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Thank you PinkRoses


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I got something we can talk about. I am pretty excited about it. It is funny because we had a lot we brought on Tuesday night’s call, but I think everybody got and appreciated hopefully. I got some more tonight which in 2 days since last Tuesday night’s call which I think is valuable and we can enjoy this tonight.

Now, obviously from time to time we get a sense when this is going to go. We get a sense within 48 hours or 72 hours or a few days or this is it. You know that. You know I have come on and use expressions like that. So far things have been happening.

Bruce: I know people tend to go what is different about this? What is different about where we are now or what has been happening? I hear things that shows movement, that shows this progressing forward. Some things I get are so specific from certain individuals that it cannot be put out on a public call like this.

However, I tell you guys as much as I possibly can, and sometimes I am walking a tight rope just a little bit, but so far everybody has been cool with it and I have been okay.

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
April 17, 2019 Dorado, Puerto Rico

Netflix’s Unbelievable Cash Burn Just Got 60% Worse
If you’re a big fan of shows like Narcos, Stranger Things, House of Cards, or Orange is the New Black, you might want to think about sending a fruit basket to anyone you know who is a Netflix shareholder.

Netflix reported its quarterly earnings again yesterday afternoon. And, as expected, the company is losing a metric truckload.

Not Caring: A Unique and Powerful Skill
Feb 28, 2019 by Morgan Housel

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an Indian philosopher. His message became more candid as he aged.

In one famous moment during a talk, he asked the audience if they wanted to know his secret.

He leaned forward, and whispered: “You see, I don’t mind what happens.”

This is a unique and powerful skill if you can actually do it.

IQDCalls Chat Thursday 4-18-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday 4-18-19  

Chattels   The Minister of Planning Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi announced the allocation of 626 billion dinars to restore the stability and recovery of the province of Nineveh, will direct 100 billion dinars, including the reconstruction and rehabilitation of school buildings, pointing out that 336 billion dinars have been approved, and will be allocated another 290 billion during Months ahead.

http://ninanews .com/News_Details.aspx?tMiUZL9Snms1xNXwMz8xcQ%253d%253d

sandyf  @Madness hey what is this St. Germain trust gurus are posting all over the place, they say it takes effect this weekend?
Anyone that has been in dinarland any length of time will have heard of the St Germain Trust (not to be confused with Foundation) as it comes up with monotonous regularity, in particular at Easter.


RE: Delta And Franks Posts  Link


Frank and Delta, I am extremely pleased with what was released today.

IMO it was not an education piece but an implementation piece. A new system, a new department and a new day is upON Iraq today.

I hope the family clearly understands what was released publicly. If not then I hope they walk away with at least this takeaway.... today we went from education to implementation.
C’mon somebody!!!