162 million
09/17/2012 8:31 am

Economic / Buratha News: Put Basra foundation stone for the construction of the project "Basra Times Square" that will be created on the site the former lobby of the local administration, which is the largest investment project commercial the Kan stone is placed in Basra.

The governor of Basra, Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf, said the project is one of the projects of trade and investment mission in Basra, noting that "local government is working to promote and raise the pace of all investment projects being implemented by companies because they are in supporting the national economy and thus contribute to the renaissance national industry.

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