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6pm, September 23rd, 2012  


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Sunday 3pm (ET) Wangdang Conference Call
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News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Sat. Night
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Randy Koonce Recorded CC Links for Sat. 9-22-12
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
The below posts were in our 11am email
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Saturday Morning Dinar Chatter
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Enorrste and Doc about the Economic Summit around dinarland Friday evening
GPCarter At GET Posted by Leo
TerryK in chat at GET for Friday afternoon posted by Nano36
"Never Sell Your Seed" Reposted from GTabDinar
The posts shaded in green are on our Iraqi News page
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cherryberry1]    are your bags packed?

[TERRYK] yes they are cherry




[Dee1031]    are you sure we are there?

MIG Ghost: Here is info from Sat's call................. again, YOU decide if the info is good!!! Personally, I do think there is GOOD info here... but also think no one knows for certain everything going on...

9-22-12 i was on randy koonce's conf call 3 hrs, the intel was all good: HERE IS BOTTOM LINE: 1) THE NATIONAL MEETING [Conference} is the Key! 2) the seated {formal} Ministers will be announced, 3) the Strategic Council {power sharing} becomes official, 4) a day or so later these steps will be announced the Gazette, 5) The Gazette Announcement makes it law! 6) Then ... Shabibi can push the RV button! he can not pull the rv-trigger until these events happen!

PS 1: Everyone Happy, all info points to every power player being in agreement, being happy, that the ministers & power sharing are already agreed, PS 2: The Natl Meeting ... all info points to the Natl Meeting to be held near end of next week, PS 3: Shabibi the Only One ... it is only Shabibi that will push the RV button, PS 4: 1 to 5 days ... all intel points to that being 1 day to maybe up to 5 days after the Gazette Announcement.

NOTE: Once the Natl Meeting is successfully held, the rv can not be held back ...

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Daini: the political crisis in the way of a breakthrough
Sunday 09/23/2012 09:00 am

Baghdad / term-Presse : said the MP for the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini political crisis in the way of a breakthrough partial Having said the conflict between the political parties and specifically after the return of President Jalal Talabani.

added Daini in connection with the "long-Presse," that "the return of President Talabani the country and meeting with leaders and members of the political blocs in his headquarters in Sulaimaniyah reduced the severity of the political struggles and media between the parties. "

She stressed that "the coming period will witness a breakthrough in part and not entirely to the political crisis."


Iraq rejects the application of U.S. sanctions against Elaph Islamic Bank and allowed to practice banking activity
23/09/2012 09:28 AM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation": Iraq's refusal to apply U.S. sanctions against Bank Elaph Islamic and allowed to practice banking activity.

director said the legal department of the bank Abdul Amir punitive said: "Bank resumed his banking and financial after media frenzy raised because U.S. decision to boycott work, and that did not prove a thing of the involvement of the bank transactions illegal. "

He added that "the work of the bank properly and according to the controls, and the financial Thoilath done with the knowledge and approval of the Central Bank, which is incorrect and dust."


Oil Ministry: we will be able to export gas in 2018
September 23 2012  04:32 PM

He spokesman Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said his department in connection with the completion of the procedures and preparations to announce the licensing round fifth special patches exploratory gas, adding that the ministry will go toward investment wealth soft to be Iraq one major countries for the production of gas and will be able to export it after a year (2017) .

Jihad said Sunday "after the success achieved by the Oil Ministry in the petroleum industry and invested headed the ministry towards drawing a future plan for how to exploit and invest wealth invasive and that Iraq has large reserves in the ground at the western region of the country and the associated gas oil which is extracted in the oil fields South "


Maliki rejects Washington's decision to cancel the name of MKO from the list of terrorist organizations
23/09/2012 12:55 PM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation": Iraqi government refused to write off the name of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran from the list of terrorist organizations.

