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Thank you PDK

Emailed to Recaps

MarkZ Friday Morning Update:  Some highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: I was told by a good source that CMKX and groups by Sunday night and 800 numbers on Monday

MZ: That is pretty close to what I am hearing….it appears we are passed the point of no return and we will have it by Monday Morning…..is what I have been told…money is in place and they will finish moving all the large amounts over this weekend and start banking Monday Morning ..

All my sources agree there was tremendous movement overnight and that we will get 800 numbers either Sunday night or Monday Morning…. It's a little back and forth on that one...one source says late Sunday night and another says Monday morning

At any rate it appears Easter weekend is our weekend.

By Morgan Housel  Apr 15, 2019
Ali Hajaji’s son was sick. Elders in his Yemeni village proposed a folk remedy: shove the tip of a burning stick through his son’s chest to drain the sickness from his body.

After the procedure, Hajaji told the New York Times: “When you have no money, and your son is sick, you’ll believe anything.”

Medicine predates useful medicine by thousands of years. Before the scientific method and the discovery of germs there was blood-letting, starvation therapy, cutting holes in your body to let the evils out, and other treatments that did nothing but hasten your demise.

Thank you Judy

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 19 2019

Compiled 19 April 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research, to Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: It was my understanding that Zim Bonds would soon be redeemed in order for the GCR to happen – notification of which could come at any moment and expected before Easter Sun. April 21.

It was advised to keep your phones and computers on, charged and glued to your email, texts (for Zim holders) and Dinar-related websites for the 800#s.

It was also advised to keep your currency and bonds under your control at all times, even at your exchange/ redemption. Do not allow others to exchange or redeem for you.

By Morgan Housel Mar 20, 2019
Life guarantees:

1. A Perpetually Moving Goalpost

Median family income adjusted for inflation was $29,000 in 1955. In 1965 it was $42,000. Today it’s just over $62,000.

There’s widespread belief that the 1950s and ‘60s were peak time for middle America to secure a good-paying job. But it’s a quantitative fact that the median American household earned more in 2018 than they did at any point in the 1950s or 1960s, adjusted for inflation. That’s true for hourly wages too.

Part of the disconnect between feelings and reality can be explained by the shift in expectations over the last 60 years.

Emailed to Recaps:

Sam Oliver : Have you noticed all the gold articles coming out lately? Economists are noticing it too, and they are talking about it. Some are even buying more gold because of it.

Here is why a Gold Backed Currency is necessary at this point. WORLD TRADE VOLUMES. Traders know there is no real value in a fiat based investment system. It is a "trade at your own risk" at this point. Yes, there is money to be made as stocks are inflated up, and I believe this is what is happening right now.

The value of gold was just recently doubled for the Central Banks. It gives them the ability to inflate those bubbles on the market twice as high as they are now until they burst.

Remember, the higher you see inflated prices, the stronger the dollar. This is what happens when you push out a system that is doomed to fail the moment it was conceived.

Eventually, a debt based system will turn on itself. No one is able to pay back their debts over time. Even governments fall into this deep hole. Investors knew this day was coming.

Emailed to Recaps:

Silvereagle: Well today and this weekend may end up being very special for Dinarians IMO

It’s 4-19-19 which is auspicious for numerology believers. I believe the Chinese like to do big things on dates like this. The numerology number 19 is both a starter and a finisher. It's a starter because the digit 1 is a starter. It's a finisher, because the digit 9 is a finisher.

The Stock Market closed yesterday at 2PM and will not open until Monday 4-22-19. Most markets around the world are also closed.

It’s Good Friday for the Christian Religion

Passover starts at sundown today for the next 8 days for the Jewish Religion

Tonight is a Full moon…..It’s called a Pink Moon

Sunday of course is Easter. A very holy day in the Christian Religion. A day of hope and New Beginnings. Additionally, since Easter is a representation of the fulfillment of the promises of God to mankind, it follows that Easter Sunday is one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar.

Sunday is also very holy in the Muslim community. Saturday evening till Sunday morning it is Laylat al Barat. A holy night for prayers and fasting on Sunday !

Easter Sunday is also the alleged day the "St.GermaineTrust " is open

Monday the 22nd of April is Earth Day-? This observance arose from an interest in gathering national support for environmental issues.