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10am September 9th, 2015

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Pastor John:
  GA Family. News from abroad. September 23rd is the Day of Atonement. the highest Holy Day of the Old Testament Calandar. The Day of Atonement has been God's special day of connection with His people, every single year, for thousands of years This signals in the year of the Jubalee

Rrrr: If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you were stop fighting. This event is beyond anyone's comprehension. That is why there is so much negativity throughout the world and the web. Nobody knows when this event will occur... Just know that it will occur at the perfect time. Instead worrying, give thanks you were chosen... Instead of getting depressed, rejoice... You will soon receive incredible abundance.

:   we may have to actually go to the 14th as a start

Martha: IMO- there are no hold ups except timing and the time is finally here


Iraqi Bonds Struggle to Attract Investors

Arif Sharif and Lyubov Pronina | 07-09-2015, 07:56 AM | Iraq |

Conflict and low oil prices may drive down prices

Iraq's effort to enlist bond investors in its fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State and a collapse in the price of crude won't come cheap. 

The Gulf nation's first trial in the Eurobond market in almost a decade means it may have to pay "double-digit" interest to lure investors, says Morten Bugge, who helps manage about $2.5 billion of emerging-market debt at Kolding, Denmark-based Global Evolution.



A bond issued in a currency other than the currency of the country or market in which it is issued.


Usually, a eurobond is issued by an international syndicate and categorized according to the currency in which it is denominated. A eurodollar bond that is denominated in U.S. dollars and issued in Japan by an Australian company would be an example of a eurobond. The Australian company in this example could issue the eurodollar bond in any country other than the U.S.

Eurobonds are attractive financing tools as they give issuers the flexibility to choose the country in which to offer their bond according to the country's regulatory constraints. They may also denominate their eurobond in their preferred currency. Eurobonds are attractive to investors as they have small par values and high liquidity.



I saw the TNT post late last night that basically showed the same synopsis I mapped out 2 weeks ago, which has not changed except that the start may be be after the weekend and not before or at least from the 12th forward.

9/11 has too much history to see it on this date out of respect to all the lives that were lost on this day-Security is an issue for all this day

9/12 possible start in the weekend scenario

9/13 is in the Hebrew calendar is the 29th of ELUL, the 29th is a day that money is moved around and new currency is put out in Iraq

9/14 is the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashona- a new year of 5776

9/15 is the meeting of the UN General assembly and there will be several MAJOR announcements



Aggiedad77:  My attempt at resurrecting notes from tonight's "dessert" after the Bible Study: 
(Frank26) Three things of importance....great importance

1. Security - Security - Security and most importantly the US is coming in to make assurances

2. Laws - they know what has to be passed - Make it so #1 - stop kicking the can

3. #'s 1 and 2 have to happen to bring Dr. S back


The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter
Big whoopow from millionday today!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/8/15


Millionday: SMILE 


Blossom: I will ok am ready!

Soonergirlie: yes me!


Millionday: HERE WE GO 

20 Life Hacks That Increase Your Wealth


If all you ever do is focus on how much you get paid per hour, you'll be working long hours for the rest of your life. Take a lesson from Tim Ferriss' "4-Hour Workweek" and start thinking about how you can get paid for results instead of time. You'll be motivated to work smarter, not longer.


You'll never establish a customer base if you never tell anyone about your product. Promotion can sometimes feel pushy, but it's a crucial part of business. Use social media, local advertising and other marketing methods to get your name out there.

Post From Chat Room  9-8-15
Wealthwatch Member Day Chat  9-8-15  Part 2 of 2

newbieDA: Posted Today, 05:57 AM 08/09/2015 07:45 GMT In the parliamentary economy by calling for the deletion of zeros and the issuance of Banknotes small to strengthen the dinar 152125.jpg Continue . And babysit -called a member of the economy and investment parliamentary Najiba Najib to issue Banknotes small to strengthen the Iraqi dinar. 

Najib said the agency "public opinion", "whenever enable the country to strengthen its economy will be reflected on the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, noting that" if what has been compared to the Iraqi dinar to the dollar, it is not weak and almost equal to some extent. 

She added that "the main ways to strengthen the Iraqi dinar come through the diversification of sources of revenue because Iraq's dependence on oil only would negatively affect the economy, indicating that" monetary policy in the country need to measures by the central bank, either through deletion of zeros or the issuance of Banknotes small for it necessary in a manner consistent with the economy and fiscal policy.

Post From Chat Room  9-8-15
Wealthwatch Member Day Chat  9-8-15  Part 1 of 2

chattels: MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, Monday, moving the coalition campaign to collect signatures to dismiss Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, noting that the project requires the collection of 110 signatures to be put on the Council and 165 votes, according to the mechanism agreed upon in the Council system. 