A statement by the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said "the U.S. State Department announced its intention to cancel the name of MKO from the list of terrorist organizations, so we would like to emphasize on this occasion that the Iraqi government's position has not changed from this organization, which involved terrorist acts against Iraqis, in addition to its role in defense from the former regime and its transformation into a repressive tool of his tools against the Iraqi people. "


Ani: Talabani intends to bend the Allawi and Barzani County National Meeting and working to bring them in a joint meeting with al-Maliki
23/09/2012 12:35 PM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation": Prime Office of the Presidency of the Republic Naseer al-Ani President Talabani collect intention Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, in a joint meeting To settle the dispute over the many outstanding issues "make President Talabani's efforts to hold a meeting in Baghdad, Maliki has Allawi and Barzani as well as House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to discuss differences on many issues is the most prominent application of the agreement of Arbil. "


Member of the Finance Committee: postpone the project to delete the zeros is Saeb a decision important to deflate
23/09/2012 11:12:48 Sunday

Baghdad (news) : Student member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition Iraqi / good Ozmn, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government and the members of the House of Representatives, to speed up the implementation of the project to delete the zeros at the beginning of 2013 and not postponed to 2014.

And said Ozmn (for the Agency news) on Sunday: The postponement of the deletion of zeros to the year 2014, a decision is Saeb result of high rates of inflation, calling for the implementation of the project in early 2013 to ease inflation.

He added: project Aistojb delayed ready for implementation and there is no hampered or require postponed, noting that the project will transform Iraq from one country two trillion billion and reduce inflation.


Proposed the establishment of the Board of Oil and Gas Top involving local governments
Sunday 09/23/2012 07:53 AM

Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo : suggested a number of parliamentarians and experts of oil professionals form a higher council for oil and gas takes it upon himself to organize the country's oil wealth management through the adoption of the oil and gas law, stressing the need to involve all provinces in the Council.

A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Furat al-Shara's (range): There should be a big role for local governments in the oil law and Alghazan through the formation of joint committees between the Government Center and territory and local governments, explaining that the oil is in the provinces of the country all but differently, so have to be an actual post provinces in economic decision-making, as the oil sector is the backbone of the national economy.

Shara revealed the formation of a committee to choose a draft law of oil and gas, pointing out that the committee includes the oil and gas as well as the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives would consider choosing the appropriate draft law of oil and gas.


Law infrastructure between politics and economics
Sunday 09/23/2012 07:50 AM

Majid picture : has raised Act infrastructure considerable hype talked deputies, politicians and officials in the state apparatus and specialize economic affairs, political, unfortunately that most debates do not affect the essence of the subject, and free from the perception of the economic situation overall, and talk about the political motives, from personal and factional interests and conflicts between the political blocs, between support and miscarriage. There is no doubt that the issue of Iraq's infrastructure is an important basis for economic development

And human and social development. , Have been put law and manner of implementation in an exaggerated manner, approaching the ideal, and that he magic key to solve all economic and social problems, and the problem of administrative and financial corruption, and the problem of services provided to citizens, and to the various economic sectors, productivity and service, has been forgotten all past promises, which was launched earlier in the meetings and public statements, about solving the problem of electricity and the fight against corruption and other problems faced by the Iraqi economy.

We have confirmed the report of the Board of Supreme Audit that there is a surplus accumulated until the end of 2009 up to $ 50 billion, and it is known that the financial management and public debt, do not allow turning the amounts not spent in the fiscal year specified in the budget to the following year. It is noted that these surpluses include operating expenses and investment.


Currency damaged .. Financial and economic losses
Sunday 09/23/2012 07:50 AM

Baghdad / Ali writer : in the memory of many of us, paper currency that was in circulation during the past years, and known among Iraqis (b Swiss), which was an example of the currency paper most traded between citizens timetable with the lack of exposure to damage due to the characteristics of good, which differed greatly from currency currently in circulation that we heard it a global printed Bmtaba and absent quality to become more susceptible to damage and disruption, which makes trading problem added to the problems of citizens.

He says the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (range): The bank has prepared a plan to replace the Paper denominations damaged, especially small ones for damaging them, whether such exposure to fires or damage in general, and here the role of the central bank to address this imbalance through stocks replacement (compensation).

And adds that the benefit the next two months will witness the withdrawal of currency damaged and replaced with new ones from the reservoir replacement and compensation, Banknotes with small groups of perishable which does not exceed the lifetime of the trading average of five years by about less or more percentages circulation and damaging them, especially from groups leafy small.


Daini: the political crisis in the way of a breakthrough
Sunday 09/23/2012 09:00 am

Baghdad / term-Presse : said the MP for the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini political crisis in the way of a breakthrough partial Having said the conflict between the political parties and specifically after the return of President Jalal Talabani.

added Daini in connection with the "long-Presse," that "the return of President Talabani the country and meeting with leaders and members of the political blocs in his headquarters in Sulaimaniyah reduced the severity of the political struggles and media between the parties. "

She stressed that "the coming period will witness a breakthrough in part and not entirely to the political crisis."

