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6pm September 2nd, 2015

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  A little clarity from someone would help as my own notes that I have taken from previous CC state that the RI or RV or some increase in value of the Iraqi Dinar WOULD NEED TO OCCUR PRIOR to any International Bond Sale taking place or why would any Country or large Corporate entity invest in 1186 merely on someone's word who has not been very good at keeping it .

Even Randy in this mornings Summary of his indicates that in his opinion these Bonds mentioned in the article below will be grabbed within moments of being offered this coming weekend.

So my QUESTION IS why in the opinion of DELTA AND FRANK are we waiting until OCTOBER if they have always stated that the RATE WOULD NEED TO PRECEED THE SALE OF THE BOND?


Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% - 30%  By JC Collins

Reader Comments On "Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% - 30% (Freepom)"

Steve Henningsen   JC, I'm not sure why you let the goldbugs get to you so much. As you know I'm a big proponent of holding gold bullion at the moment, but I don't do so thinking the world is going to end or that hyperinflation is around the corner. To me it's a hedge against central banks/governments doing stupid things.

I don't pretend to know where the price will be in six months but my guess would be higher. (I don't believe Asia is sucking up gold bullion in the expectation of seeing its price go down.) 

Although I agree with the majority of your analysis, the one part that is confusing is that if you believe the dollar depreciates in a world that currently prices bullion in US dollars, then gold should go up in dollar terms.


Post From Chat Room  9-02-15
Wealthwatch Morning Chat  9-02-15  Part 2 of 2

whitelions: I just came across a small article that leads back to the black list that was going around last month hummm

whitelions: Expert warns of the development of ports and airports in Iraq blacklist...... Baghdad scales News - He warned the head of the Iraqi Advisory Office Amer Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, Wednesday, 

that Iraq's ports and airports threatened Bhmolha blacklisted by the competent international organizations. Ismail said in a statement received / scales News / copy of which was that "the Ministry of Transport has prepared a Maritime Authority Act and the Aviation Authority since 2010 and was sent to the House of Representatives has not voted on by the House of Representatives so far." 


Post From Chat Room  9-02-15
Wealthwatch Morning Chat  9-02-15  Part 1 of 2

 chattels: "We are following the reforms of the judiciary and its importance," noting that "the Federal Court Act based system Federal. "The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri has said in the 10 of last August in connection with the Federal Court Act" 

There is only one paragraph of the law is still in dispute and discussion relates to the quorum needed to pass decisions on contentious material between the federal and the provincial government, 

a need to provide alternative solutions and we are able to achieve this through initiatives in this framework it is possible to lead to solutions to help us to go beyond that point to move to vote on the law. 


aggiedad77 » September 2nd, 2015, 9:50 am

Wednesday News Summaries and Commentaries

US pressure on al-Abadi: Atadmj to the popular crowd with National Guard Political Since 01/09/2015 18:21 pm (Baghdad time)

Someone within Iraq....and I stress some "one" is complaining that the US is putting pressure upon PM Abadi and the National Alliance to keep the Popular Crowd from becoming a part of the National Guard....probably a good idea on Abadi's part to be hesitant to bring that group in the National Guard group,

They consist mostly of Shiite's who are sympathetic to Maliki and the State of Law coalition and Abadi appears to doubt their true allegiance to Iraq thinking more rightly so their allegiance would be with Maliki and the level of trust in their true ability to guard any part of Iraq would be in serious doubt...


The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

NetGlobal:  Everybody has different opinions on when the RV is going to happen but the truth is we will all RV at the same time. LOL

Iko Ward:  Personality test...Forex polled 1 point in our favor this morning. Does that mean nothing is happening, or everything is happening?

Iko Ward:  Up until the middle of August the average Forex swing on Dinar was 40 points. Then for a couple weeks it was only ten. Now this week it has been 4 or 5, and today it was 1. Tony spoke like this week was it for sure. I was hearing rumors yesterday we have ignition. What you are feeling right now is how you will feel whenever the going gets rough, even when you are wealthy. Personal growth is no picnic.

