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Red: Breaking News. Teenager survives on his own for almost 6 hours without WiFi, while mother is in Dinar chat room !

Pearle: I cannot believe they(Iraq GOI) have meetings and not choose the people they need. If that’s what’s needed to revalue. It makes no sense...who is that stupid

Bama: i'm with you of course i think the US has the trigger to pull…..I think it's a smoke screen….pay attention to my right hand not my left .....watch what they do not what say….it must be to keep us busy…..I still think they are waiting for us to get mad and sell out and change the dynamic of the rv

Ulued: Everybody is upset because there timeline is not the same as the one we predict but there is also the fact that we are a massive amount of people to upset if they try to trick us.

​Tax Tips:  How Long Should You Keep Tax Records?
By Rocky Mengle, Tax Editor and Kimberly Lankford, Contributing Editor  
April 16, 2019

Hold onto your tax documents at least until the time limit for an audit runs out—and keep some records even longer.

Once you've filed your tax return, what should you do with all the forms, receipts, canceled checks and other records scattered across your desk? Do you need to keep them, or can you shred them now?

Post From The Final Wake Up Call
By Peter B Meyer

Fake Debt Owed To The Banks Must Be Defaulted On

Geopolitical Changes That Have Taken Place:

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Iran is now the dominant power in the Middle East. It has long been known that Hillary Clinton was being secretly funded by the radical Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in order to continue the “remaking” of the Middle East.

Her failure to beat President Trump in the elections has pushed the entire world to the brink of war —and that is due to the cabal knowing that Trump will never launch a war against Iran like the “Deep State” had planned to do — and that now has plunged the Saudi-Israeli Axis into turmoil over Iran’s growing power.


DELTA: The Finance Committee holds a workshop to review the draft Federal Financial Management Act

April 16, 2019

Under the patronage of the Finance Committee and with the support of the Canadian Governance Institute, the third workshop was held on Tuesday 16/4/2019 at the Kalgamesh Hall in Babel Hotel in Baghdad to review the draft Federal Financial Management Law, in the presence of the delegation of the Canadian Governance Institute and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning.

The workshop was opened by MP Faleh al-Sari, a member of the committee, in which he praised the role of the institute in establishing courses and workshops on the laws in the House of Representatives with a view to maturing them and involving governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations in the discussions to make amendments to the laws and make opinions and suggestions thereon.

First and second and pending vote on it.