The below posts were in our 11am email
The BS is rampant-Keep Your eyes where they belong-Freeway Bill

Ok, I made a rare run through of dinar recaps and dinar guru and read some of the stuff out there and I am amazed with the amount of .... well, just plain out guessing that is going on right now throughout dinarland....

One thing that has been good about not being a steady visitor to the boards is that I avoid all of the contradicting intel.

Tonight I have to give kudos to Okie for staying grounded at a time when everyone needs him to be.  If Okie would have known what he knows now a year ago, he would have been calling it all over the boards.  

From where I sit, I find myself in amazement to where some of this intel actually comes from.  

Let me tell you a little story that may interest you.... last January, when we thought we were there, (now I am talking January 2011) my wife, who does not read intel or talk to the people that I do told a few of us that she felt that we would not see an RV until right before October or November of 2012.  Her reasoning was that she felt that Obama would do everything he could to hold it up until right before the election to assure a victory.  HMMM.... 

Well, before you get your panties in a wad, I disagree that Obama has been the entire holdup and I don't believe the timing has been for a reelection bid.  But, you and I know that it has not happened yet and we are in late September.

[BigB] cruiser This is the first time that Iraq is ready when it appears the rest of the world is. Or am I reading too much into this?

cruiser] BigB Iraq has been ready. We are just led to believe they are not.

[deniseanderson] cruiser, yep

[they call me ahab] cruiser cruiser It all comes together at the same time

[cruiser] they call me ahab you are correct. Almost like the people behind this knew what they were doing lol

[BigB] cruiser I think we are on the same track - I'm just a little behind you. I felt for quite a while that Iraq was the dog n pony show and they would catch up when it was time per the PTB. I think we are there!

[cruiser] BigB I thought we were there months ago lol

[BigB] cruiser But they were not on the same page. The show had to catch up with the rest of the world.

[mbd4049] cruiser did I read somewhere that Maliki wanted to meet with US officials and was told no, go back to Iraq roflmao

 [deniseanderson] mbd4049, yes I read that too just don't remember where



[onbelay] dealdoctor dwg14 Historian had a good argument as to why it would not come out low in her opinion

[okrocks] OK I do not read OKIE saying anything about those low rates... that was another person... OKIE said do not expect those very high rates and the rate is still being settled... and that a float is very possible

[dwg14] okrocks yet he's said before rates have been settle for a long time ... and he told the person that was a realistic assesment ... indicating he agreed

tc0043] okrocks I read the entire post. It was all Okie. We need to remember he is on an NDA and can`t tell any truths or tip anyone off to the real facts. I`ll interpret his comments to be reverse psychology. In other words think the opposite of what he said.

[Coffeeone] Please, listen, exactly to my words, the .86 cent to 1.13 is what is going to be available when they open their budget. It is NOT the RV. It is just an adjustment like it goes up and down, it is to pay the government employees and honor the HCL when Shabs can do anytime..



[IHNsbuck.als] I have no problem with that. I really hope it's not the float. Would like to at least see .86 or $1.00 to start



[healthscans] 9/22/12 - From Hammerman Site - all is great ,, ust is in lock down mode started at 11,30 cst ,,,, word is could rv at any time ,,,, not sure what to think ,,just got this ,,, madam wu signed papers ,,,shabibi under great pressure by contractors ,,, shabibi says has to go down by tuesday ,,,, lets all hope and pray ,,but stay calm and grounded

[BOBGETZ6] According to what I have been told, the UST is in lockdown and has since at least since last night. But that has happened before.

[BOBGETZ6] I am not excited as that has happened before.

[BOBGETZ6]  Basically, Kuwait, as I understand it, took out a full page newspaper statement that said they were not going to revalue. That was the day before. The next day, they had a currency auction and then later in the afternoon, the rv.

[mehere] Okay, I have some intel, geez three years and I have never said that. Do you want to hear it?

[da58] BOBGETZ6 I am in lockdown now as well..

