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10pm, September 9th, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 6pm email
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From DebTarHeelGirl: Bear5642 just spoke with ScottiG today. After a horrific time in the hospital he is making a turn for the better.

He said he is back looking for intel in his hospital bed, and wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support. 

He is still in the hospital and on lots of lots of meds. They are still tracing the MRSA down and he has a "very angry digestive system" his Dr. told him.  

Thanks again to all of you in Dinarland for your well wishes... He is not out of the woods yet...but please keep him in your prayers.

All my best...Deb


    [The s family] I saw something about parliament was off til next week?

    [millionday] no they are back tomorrow  they say next tuesday meaning this one  -- this seems to go along with the end of the month timeline>>>>>>>>

   [millionday] A member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Dler capable, that the improvement relative to the value of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar during the current period to make some countries want to handle it.

said is capable (of the Agency news): that the Iraqi dinar is improving day after day thanks monetary policy new followed by the central bank, prompting some countries such as India and neighboring countries wishing to deal in the business processes.


Millionday Roundtable 9/9/13

    [millionday] here is what parliament did today >>>>>>>>>The Iraqi House of Representatives failed to present the electoral law for a vote at today's meeting. MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Wahda al-Jumaili said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The Council has failed in presenting the election law for a vote at today's meeting of the non-completion of the political blocs' views on the law.

    [millionday] She added: "The delay in adopting the electoral law and its impact on the work IHEC is what some political blocs want in order to postpone the parliamentary elections."

It was scheduled that the House of Representatives is to present the electoral law to a vote on today's session  --  the thing is that we expect this because we are informed

   [millionday] we know that parliament is trying to get all the laws ready in order to vote them through at the same time to minimize the political stance

    [millionday] this is not unusual because they do that it most democratic states --- the thing is -- you vote in what i want and i will vote in what you want  kind of a childs version of fair   smile


Stage2Omega: Message from 3SIntel:

3s we're ready to get back into a chapter that has been misplaced... and to that end the 3s chatroom will open for the last time on Saturday, September 14.   

We look forward to shifting focus back to what's truly important for each day.   We have long realized that for the majority that's not as flashy as feeling like they're on some inside track. 

You only have to ask yourself, "Am I still waiting?" and you know what track you're on.

If only there was something truly significant that could be said out loud about where we are in this adventure.  Everything else has been said a million times. The truth is only a select few in the background know the big picture and they aren't saying a word. Count on it.

The below posts were in our 6pm email
REPLAY     805-399-1500    409029#

FreeConference Call     RECORDED LINK

THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for Monday, SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 at 1pm EST and I apologize for anything missing.    Please be sure to read about the Text Service and the PayPal directions. Thanks.

Always keep in mind, that this is what I heard and transcribed.   It's Tony's info and opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World.  

Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence.   

Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR.

Have a great day! :)   Montana

International Prayer call Monday night 7pm est

530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878#  Recording after the call

Also Mon thru Sat 1pm est  559-726-1300 143425#  Come join us as we press in and call forth this release of this blessing upon us all being 2 or more n agreement

God Bless
Pastor Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your helping folks as we wait for this blessing.
(Note: Recaps will also post the TNT Notes Per Request as soon as they are available)

REPLAY                     805-399-1500    409029#


Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:

T = TONY | C = Caller Please stand by for call....

TONY - Good morning, TNTDinar! We're going to use every second of this 2 1/2 hours for today! You had an intereesting weekend and I have to be perfectly honest: I answered part of what you were concerend with and I watched football!

boxman wrote on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:00 pm:  Me Too...maybe things are a brewing..

Postby kaykay3 � Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:36 pm * [Post 274] I kinda think Frank is just getting tired of it like the rest of us. He made the comment of how many years he has been doing this and he thinks just less of him is best?Hard to tell if he really thinks we r truly still that clOse or he is just saying its time for him to pull back since its been so long and he has grown tired of doing so much?

Post By Frank26 � September 8th, 2013, 8:51 pm  *  [Post 41] Not tired of it.

Actually ......... What we see ........ Not what they say ......... Causes great excitement in me.

We are privileged at KTFA to have good CCs. I was privileged to see Neil walk on The Sea of Tranquility.

All are privy to what we are soon to see in our investment.

Tired? Oh  no ............. Just the opposite as I am a gatherer of information. KTFA, Frank

Post By Mountain Goat From TNT Forum

Hi Everyone,

Today was a great day!  I had a visit from a very dear old friend who appeared out of  nowhere. If you only knew what this friendship means to me you too would be celebrating and excited.

Part of the visit we sat and we talked for hours about our lives and we caught up on past memories. Then we began to get down to business.

Do you know what it is like to "walk the fence"?  Did you ever try to walk a fence?

It is normally very difficult cause the fence bends and sways as you walk on it. It's a balancing game and some get hurt too. Many times perhaps you might fall off on one side or the other.


[Heather] we have all heard any day now for a few years so what is to keep them from printing new money and what we have become like Saddam money toilet paper money

[WTCUTTER] Heather remove the 3 zeros means taking lage bills out of circulation .... all bills over 1000 dinar ... this leaves lower denominations of the same currency in place ....