Said Alshod for "Eye Iraq News", that "the rule of law as well as members of the National Alliance and other political blocks outside the coalition," he said, adding that "tomorrow's session will collect other signatures to complete the required number, which has 110 signatures, due to the presence of most of the Deputies in their provinces away from Baghdad since the last session. 

" He added that "the project is based until the completion of all necessary to dismiss the action," explaining that "having obtained sufficient signatures, the voting process will be in the House of Representatives, and in the case of voting in favor of impeachment by 165 votes, the al-Jubouri, would be binding time to quit." 

JP:   Do we have a date or window in which Iraqi bonds will be sold?

PrincessDD:   The are talking about Thursday.

Princess DD: Bond Market Sends Fed All-Clear to Raise Interest Rates

Princess DD: Iraqi Bonds Struggle to Attract Investors

Traveluvrs: So, international on Thursday .

PrincessDD:   we will see I guess. Things tend to get delayed a lot.

  We have heard a few weeks ago how officials from the CBI or Iraqi govt. are talking about how they want to go back to pre-2003 rates as soon as possible. Now many are speculating we're going to have to wait until 2016. I'm just trying to take the temperature of this room.   What say ye?   What does the evidence show?
Straight Talk Radio For Dinar News that MATTERS!! - with BGG Tuesday 9/08/15

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The below posts were in our 6pm Newsletter

Iko Ward: Forex just bounced back up on the Dinar to CBI rate of 1166. a new pattern.

  UN Operational rates publish on the 11th, or Friday, to become active on the 15th. Once again, there is a 48 hour window on either side of the 15th for the numbers to be revised and still be official for the 15th.

Abadi tweet translated from Twitter.... In accordance with the decisions of the council of ministers today, gives a choice the directors-General and undersecretaries and owners paid special degrees awarded allocation under special laws between receipt allocation granted under those laws or allotments granted under this resolution, and neither of them combine these Allocations.


There's Always The Perceived Risk And The Actual Risk

Sovereign Man - Notes From The Field  September 8, 2015 
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile - Simon Black

"This Only Happens About Once In A Decade"

By late 2002, the national currency of Brazil (known as the "real") was practically in free fall.

In barely six weeks the real had lost nearly a quarter of its value, and in mid-October 2002, the real hit its weakest level in history at 4 per US dollar.

Thing is, the weakness in the Brazilian currency thirteen years ago wasn't based on any rational, objective data.

It's not like the Brazilian government had accumulated $18 trillion in debt, or another $42 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

In fact Brazil's debt to GDP ratio was less than 50% at the time (compared to over 200% for, say, Italy).



Frank26:  I left out three things from Your CC last night...... One was:

In the next 21 days ...... You will see something EPIC in Iraq. NEVER seen there before.

TINK is still bleeding but she finally ate last night and took two IVs.  PRAISE GOD!!!

Thank You so much for all Your prayers and kind words.

PS............ We are back and oil supply is about to be REDUCED TO INCREASE ITS PRICE.

One more thing ..............(See Article Below)  When have You EVER seen a GOI member ask to lift the THREE ZEROS and give them the LD's?

TEAM say the new policy is moving very fast. Days to hours ........ Not days to weeks. Interestingly good.

KTFA    Frank



aggiedad77 » September 8th, 2015, 10:27 am

Tuesday News Summaries and Commentaries

Today we see the Iraqi's getting set to "promote" bond bonds.....will they be in USD or Euros.....personally at this point I don't care.....I'm more interested in when they will try and sell them....this is a closely guarded secret for some reason.....just remember it doesn't happen on our timing.....or because of what we want.....

That is so far out of our control.....realize that and learn to live your life as it is intended to be someone out today....maybe that someone is even yourself.....

Life is precious.....don't we all know that.....pray for those in need, lifting them to the Lord for despite all that is going on around us, He is still in control.



Iko Ward:
  The world is feeling good this morning. China handed out the Kool Aid and everybody drank it down without so much as a kiss my foot. Good for us, not so good for your neighbor. Welcome to the 1%

Mountain Mole:
  Next Monday is the day we must prepare for Sept 14. It's the end of the 7 year cycle and if you go back and look at 7 year cycles you will find the pattern it would be a great thing for this RV to go this week.

REI:   mountain, and don't forget the full moon and eclipse this month too!

Net Global:   GM. Today is supposed to be the day the Iraq bonds go on sale I think. So that tells me they dont need a RV to sell international bonds. They can sell the bonds under a difference currency other than dinar

UK Fan1972:
  Net global : I'm interested in seeing what currency these Eurobonds will be purchased in.