[mehere] My son in law in is Afghanistan he called my daughter and told her to buy two mill dinar TODAY now!,

Randy Koonce CC   Saturday 9-22-12  

Intel part 1:

Intel part 2:

Q&A Part 1:

Q&A Part 2:

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Barzani warns Kurds not ready to live under "dictatorship"
22/09/2012 09:00

Masoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan Region,barzani

ERBIL (AKnews): Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani said if the Iraqi government did not comply with the constitution and stepped towards "dictatorship and unilateralism", Kurdish nation would make another decision, presidential website reported.

President's statement was made yesterday during the democratic parties' conference, which kicked off Friday in Rome. In another part of his speech, Barzani stressed Iraq is passing through a "sensitive" phase.


State law: advocates of withdrawal of confidence returned to the table Maliki
22/09/2012 12:41

Baghdad (AKnews) : The State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday, that the advocates of withdrawal of confidence returned to the table Maliki to negotiate to resolve political differences according to the principle of dialogue.

The leader of the Coalition on Alfalh to the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that "everyone tried tug has reached it is possible that the unique party political process, so advocates of withdrawal of confidence returned to the table Maliki will meet soon on the table by President Jalal Talabani."

And explained Alfalh that "the next four weeks will be charged convene a national meeting of all the political blocs to develop solutions to the current crisis."


Zebari represent Iraq in the meetings of Arab foreign ministers in New York
22/09/2012 13:38

Cairo  (Rn) : The Permanent Mission of Iraq to the Arab League, on Saturday, said Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will represent Iraq in the meetings of Arab foreign ministers scheduled on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations at its new sixty-seventh on Wednesday in New York.

The representative of Iraq to the Arab League, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will participate in the meetings of Arab foreign ministers on Wednesday with their counterparts from other South American countries, as will be Chairman of the meeting as head of the current Arab summit," noting that "the meeting focus to discuss preparations for the Arab summit - planned South American in Lima at the beginning of next month. "


U.S. diplomat: will break into the Green Zone and the establishment of a bloodbath in the government box
2012-09-22 11:05:55

BAGHDAD (Iba) Follow-up : A source in the Kurdistan Alliance diplomat working at the intelligence station at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that any information is unconfirmed reports that armed groups were planning to storm the area and attack targets specific political and security! And the establishment of bloodbath in the government box, and the assertion that this area is no longer safe and the government is too weak to protect themselves, how to protect citizens and state institutions?!.

Often accused of a number of Iraqi politicians U.S. embassy staff stationed inside the Green Zone involvement acts of violence in Baghdad and other provinces.


Abdul Salam al-Maliki: State law does not mind nomination Obeidi defense or Dulaimi
2012-09-22 15:48:56

BAGHDAD (Iba) : MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki said his coalition supports the nomination of al-Obeidi to fill the defense portfolio.

Maliki said in a press statement today that: state law considers appropriate in a personal-Obeidi and accepted by all parties, to military professionalism and experience and his addition to being a good advantage of the knowledge and know-how full the affairs of the Iraqi army.

He added: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki does not oppose the nomination of al-Obeidi, or the current defense minister and agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi to fill the defense portfolio, the fact that both cast acceptable to Maliki because their experience and their independence, stressing that the state law would welcome the nomination of any of the two characters to the ministry.

Click for Link


Barzani: If the government does not abide by the Constitution and headed toward dictatorship and individual, will Kurdistan's decision last
2012-09-22 11:13:14

BAGHDAD (Iba) : President of Kurdistan said that painful past filled with inhumane deal did not pay the Kurds to take revenge because of his strong belief in the spirit of tolerance and coexistence.

He added in a speech to the World Congress of the democratic parties and the parties on Friday in the Italian capital of Rome, that spirit that made him busy building his country and its constitutional institutions in the spirit of tolerance and hope for the future.

He Barzani that the nature of society in the Kurdistan Region of openness, and that the rights and obligations of both components of nationalism and religious reserved, there eleven political parties in parliament, including the opposition, as well as women who constitute 33% of its members through a quota, and five of the 111 members of parliament Christians, and Assyrians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and Turkmen, Armenians are learning all the schools in their native languages, and practicing and freely Muslims, Christians and Yezidis and various other sects worship freely.


Bassem Jamil Anton: Iraqi currency backed by oil wealth
22/09/2012 11:26:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad: Chief Economist Bassem Jamil Anton Iraqi currency backed by oil wealth can not be permeated the currency market fluctuations, indicated that the central bank has large reserves of hard currency reached $ 67 billion.

