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11am, September 30th, 2012  


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Urgent: Call Held off Due to Request~Freeway Bill and Studley
News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Late Saturday Night
Bluedog & Michigander GET Chat
Bluwolf in chat at Intel4U Saturday evening posted by Top-Gun
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[DebTarHeelGirl] Bro. George Robinson is in the hospital - possible heart attack -  he is undergoing tests now - please lets join in prayer for his complete recovery in JESUS NAME AMEN AND SELAH!

[bouv] America the Beautiful....The Gaithers

[WILDDUCK] bouv the surgeon general and declared that nopium is hazardus to your health, The good news is Hopium is not immoral illlegal or fattening

[bouv] God Bless America....Celion Dion

instigator] My local bank (not big 4) put a message out that they will be down starting at 12 EDT midnight tonight with no end time for maintenance. They just put that out late this afternoon. They always tell us when or if they will be doing maintenance days in advance. Too many coincidences this weekend...

top_gun] my bud CRUISER wanted me to share this article...

[top_gun] Cruiser: Where are they getting the money to repay this?

[Lakerfan] I'm going to be ready, there is no, "not"

[intheriver] it's going to be funny when it actually happens. There will be some who will say it didn't happen. Well guess what...I'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

9:08 PM [michigander0131] Parliament examining the modified tariff law 09/29/2012 12:00 am An ad hoc committee for �morning�: Legislation freedom of expression Ready to vote The government agreed recently on a bill to postpone the application of tariff law at check conditions applied statement issued by the Council of Ministers.

Source continued: he will be "the first reading of a proposed law regulating the duration of the work designated agency, and the second reading of the proposed law to prevent coercion Iraqi to change nationality, as well as the second reading of the draft law on freedom of expression and of assembly and peaceful demonstration sponsored by the Legal Committee and the Commission on Human Rights and the Commission on Security and Defense and the Committee on Culture. "

9:08 PM [bluedog] planning and promise that the project will be carried out before 2013
9:09 PM [bluedog] Tarriffs Tarriffs wooooooohoooooo   bring it on  think they are getting ready at the border ports today




[dinarchaser] bluwolf Very well being blessed by my Lord, God and Savior, and you?

[bluwolf] dinarchaser DOING THE SAME

[*jackrabbit*] bluwolf grandson lost his football game today


[2012jesus] High Alert! Millions Of Bankers Cant Bank Online. BofA Blames Hackers From Middle East. Bank Cyber Attacks By Iran? Black Monday October 1, 2012?


aceman: hey i was thinking today and wondering if someone could answer this for me.............. if studleys group is going to do a so called exchange for currency with china why doesn't china just buy out all the dinar from the dealers at a whole lot cheaper rate?

BWM: aceman there are regulations on who/how they can buy currency especially from other countries...

aceman: okay i was just wondering because it just didn't seem to make sense to me............... thanks

BWM: aceman it's not an internationally traded currencies.. so basically it's a collectible... there are restrictions in countries they do not have the authority to hold dinar

HeIsFaithful: BWM did you see the statement from Ban Ki Moon today? is that a good sign would you say or playing to the audience?

BWM: HeIsFaithful I'm not sure anything he "says" is vitally important publically... so many things are coincidentally put into dinar context

BWM: oh there's another little thing you may have noticed and been "curious" about... but you'll notice that some "postings" by intel providers at a certain location don't sound like themselves... good reason for that... another reason to dismiss a number of things said by those individuals

sandhaul: BWM so is the group thing not a good idea since it is going to China?

BWM: sandhaul you need to do what's best for you... it's pretty clear that the government is not looking out for you at the moment...



 [spades] wheezer2 I think the silence is golden for us ... just need to be patient a little while longer . I hope

[jc2] Bluwolf....we are MASTERS OF PATIENCE at this problem!!

