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11am September 20th, 2015

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Frank26:  "Tell me ....... In the Time Frame of this second until the end of 2015 ......... What question would You ask of Iraq? Have fun .......... Aloha ........ On MONDAY CC will tell You who won or got close."

Toyvp:  Ok since there was an article this morning stating they released the International cards to retiree's and people out of country and that they can now get cash anywhere in the world and a little later Delta came on and stated code blue if memory serves me Delta has a card!

I personally would want to ask the Iraq at what rate was the IQD released to them?

Thoughts On "Predictions Of A Sept Crash Fade"

LINK To Original Post

Speedspirit    With your permission I post the link to Armstrong's post about the no rate hike news. JC whats your take on the pension crisis?

 Jcollins   Pension funds are not going to be "condemned" in the next month, two, three, or six.

Low interest rates obviously mean lower returns on pension funds, but to say the Fed just "condemned" pension funds is disproportionate and inflammatory.


SassyD:  In Iraq... their business week starts on Sunday..... all banking around the world is closed for a few hours on OUR late Saturday night

Iko Ward:  Sassy...the retail branches are closed, the books are closed out for the weekend, and the processing centers along the pacific rim and India are working.

Iko Ward : Another little tidbit..why did Forex wait until 12:22AM to finalize the rate for this weekend?

Iko Ward : They always poll out and close around 8PM Friday night. Instead, they polled at 12:22AM EST Saturday morning. BTW, the Time in NYC (at least for now) is the only time that matters .

Letitbe:  IKO, they tried to push the button but did not go and had to post the rate? Just a guess
Post From Chat Room  9-19-15

Wealthwatch  News / Links & Chat  9-19-15  Part 2 of 2     SCZIN11 & Members

Donnie: Reports: Qatar appoints first ambassador to Iraq in 25 years

Donnie: Nearly a quarter century after closing its embassy in Iraq, Qatar has appointed an ambassador to Iraq, signaling an improvement in relations between the two countries, agencies and Al Jazeera said yesterday. 

According to the state-funded news network, Zayed al-Khayareen has been appointed by Qatar's Emir as the "ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Iraq." The decision comes on the heels of a controversial conference that Doha hosted to discuss political issues in Iraq.
Post From Chat Room  9-19-15

Wealthwatch  News / Links & Chat  9-19-15  Part 1 of 2     SCZIN11  & Members

Donnie: Kurds, Baghdad scuffle for control of oil-rich Kirkuk - See more at:

Donnie: Kurds have made a new move to take charge of Kirkuk's last remaining institutions that are under the control of Turkmen appointed by Baghda

 Donnie: KIRKUK, Iraq - The Iraqi government summoned Kirkuk's police chiefs to Baghdad for investigation after Kirkuk's Kurdish Governor Najmaldin Karim sacked the local Iraqi intelligence head, Brigadier General Orhan Khalil, whose unit was accused of killing civilians. 

The below posts were in our 6pm Newsletter
Morning News Comments 

Frankincense: Calls replace Abadi guide on the successful reforms and keep him for mischief

[tlm724] that "the political parties, which calls for change or replace the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi explain to the people that the government has achieved its reforms to fight corruption and expose the corrupt state.

[tlm724] that "those actors seeking to change Abadi being issued a package of reforms, which affected various government institutions."
BLC Administrator tlm724 Chat Electronic Banking 10/27/2013  

 9-19-15  UPDATE AT BOTTOM  

 [tlm724] Good afternoon everyone. I would like to give you all my opinion on why Iraq has not increased the value of the dinar. This is my opinion solely. I have been been thinking about this for several months now and have had serious discussions with some of my fellow administrators here at BLC.

[tlm724] The question has always been, why hasn't Iraq RV'd their currency ? After much thought I have formed an opinion on this and want to share it with you now.

[tlm724] The answer is so simple and that may be why many, myself included,  haven't really seen it. In order for Iraq to fully deal in their own currency they have to be electronically linked both in country and throughout the world !
[Sallypuff] From last night: SassyD wrote 34m ago Now.... did anyone notice??...... WHY 6 pm Sat when the banks don't normally open until Monday morning ?????? 6 pm sat in UT is midnigh GMT.

(UtahGirl:  just stopping in to share some news! I went to work this afternoon at one of the big banks...on my log in screen was a message that all foreign currency exchanges will be suspended until 6 pm on the 19th due to changes being made to the currencies....hmmmmmmm)

Mobius:  Trump cancels S.C. appearance for business deal. his campaign said in an email.

Bushog:  I don't think Trump has to wait on the 800 #'s - either he has already exchanged or he will have special privileges when the RV happens - JMO
Post From Chat Room  9-19-15

Wealthwatch  Member Chat  9-19-15  Part 2 of 2

Fit2beFit: Isis are scattered all thru out iraq but not in mass, like in the beginning

Donnie: '@newbieDA' it's hard to know which articles are from Maliki news groups and the real ones

newbieDA: if I didnt see a possibility of truth, I woundnt even mess with this subject

Fit2beFit: amen again

Donnie: '@newbieDA' i believe it's possible. I just hope I live long enough to realize the outcome

newbieDA: '@Donnie' my motto, "believe nothing you hear, half of what you see"

Wealthwatch  Member Chat  9-19-15  Part 1 of 2

Tootsie: protest in Baghdad to demand reforms, "real" and threatening to "sit" Author: BS, HA Editor: BS, HA 09/18/2015 18:42 Number of Views: 322 Long-Presse / Baghdad Thousands of citizens, civilians and militants on Friday in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, to demand reforms, "real" and reform of the judiciary,

while threatened to "sit-in", if it does not implement demands. A reporter (range Press), that thousands of citizens and activists of civilians gathered in Tahrir Square, today, to ask the government to real reforms, and called for reform of the judiciary.

He said the reporter, that a number of the demonstrators threatened to sit in the case of failure to achieve their demands. The thousands of citizens, flocked Friday to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, to demand reforms and continuing the fight against corruption,
(Note: This Article can apply to Lotto-Winners, A Big Inheritance and Dinarians!)

Triman:  I found this a good read about saying "No"

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's Dec. 8 Big Money Issue. S

HERE'S A CHALLENGE: Imagine what it feels like to be 21 years old, extremely successful, famously wealthy, wildly stressed and unbearably miserable. How, you might wonder, can all those conditions exist simultaneously?

Start here, with Cowboys All-Pro offensive tackle Tyron Smith, talking to his mother on the phone one day in 2012, his second year in the NFL, during a time of growing tension between him

"We've found a house," Frankie Pinkney told her son.

By this stage, wariness had become as intrinsic to Smith's identity as his brown eyes and bookcase shoulders. Silently, he awaited details. He had agreed to purchase a home in Southern California for his mother and stepfather. They would live in it; he would own it as an investment.