Anton said in a press statement transferred reporter (and independent Iraqi news agency) Iraqi currency backed by oil and owned by the country of the great oil wealth can not be permeated currency due to fluctuations in the local market, as the central bank has large reserves of foreign currency up to $ 67 billion. "


Expert: continued Iraq support Iran economically would affect relations with the United Nations
2012-09-22 13: 11: 20 Saturday

Baghdad (newsletter) : Warned Economist Majid mock, influenced the relationship between Iraq and the United Nations in case of continued support Iran economically.

Mock said (News Agency news) Saturday: the imposition of the economic embargo on Iran doesn't Iraq's economy as a result of the presence of other States deal with Iraq and is a substitute for Iran, stressing that the support Iraq for Iran economically and continue to import goods and services which affect the relationship between Iraq and the United Nations.


Economic parliamentary: the application of the deletion of zeros from the currency necessary
Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baghdad - and babysit : called decision Economic Commission MP Mahma Khalil, to the need to apply the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency during the next two years to reduce the money supply and to facilitate financial players in the counting and counting budgets coming, likely that reaches the general budget to (200) billion dollars in ( 2015).

Khalil said in a press statement that the restructuring of the Iraqi currency by deleting three zeros is necessary for the local currency due to the presence of a cluster of large cash in the market, it must implement the project within the next two years.


Mohama Khalil: applying project delete zeros from currency is necessary because the general budget will reach 200 billion dollars in 2015
2012-09-22 05: 53: 44 Saturday

Baghdad (newsletter) : Economic Committee decision called on Deputy//Kurdish blocs Coalition mohama Khalil, the need to apply project delete three zeros currency over the next two years to reduce the money supply and to facilitate financial actors in counting and counting coming budgets, weighted by the public budget to reach 200 billion dollars in the year (2015).

Khalil (News News Agency): the restructuring of the Iraqi currency by deleting three zeros from the local currency is necessary because the large market cash block, the project must be implemented during the biennium.

The below posts were in our 11am email
Noon update Streaming Call

Sept 22nd - 12:01pm CST with BGG and guests

Just click on the "Straight Talk Radio" banner at and listen.

[captaincaveman] A season of change is in the air. Summer ends today in Iraq

[weimar] captaincaveman and you could tell / those 116 days and then 90 degrees, much better

[crossways] captaincaveman I like that!!! Change your value on the dinar!!! Lol

WILDDUCK] puppylove my partner is holding is breath, first time in 8.2 years,

puppylove] WILDDUCK tell him to breathe !!!!

[WILDDUCK] puppylove tried to, he never gets this exicted

[puppylove] WILDDUCK Then this is a good thing??    woohoo!!!

[moonchild] puppylove I really wonder. IF it is true that they need to RV before they can get out of Ch. 7 then there is a good chance.

[moonchild] more or less the only impediments to getting out of Ch 7 last year were issues with Kuweit which were unresolved. It does look as though Kuweit is no only not objecting, but will be endorsing Iraq getting out of Ch 7, so VERY likely to occur.

whitelions] moonchild yes and a few other things but thay have been working extra fast the most people ever to show up to parlament have been there for 2 weeks now and the most work eve done is getting done

[whitelions] moonchild it's like there all on speed rofl

[vic1tgk] Good Evening ALL!

[~SpiritualWarrior] vic1tgk Good evening dear brotherman!

[vic1tgk] Doing Very GOOD... How are you all doing...

[vic1tgk] ~SpiritualWarrior What's COOKIN?

[~SpiritualWarrior] Beans & cornbread! Friday night in the Big Town!!

[vic1tgk] Quick statement to all before Night in done

[.gypsymama] vic1tgk GBN Brotherman (((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))))))))

[vic1tgk] .gypsymama Hello...

[vic1tgk] Real quick... Listen and Watch...Understand these words I'm about to tell you all!

[vic1tgk] Some People maybe (SAUDIA ARABIA) because they had collected 75 million Donations for SYRIA!

[vic1tgk] """""""REWARD"""""" Dead or ALIVE..... 25Million for BASHAR ASSAD!!! DEAD OR ALIVE!!!!

[hub] ok, enough jackassery, when is the rv hittin, too many people in the last day or so thinkin we are VERY close..........

 [911GTS] well the lack of any intel might be a good sign but the ball has not started to drop

 [shasta7] 911GTS ... the intel is very scarce... many believe they are clamming up so leaks don't get out... This in my opinion is great sign...