[shasta7] I think ALL Intel people need to clam up... & think most are... nothing wrong with being supportive to those who need it... & nothing wrong with answering questions ... BUT feel that giving date or rates will only hurt/delay things... as BWM has said... it can't hurt to stop it for 72 hrs...

shasta7] BIGREDDOG most ALL my sources are silent... which to me is a good indication we are right there...

[BIGREDDOG] shasta7 thats what im thinkin!!

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Expert: dinar exchange rate against the dollar would drop more in the coming days by effective central bank actions
2012-09-30 13: 09: 34 Sunday

Baghdad (newsletter) : The Economist said Majid, mock US dollar exchange rate is declining and the dinar will equal in the next few days, praising Central Bank actions "successful" reduce the dinar against the dollar.

Mock said (News Agency news) on Sunday: that one important factor for the high dollar exchange rate dinar last summer months are high demand and low supply and exploitation of citizens banking companies to lift the dollar, prompting the Central Bank to increase the supply in the auction currency.


Law infrastructure ready to vote despite political differences

Economy parliamentary prepared points initiate building the new Iraq

BAGHDAD - morning - Alaa al-Tai : revealed to economic and investment commission parliamentary for completing the joint committees of all the proposals that were added to the law infrastructure of parliamentary blocs to vote on the legislation in a hearing on Monday.

said Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment Muhammad Salman al-Saadi in a statement the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "He was scheduled to raise the law to a vote in the parliament session the twenty-fifth last Thursday is that the postponement decision was taken against the backdrop of claim some of the members of parliament who still consider the law does not meets all their demands. "


Postpone the tariff

BAGHDAD - morning : ended the House of Representatives yesterday the first reading and the second for five projects and proposals of laws, notably the modified tariff.

According to a statement issued by the information department of the Parliament received "morning," a copy of it, the meeting of the 26 held under the chairmanship of Qusay al-Suhail, first deputy head of the House of Representatives and in the presence of 176 deputies , saw the completion of the first reading of a bill the second amendment to tariff law No. (22) for the year 2010 and submitted by the Committees of Finance and Economy and investment in order to provide the technical requirements necessary to implement the provisions of tariff law and maintain the price level in the Iraqi market at the present time and to protect consumers from price increase expected as a result of the implementation of the law and to provide the Ministry of Finance of the reasons and justifications practical and artistic to postpone its application.


Specialist: the law does not allow for Islamic banking to take role

BAGHDAD - morning : The Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, the importance of the enactment of the special Islamic banking, because the law of banks present does not allow Islamic banks to take their role in the investment process and economic development in the country, calling encouragement towards opening Islamic windows in commercial banks government. said Hassoun: The activity of Islamic banking in the domestic financial market began to increase significantly and became in great demand, banks are state-owned commercial they should move towards market to open windows for Islamic banking to meet the growing demand for Islamic banking. added: that the Banking Act current allowed to other banks and specifically Islamic Taking absolute freedom in investment operations, because they differ from traditional banking, noting that the trend is towards legislation of a special law for Islamic banks, and this Matrouh years ago and has been discussed by the Central Bank and the Association of private banks.


Deputy: bound to increase financial allocations of the Ministry of Agriculture by 10 percent

BAGHDAD - morning : stressed the Committee on Agriculture and Water and marsh parliamentary, Saturday, on the need to increase the allocations of the Ministry of Agriculture in the budget next year by 10 percent of the allocations annual advancement of agricultural reality in the country. said committee member Shaalan Abdul-Jabbar's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that �Council Representatives voted on a resolution to increase the allocations of the Ministry of Agriculture by 10 percent of the allocations annual budget next �, stressing that the decision is binding to the Ministry of Finance for its implementation. added that� the lack of implementation of the Ministry of Finance to the House resolution will present legal accountability �, adding that� the increase allocations ministry comes in pursuit of the Council to provide the necessary means for the advancement of the agricultural sector in the country �. As noted by the Committee to� increase allocations ministry by 10 percent is not enough to address the imbalance in the agricultural sector �, between the� amount may contribute to help
the Ministry to provide support to farmers in the field of fertilizers and seeds � .


