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The Real Benefit of Being Rich
By MrMoneyMustache

There have been a lot of big bills coming across my kitchen table recently. Property taxes, car registrations, income taxes, things for the school orchestra in which little MM plays the standup bass. 

Plus the usual credit card bills for all my spending on groceries and not-all-that-rare luxury indulgences. There’s nothing bad or unexpected in this pile of bills, but I still see it adding up to a tidy sum.


Samson: Detainees accused of robbery, killing and counterfeiting in Baghdad

21st April, 2019

The Baghdad Operations Command announced on Sunday the arrest of those accused of stealing, killing and falsifying the currency in different parts of the capital. 

A commanding statement received a copy of which said that "a force from the Operations Command was able to arrest a terrorism suspect northeast of the capital, while a suspect was arrested in the Jaraf al Nadaf area and another suspect was arrested for theft in the Zafaraniya area." 

The statement added that "was arrested accused of threatening the area of ​​the bridge Diyala, and the arrest of another accused of counterfeiting the cash currency and seized in possession of forged funds of the category (fifty thousand) in the area of ​​Kadhimiya.    LINK


Samson: Erbil hosts 15 countries at the International Conference on Construction and Energy Industries

 2019/4/20 22:33

The director of Arbil International Exhibition Abdullah Ahmed said on Saturday that 15 countries will participate in the International Exhibition of Construction Industries and Energy in Erbil, Kurdistan.

Ahmed said in a press statement that "next Monday will start the activities of the eleventh session of the International Exhibition for Construction Industries and Energy in Erbil and the participation of 200 local companies." 

He added that "Fifteen countries will participate in this exhibition, including five Arab, six European, as well as Asian countries and neighboring."     LINK

​​How Decentralized Finance Could Make Investing More Accessible
April 17, 2019 By Jeff Desjardins
Infographic: How Decentralized Finance Could Make Investing More Accessible
Did you know that a majority of the global population doesn’t have access to quality financial assets?
In advanced economies, we are lucky to have simple options to grow and protect our wealth. Banks are all over the place, markets are robust, and we can invest our money into assets like stocks or bonds at the drop of a hat.

Emailed to Recaps from Redd Starr:

Exchange Market: Why You Should Invest in Iraqi Dinar

Published on April 18, 2019

Investing in foreign currency is discussed in the news and is one of the major investment options around the world. People invest in foreign currencies intending to hold a particular currency and sell it when it appreciates. It is a trend that has been there for a longer period and only mastered by those individuals who have excellent skills and knowledge in the forex exchange.

Before investing in this industry, you need to understand the value of currencies as compared to other currencies. This means that you should know how the Japanese yen compares to the South African dollar. That’s the only way you will be able to leverage the market fluctuations and make profits.

One of the basic principal about foreign currency trade is that you must know which currency is higher than the other before you trade. For example, if the dinar value is very high in the morning, you would expect it to depreciate in the evening.