 [hub] shasta7 do you think the indictment has any controll on the holdup

 [shasta7] hub ... you referring to that BH Group stuff?

 [hub] shasta7 yes sir

 [shasta7] NO not at all...

 [hub] shasta7 thanks

 [911GTS] BH group was taken down several months ago, took this long for the inditements to get sorted out

[shasta7] 911GTS ... last yr I am thinking

[eleanor] where you hidin that RV?

9-21-2012 Adam Montana: Here's how I look at it. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that the currency, stocks, and savings I hold in Iraqi Dinar WILL go up. How much, when, etc? I don't know. I know things are set up very nicely right now and I have personally witnessed Iraq make LEAPS and BOUNDS towards a more stable country, controlled economy, and strong government. So, at this time - I'm prepared for anything. I do NOT think I am going to lose money on my investment, and I am willing to watch.
[cruiser] good evening all!

[sandytob] cruiser Hi. did you happen to see that item on Dinar Recaps where desertdog was saying that Saleh made the announcement on the 15th explaining that the replacement currency had to be printed first before they would announce another RV date?

cruiser] sandytob do you believe that, because I think it is nonsense.

[sandytob] cruiser don't know what to believe anymore...that's why I was asking what you think.

[cruiser] sandytob I believe everything in Iraq is done and has been done.

[sandytob] cruiser we wait

[spades] cruiser I think we are just waiting on signatures what do you think ?

[cruiser] spades could be. Do not know

[~healthy3] cruiser does anyone know what we are really waiting on?


[.rke] What can be more exciting that QE3 and inflation to kick off the weekend?

[.rke] This is going to be a sort of part 2, or other side to BWM's class the other night, or in a sense, a prequel. While I highly respect BWM and appreciate his recent class on asset based currencies, which was full of good information, personally, I have no plans to invest in any currency in the future. If you do, please review his information, and research further to form your own decision. With any investment, know why you enter it, understand the costs involved, and always have an exit strategy.

[.rke] Here's the caveat. Foreign currency is usually purchased for short term international business, and is not usually used as a long term investment. While they can be used as a hedge against inflation, there is no guarantee that the foreign currency you hold will not suffer the same inflationary fate. Are you really going to know and understand the monetary policy and hence inflation of Mongolia, China or Russia?

[.rke] So the upshot is just because we are expecting to get a big payout on a speculative currency investment, does not mean that we are now currency investment geniuses.

[justaguy] There is a new drinking game on college campuses, they sign on to dinar sites and have to chug every time someone puts "close" or "soon" on the screen. They report 182 cases of alcohol poisoning so far.

okrocks] I think the last few items are being tied up for Iraq to have all thier ducks in a row so it can be released... the dreaded any time or day now... lol

blessedandhighlyfavored] 1biz4u I am on anytime basis!! :bliss: My personal time line was the 15th which has now came and gone. My new time line is the 27th if it does not happen today or during the weekend. IMHO, it is going to happen before the month is over. UN rates will update on the 27th and the end of the quarter.

[xyz] hmm ...i only wish they could surprise me!!!! the Bank of Japan on Wednesday surprised even the Japanese finance minister by increasing the size of its own quantitative easing program.

9-21-2012 Adam Montana: Here's how I look at it. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that the currency, stocks, and savings I hold in Iraqi Dinar WILL go up. How much, when, etc? I don't know. I know things are set up very nicely right now and I have personally witnessed Iraq make LEAPS and BOUNDS towards a more stable country, controlled economy, and strong government. So, at this time - I'm prepared for anything. I do NOT think I am going to lose money on my investment, and I am willing to watch.

Currency Chatter Conference Call

Call:     1:00 pm Central Time    Saturday -- Sept 22 , 2012 

Please USE THE WEB First To Listen.         You may also (Listen Only) by calling -

712-432-0075  pin # 541268   at 2:00pm EST / 1:00pm Central / 12:00 Noon- Mountain / 11:00am Pacific as   this AUDIO streaming allows for up to 100,000 listeners to attend the call and write in their questions.