The formation of a committee to study the counterfeit goods on the market

BAGHDAD - morning : revealed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, for the formation of a committee to study the size of imitation goods offered in the local market and its impact on the economy and the environment and health. official statement said that "the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers agreed to form a committee to study the volume of goods counterfeit on the market Local and compared quality goods original and its impact on the economy, the environment and health. "and added that" the Commission will be chaired by a representative of the Ministry of Planning and membership representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Health, and trade, and the environment that the Ministry of Planning to order configuration and follow-up work of the Commission and raise the final recommendations to the General Secretariat the Council of Ministers. "The statement noted that" there is a need called for the formation of the Commission in the light of the challenges faced by the Iraqi economy of importing counterfeit goods and counterfeit of poor origins that affect the health and safety and consumer budget. "


Dialectic infrastructure .. Funding and guarantees

D. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh : signal early economic thought for development that the wealth of nations is measured elements three foremost human capital and investment and upbringing, The second element is represented social capital firm social overhead capital, which is divided into: economic asset or so-called physical infrastructure that strong road networks, electricity, communications and other , and goes out the other part of that infrastructure to the so-called social capital and intended legal institutions, health and education, banking and others, as well as capital formation physical hard on activities direct production of goods and services as factories and others. while he finishes third element in the standards of wealth to natural resources The stocks which are estimated in Iraq and the value present net probably more than $ 12 trillion thanks to reserves of oil wealth potential and untapped and material wealth other is more than twice the Australia if good investment indeed, while the those of wealth in the United States, approximately 118 trillion dollars.


Major international companies are racing to invest in Iraq

BAGHDAD - agencies : seeking major international companies to invest in Iraq and get a job in the country is the most prominent parts of the world investment at the moment, and show these companies that the investment law and the rest of the Iraqi laws and the need for the country is the most prominent points that prompted international companies to scramble for jobs , and likely Economists Aalmeon to increase turnout major international companies to Iraq in the coming years, especially energy companies and oil, which is the most prominent thing Iraq needs at the moment, and sees specialists that the entry of major international companies such as GE, Shell, BP and other is a catalyst morally significant for the rest of smaller companies.

has announced GE recently announced the appointment of a new official position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in Iraq and the Levant.


Unemployed loans

Yasser incumbent : glimmer of hope for the unemployed to find jobs Musharraf initiated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs launch loans to support small projects generating income and allocated $ 20 million maximum to lend unemployed youth and interest-free except for concessions other related duration of repayment.

provision for these loans is 150 billion dinars The analysis is simple, we find that these amounts will 7500 draft any rate 22,000 jobs on the basis that the average number of individuals for small Hobhdod 3 people.

these passion and vision of the ministry will work to absorb number of unemployed for good Not on this basis can the rest of the service ministries and productivity to think the same goal and when it subside unemployment or less attributed to more than half and so we have the goal of recovery that leads to the desired development.


The below post were in our 6pm email
[dealdoctor] Hey guys. I saw on Recaps where Cruiser was talking about China's currency trading at its highest ever against the U.S. dollar. China is a BUY and the USA is a SELL. This reflects the big change in global power which will be reflected in the new banking system IMHO.

[dealdoctor] Cruiser makes an important point that goes beyond intell and news articles. Power depends on fear. When the people in nationsl get desperate they rebell in the streets. They become like a cornered animal that has lost all options. They FIGHT in large numbers. Europe is hitting that point now.

[dealdoctor] Powerful People USUALLY know when it is time to back off and that is what keeps them in power.

[wheezer2] dealdoctor yep....just hoooooow far to push it

[dealdoctor] If they ignore that they become like the king of France who got his head handed to him on a platter.

[dealdoctor] It is not the judges robe that gives him power it is the consent of the population.

[dinar1203] dealdoctor - US is starting too

[dealdoctor] dinar1203 yes it is in first or second gear. Europe has the peddle on the floor.

cruiser] hi

[HarryMerkin] cruiser throw me a bone something solid I can hang on to.....I'm slippin

[cruiser] HarryMerkin why are you slipping? We are at a point of no return. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!!!