CO Dreamer
:   Inch by inch - we will get there


Post From Chat Room  9-01-15
Wealthwatch Evening Chat  9-01-15  Part 2 of 2

chattels: [Follow-where] US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter revealed that his country has trained 12 000 Iraqis to fight against the terrorist organization Daash. Carter said in a speech to the annual conference of The 97 veterans in Baltimore "We still need more of these local forces"   chattels:

Fit2beFit: So any RV related News?

chattels: "He believed that" deliver a knockout blow to this organization means that there must be a local forces capable on the ground and stimulating to preserve the victory and only we know from experience that Daash will be defeated, but after five years or 10 years or something like that will come back. 

"explained Carter" Coalition can support local forces, but he can not be a substitute for "revealing" We are so far we have trained more than 12 thousand Iraqis and we still need for more.   chattels:


Post From Chat Room  9-01-15
Wealthwatch Evening Chat  9-01-15  Part 1 of 2

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A rocket suspected of carrying chemical substances was fired by the Islamic State at a Peshmerga position near Mosul Dam on Monday at 11:30 am, and upon impact produced yellow smoke, according to a statement released by the Kurdistan region security council on Tuesday. One Peshmerga is receiving treatment for wounds received in the attack.

 The remains of the rocket have been removed from the field and are now stored in a secure location in the Kurdistan region, according to the statement. "We are working with the International Coalition to collect samples for immediate tests abroad.

 This is one of increasing numbers of attacks in recent months suspected of carrying chemical substances," the statement said. "We remain deeply concerned with the escalation and delivery method of these attacks, and urgently call on the International Coalition to provide protective equipment to Peshmerga forces," it added. 



  YAHOO Finance wrote: "U.S. stocks kicked off September with heavy losses on the heels of the worst month for Wall Street since 2012 amid mounting concerns over the strength of the global economy." ...

Rrrr: If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you were stop fighting.

This event is beyond anyone's comprehension. That is why there is so much negativity throughout the world and the web. Nobody knows when this event will occur...

Just know that it will occur at the perfect time. Instead worrying, give thanks you were chosen... Instead of getting depressed, rejoice... You will soon receive incredible abundance.


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

Economics, Free Pom, Geopolitical

Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% To 30% (Freepom)

September 1, 2015       By JC Collins    

 Interest Rate Increases & Continued Gold Devaluation

I'm just going to come right out and state it with absolute clarity.  Gold will continue to depreciate.

Not only that, but the Fed will continue with the planned incremental interest rate increases which are set to begin at any time now.  The normalization of monetary policy is considered impossible by many analysts and economic commentators. This is mainly because the larger play, being the transformation of the monetary framework, is not fully understood.

Post From Chat Room 9-01-15
Wealthwatch Early Morning  News / Links & Chat  9-01-15

chattels: The most successful ground force so far has been the YPG, a Kurdish element, which drove ISIS out of the northern Syrian city of Kobani and other nearby cities under the cover of U.S. airstrikes. '

But since the U.S. struck a deal to allow combat flights from Turkey, which opposes emboldening Kurdish forces, doubts have surfaced over whether the U.S. would keep providing air support for the YPG as its seeks to take Syrian territory. '

So far, the YPG has not pushed for any more land, instead defending what it already has. U.S. efforts to train local forces in Syria have faltered, as well. 

Thanks My Ladies for letting us share from your private chatroom

LM: Why are we so focused on Iraq all of a sudden? The Global picture is a mess and it seems there is a plan and a financial war going on and a new system being put into place.   Call it Duke & Duke/ cabal/ whatever...

Something massive is changing and when that is sorted out, Iraq will be allowed to re-price.   Could be any minute, or any month... IMHO (f)

Also, are any of you smart banking folks hearing that margin calls on derivatives are due this week, and the big banks can't pay them? Could be Dinarland fodder, but is there validity to it?  

Thanks in advance.   I will go back to lurking now (chuckle)