Please use the  206-402-0100  number first, and then when that number is full and rejecting callers, THEN have the callers use the full list of alternative numbers as the backup:

The GUEST~CALL IN:   PIN is 169470#    More numbers may also be found at:
9-21-2012 Doc: The economic summit came and went without much fanfare. Most have heard by now the currency was not discussed at least in the public realm. This should not be a shock in that there is no way this type of event would be paraded and negotiated in public view. If there were any "deals" to be made they were done behind closed doors. Our opinion was the best we could hope for was an announcement of the RV but cautioned all this was still premature due to lack of closure on Ebril, GOI seating, etc.. Most of the summit was a show case for Iraq to attempt to show investors the progress they have made and direction for the future. In fact much discussion centered around getting the banking system fully secure and trusted by the citizens. While much progress has been made Iraq stated it would be 2-5 years before it was fully matured and trusted by the people.

9-21-2012  Enorrste  I was hopeful to see some sort of announcement out of the conference, but I can see there are several important laws that banks & investors are looking to be passed prior to them sticking their feet in the water.  I wouldn't be surprised if Shabibi headed home & ran to Parliament & said we need to get these laws passed or they are not going to invest their funds.  Laws need to be passed, add to that working licences for private banks needs to be eliminated, probably this is another law & corruption is key.  It's unfortunate...but everything is not perfect in Iraq & there are some thing that need to be taken care of to get investors to come to Iraq. Now, this isn't saying these thing have to be done to go to a free float, they probably could go to a free float knowing these thing were going to be done rather quickly.
GPCarter: As a full-time, forex trader I felt I should make this posting. I keep seeing posts where people talk about the IQD "movement" and rate changes on sites like XE, Forex Pros etc., and I felt compelled to share this information.

Due to the time I spend doing market research and analysis for my forex trading I don't have much time to do the question and answer thing on the forums. So, that is another reason I am making this post.

FYI, I am not trying to beat anyone up, bash, be rude or stir up trouble. I am actually hoping that this will help people get a better understanding. First off I would like to mention:
1. Yes, I am a holder of IQD.
2. Yes, I believe it will RV.
3. No, I don't believe it will be a LOP.
4. No, I don't get into time, rates, dates etc.
5. No, I don't have any "secret" or "inside" information and none of the other forex traders I know do either.




[LiteFlyer]    I am a new team member and enjoyed the call with historian.

[doforself] TerryK Welcome what's Happenning Man?

[doforself] TerryK

[doforself]    to excited





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Never Sell Your Seed by GTabDinar :

Never Sell Your Seed

Hi Mateys! You know....a long time ago I was listening to my grandfather talk about when times were tough on the farms of America...around the time of the great depression (we are close to that these days). He said that his family would live from day-to-day just hoping to make ends meet until the next crop was harvested.

They had planted the crops, watered them, weeded them out, nurtured them, fertilized them, watered them some more and then they harvested them. The harvest needed to last throughout the long winter that was to come, in addition, until the new harvest of that year's crops.

 Along with the harvest, they would always save some seed for next spring's planting. Hopefully more seed than they planted the year before; always looking to provide more for their families and perhaps to help others.

During the winter things got so tough that they had to make ends meet by working additional jobs, cutting back on all expenses and finding other ways to survive the long winter and spring months.

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Deputy for Iraq: National Meeting will not be held because it is just time-delay

Baghdad (news): exclude MP for the coalition in Iraq Yassin al-Obeidi, a national meeting, adding that the dialogues on national meeting will take a long time to be Itsuv. Obeidi said in a statement (of the Agency news): The national meeting will not take place because it will take time long that Itsuv it. added: that the political blocs have not yet see the content of the paper reforms that spoke a lot about the National Alliance, said they contain (70) item. said MP for the coalition in Iraq to: that the Erbil which form the basis government was composed (9) the terms and took a lot of time to resolve part of what when there is a (70) item, noting that those items would be disruptive to the National Conference.


Washington demanding Iraq comply with Security Council resolutions banning weapons from Iran to other countries
Friday, September 21 2012 10:26

Twilight News : renewed U.S. warning to Iraq from Iran in violation of Iraqi airspace in support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, announcing no intention to link its aid to Baghdad inspect planes that fly over its territory and suspected of carrying arms shipments to the Syrian regime.

The spokeswoman said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Victoria Nuland in a press statement seen by "Twilight News" that "We do not want to link U.S. aid to Iraq issue aircraft Iranian precisely because our assistance aimed at the Department of them to strengthen security in the country and help the Iraqis build their air."

Noland added, "We are very concerned about the idea that Iran is arming Syria, and there are decisions of the UN Security Council urges States to support the ban on weapons from Iran to other countries."