[xyz] thud cruiser better happen now! thud

[sananddan24] Cruiser that is Great!

[spades] cuiser the snowball is rolling and getting bigger is what I heard

[moonchild] cruiser hello, and you are assuming that the PTB do not want a collapse to occur with them benefiting from it.

[cruiser] moonchild They have been benefitting all along. They have now aligned themselves with the change. are are ready to start benefitting from the change.

9-28-2012 DocDinar: Have you ever spent an afternoon in the backyard maybe grilling up some burgers when suddenly you notice that everything becomes real quiet? The air seems still and calm. Even the birds stop singing.

After a few minutes you feel a change in the air and some ominous clouds appear overhead. A few big drops start to hit hard. You quickly pack up and dash into the house narrowly missing the huge downpour that follows. IMO, that is precisely where we are at right now - the quiet calm before the storm. Get ready!

9-29-2012 LoriC: The President is back in Baghdad meeting with top Iraq leaders to set a date for a NC or an informal one to get the job done. There's also ongoing meetings regarding Chapter 7 and the HCL. The Ministry of Planning has agreed to share oil revenues with the citizens starting in January 2013.
Read More
[geoworld] ITS COMING

[WCW] geoworld well i just praying that it happens now would be great

[Jeff] yep we are at that point where we see the road finally turn offs I can see.

[WCW] i think that we are at the point that it can happen at any time

 [Jeff] Tenizen I have arrived at the point of just waiting for my cell phone to beep with my special text alert. LOL Not much more to discuss that has not already been discussed. Blah blah

[candy] WCW Jeff has anyone been able to verify the chapt VII?

[Tenizen] Jeff BTW, how have the markets been looking?

[xyz] Spain, Portugal hit with anti-austerity protests

[ [goldman] you the past we have thought we were there and something else would come up that we did not know about but this time there appears to be nothing left unless the UNSC decides Iraq has not met their obligations

[BWM] so what would happen if for 72 hours... no one mentioned a date or rate... if that even feasible to consider? could the likes of bxxxxxx, tx, bxxxxx actually shut their traps without mentioning anything to do with details other than things look good/bad/indifferent... and mention NO time or day this will happen and absolutely NO rate they expect ANY currency to be at... could Recaps NOT print any statements containing any rates or dates? seems highly unlikely but it would be a fun experiment to try sometime...

[BWM] I'm not saying any ONE person is a specific holdup... but to just not worry about the nonsense for a few hours would be nice... to at least cut down on the opportunities that someone "accidentally" says something unnecessary...
Read More
The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page
Talabani returns to Baghdad this week to begin talks Crisis reset

Sources �morning�: who are willing to attend a national meeting much more than the boycotters

Baghdad morning: Iraqis rely on national trends in the success of the National Conference and the efforts of President Jalal Talabani, to reform the political process and state institutions including the requirements of the current stage of the understandings.

Has received the President of the Republic in the city of Sulaimaniya yesterday and a large delegation of Iraqi Islamic Party, composed of Dr. Mohsen Abdul Hamid, head of the Shura Council of the Central Party and Dr. Iyad Samarrai, secretary-general of the Iraqi Islamic Party and a large number of deputies and members of the political bureau of the party. Samarrai congratulated on his behalf and on behalf of members of the delegation President Talabani on his return to the homeland and continue his duties large national and meetings in order to reach political agreements between the various parties and the dismantling of the current crisis.



Wednesday .. opening of three exhibitions in Baghdad gallery post 150 companies

BAGHDAD / JD :  Baghdad revealed opening 3 shows the quality of the oil and gas, automotive, apparel and leather on the land of the Baghdad International Fair on Wednesday, pointing to the participation of 150 companies and Iraqi Arab and foreign countries and important group of international companies.