[Heather] most people have the 3- 0 money

[Heather] WTCUTTER that part I understand

[Heather] what I'm not sure of is will they honor our 10 and 25 k notes and exchange

[Studmuffin] Heather then it would be like to have to take a semi load to buy a loaf of bread instead if a current wheel barrel ful.. lol


[hopeinwyo] Grunt0311 Our dollar would fail

[Grunt0311] hopeinwyo BINGO

[COdreamer] Grunt0311 What can we do to ensure that?


[ljp] grunt0311 if our dollar is gold backed , won't it be stronger? and how can it fail??

 [Grunt0311] ljp IT ISN'T GOLD BACKED YET, IS IT?

 [Dharma37] Grunt0311 Is the release for the gold back dollar still scheduled to be 10/8?

The below posts were in our 10am email

Topic: TONY TNT CALL AT 1PM EST TODAY**LISTEN ONLY 209-255-1500 & 518-556-1500**Q&A 347-850-8289**AND LIVE RADIO @

1ststeeltoe: 9-8-13 [diamondsr4me]: (please consider as rumor until you sign for your Packet, but; all sounds very, very good.) .... 30% of PP's are delivered now. CMKX pkg's are out & w/b delivered by private courier. Things are happening fast. An NDA is required. Had 11 confirmations today. All have to be out prior to RV. Upon signing NDA, your lips must be sealed and your finger's on the computer are done discussing our Blessings. We will all receive in days of each other CMKX & F&P's. I was told, deliveries will continue all weekend. /// good luck to us all...

  [millionday] On the other hand the price Falah Mustafa highly the role of the community of Kurdish and efforts in the service of Kurdistan in various fields and not drop out of the region, and added that the Kurdistan Regional Government also benefited from their creativity and their comments and suggestions, at the same time, the government is ready to listen to the problems and obstacles that hinder community Kurdistan in this U.S. state.

He pointed to a difference in the method of dealing with the countries of the world and the U.S. government. And reiterated the need for the Kurdish community to play its role in the service of the Kurdistan Region better, and to be an important site owners in this country and not lose their importance, especially in the field definition issue Jeonseid the people of Kurdistan tragedy of Halabja and other campaigns of the Anfal and defined at the global level.

Millionday News 9/8/13

    [millionday] Bankers stressed the importance of launching a national campaign to contact global finance for the revitalization of the work of the State banks which was constrained in its dealings with the requirements of Chapter VII. come at a time when the parliamentary Finance Committee considered exit Iraq from Chapter VII has a positive impact on the local economy, it will open doors to global banking Committee member, MP Secretary Hadi between speaking for (morning) there is the protection of the country's capital, as banks take precautions in this regard that Iraq still has Financial commitments with some States after emerging from Chapter VII

    millionday] . Hadi said that the exit of Iraq from this chapter has a positive impact on the local economy as it opens doors to global banking, adding that the debt issue will be solved through dialogue with reluctant States in its dealings with Iraq and most Arab States.

           "Poofness"     Date: Sun, September 8, 2013 9:02 pm


        If trouble was money, I'd swear I'd be a millionaire

        If trouble was money, babe, I'd swear I'd be a millionaire

        For you I'd buy the whole world, woman, I'd buy the whole world and have        money to spare, yeah

        Worry, worry, worry, worry, babe, I had worries on my mind, yeah

        I said, worry, worry, worry, worry, woman, I had worries all my life, yeah yeah

        You know times is hard, baby, I swear, I won't tell you no lie

[xyz] "Iraqi Central Bank Governor agency Abdul Basit Turki he submitted his resignation today," to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, due to not being able to manage work at the Central Bank and the Office of Financial Supervision, and the source said that Turkey is no longer that manages requests for central and mail signature Central Bank of the stack for many weeks and the intervention of some political figures in the central business and due to pressure from some political figures and interfering in the affairs of the technical and administrative banks, and Turkish did not reveal details that forced him to resign.

[Capt Ron] xyz great post!

[Plowboy] xyz don't they ever use puctuation in their sentences? lol lol

[Plowboy] xyz hi. That was one looooooong sentence

mort] something to share-went to church this morning and we had a missionary speaking from indonesia and after the service i talked with her and i said what is the currency in that country and she said the rupiah... and i said i think that currency is about to be revalued and she looked at me and said it just was-they are adjusting our income right now because of the revalue so we will see a difference in our income- pretty awesome for sure...i think this rv is done and we are just waiting for someone to drop the rates in permanently at the banks!!

[ArizonaHeat] All I ask is a chance to prove money can't make me happy.

jjhall: U.S. Ship of State is Sinking, It's a Derelict Vessel-Jim Willie8 September 2013 No Comment[goldenjackass] By Greg Hunter's   (Special Sunday Release)When it comes to U.S. economic or foreign policy, Dr. Jim Willie, Publisher of the Hat Trick Letter, says, "The U.S. Ship of State is sinking, and it is a derelict vessel." 

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