Askari: "IS' nominees for Defense Minister's post rejected"
Friday, 21 September 2012 10:26

Baghdad (AIN) : A leader within the State of Law Coalition criticized the list of candidates presented by the Iraqiya Slate to occupy the Minister of Defense post.

MP Sami al-Askari stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The candidates presented by the Iraqiya Slate to occupy the post of the Defense Minister are repeated and were already rejected since the Defense Minister Post requires many criterions such as military experience and the nominee for this post should not be a political figure."


Iraq is threatening to withdraw confidence from the Maliki if security remiss in naming
Friday, September 21, 2012 12:40

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News : Threatened Iraqi List MP Khalid al-Alwani, Friday, the return of his list to the first position demands to withdraw confidence from the Maliki government in the event of procrastination named security minister.

He said al-Alwani told / Baghdadiya News /, that "the names submitted by the Iraqi List nominees to fill the Department of Defense are new names and efficient, and we still await response Cabinet did not show Raiih so far", adding that "this procrastination continuously by the State law of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. "


Jawad Albzona: Article 140 and Kirkuk issue can not be resolved and will leave to the next election cycle
21/09/2012 12:55

MP Independent National Alliance Jawad Albzona that some outstanding issues with the Kurdistan region could be resolved with respect to the law of oil and gas and border crossings, noting that some of Article 140 and Kirkuk issue can not be discussed at the conference and will leave to the electoral cycle ahead.

Said Albzona reporter Agency Iraq's central news agency "WAM" that airs National Conference has become ready after the return of President Jalal Talabani, due Altagherb latter happened and bilateral meetings between Prime Minister Maliki and Osama Najafi and also between Maliki and Saleh al-Mutlaq, stressing that all these things lead to the possibility of the success of the National Congress.

Click for Link


UN representative expresses concern about the delay in forming the attic Electoral Commission in Iraq
September 21 2012 03:06 PM

Warned the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler that the postponement of the elections in Iraq could involve serious consequences.

This came in an article for Kobler on the occasion of the International Day for Democracy, titled "there is no democracy without elections or elections without an independent Electoral Commission."

Kuebler said in his article that "democracy in Iraq faces some serious challenges."

Martin Kobler expressed concern about the delay in forming the attic Independent Commission for elections, calling on political parties strongly formed without delay to hold provincial elections scheduled for March 2013 and the legislative elections in 2014.


Sami al-Askari: the names of the candidates of the Iraqi List, the Department of Defense is old and rejected
Friday, September 21, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : criticized the leader of the coalition of state law, the names provided by the Iraqi List to fill the post of defense minister.

The MP said Sami al-Askari in a press statement that "the names put forward by the Iraqi List for the post of Defense Minister old and duplicate, had previously rejected, and rejection reason that this position where many specifications, including the fact that not be personal candidate political, and must meet the several specifications of his experience and his military experience and his career. "



Expert: Iraqi dinar is immune and will not vibrate when global economic crises
Friday, September 21, 2012

Agencies : ruled out a financial expert on behalf of Jamil, a global economic crisis may damage the national economy and the local currency because it Mdaoman oil wealth and a large cash reserve of hard currency.

Jameel said: The increase in the production and export of Iraqi crude oil and higher oil prices in the global markets will support the national economy and make it strong and not affected by the global economic crisis.


Financial: the development of the banking system wheel drives investment in the country
Saturday 22/09/2012 07:19 am

Baghdad / Hossam al-Saadi : called a number of experts and specialists in the banking business to need attention banking sector and restructuring through the introduction of devices global banking modern and personnel training of its employees as well as issuing legislation legal format attracts investment companies of the country and facilitate its work,


United States resort to television and YouTube to calm Muslim anger
21/09/2012 10:33 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: The Ministry of State frustrated because its message condemning the film anti-Islam does not hear well, to focus on social networking sites and television commercials in an attempt to contain the movement of global protests. Began the U.S. embassy in Islamabad this move, through the production of a TV ad a 30-second was broadcast on seven networks in Pakistan in an attempt to separate the American government and the outrageous film.

Also aired footage assembled for U.S. citizens condemn the film "patent Islam", a film Hao believes that Christians militants Antjoh in the United States and mocks the Prophet Muhammad.

and spent $ 70 thousand dollars to broadcast advertising that appears when U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on what announced Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

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