The province said in a statement, today, received / JD / copy of it: "The Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition him and exhibition cars and spare parts and exhibition of leather garments and accessories will be held on the land of the Baghdad International Fair for the period from 3-6/10/2012 from 10 am to 8pm and over the four days. "


Economic demands parliamentary changing central bank policy to save the national currency from degradation
Saturday, September 29, 2012

BAGHDAD - babysit : a student member of the Committee on Economy and Investment deputy Aziz al-Mayahi, a new monetary policy keep pace with advances in the field of financial and banking sector in the world and change the current policy pursued by the central bank as threatening the local currency to deteriorate.

Mayahi said in a press statement that "there are a lot of negative indicators monitored in the work of the Central Bank, particularly the recent violations that occurred in the process of buying and selling the dollar in the auction and allow brokers to manipulate the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar."


White bloc calls for Maliki to break up a government of national partnership and form a majority government policy

BAGHDAD / older : called on the leadership in the cluster white Aziz Sharif Mayahi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resolve a government of national partnership and form a majority government policy. Said Mayahi in a statement, "told secrets news / not /" Saturday: "The current government that is supposed to be a government partnership and cooperation to build the country became due will some blocks known paralyzed and unable to provide basic services for the Iraqi people." He said: "Maliki demands of today broke the partnership in the government with the forces that work to serve foreign agendas through which to block any project to serve the Iraqi people and the orientation to form a majority government policy in cooperation with the national forces that want the interest of the country.



Committee of Five meets tomorrow to reach a common formula for the oil and gas law
09/29/2012 16:13:25 Saturday

Baghdad (news) : confirmed deputies in the Oil and Energy Committee and the Committee of Five interim, the importance of holding a meeting of the Special Committee interim to consider the drafts law of oil and gas, on Sunday, to reach a unified law of oil and gas that regulates the relationship between the federal government and the regions and governorates not organized province in the field of oil and called promising opportunities to expand cooperation and investment with the oil companies.

The committee includes temporary special membership each of purity of net debt and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs representative for the National Alliance, and MP Adnan al-Janabi, head of the Oil and Energy Committee representative for the Iraqi List, and MP Farhad Atrushi representative from the Kurdistan Alliance, as well as Abdul Karim and coffee Federal Oil Minister, Ashti Hawrami, Minister of Oil and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region.



Central bank: fears Iraq and other countries because of the deletion of zeros legitimate
2012-09-29 11:06:11

Iraq (Iba) : The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the fears that haunt Iraq because of the deletion of zeros are legitimate concerns and felt by other countries, adding that Nigeria, for example, recently suspended the project to delete the zeros due to fears of the implications.

Saleh said to Radio Free Iraq on Friday, that the deletion of zeros is not the desire of the bank, but the desire of the Iraqi society, and that this project will be of value unless it received political support.



Banker: the current Banking Act does not allow for Islamic banking to take its role in the investment
09/29/2012 11:22 AM

Agency news , Baghdad (news) : The Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, the importance of special legislation for Islamic banking, because the current banking law does not allow Islamic banks to take their role in the investment process and economic development in the country, calling for encouragement towards open Islamic windows in state-owned commercial banks.

He said Hassoun (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The activity Islamic banking in the financial market local began to increase significantly and became in great demand, banks are state-owned commercial they should move towards market to open windows for Islamic banking to meet the growing demand for Islamic banking.


Basra's governor criticizes legal objectors (infrastructure and Basra, Iraq's economic capital)
Saturday, September 29, 2012 10:06 AM

Basra's governor said Khalaf Abdul Samad said that "the political blocs that stand in the way of the law fear that the infrastructure is calculated step success for the federal government in addition to the thinking of those blocks and submission of their personal interests on the interest of the Iraqi citizen."

On the failure to approve the law Basra, the capital of Iraq's economic Abdul Samad accused some political blocs to block approval indicating that it "has the same blocks that impede passage of the infrastructure."

The MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh accused on Sept. 26, the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, standing against a law passed infrastructure indicating that the presence of Allawi to a session of the House of Representatives last Tuesday was to stimulate the deputies of his list not to vote on that law.
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