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The Problem With Most Financial Advice
By  Nick Maggiulli  April 23, 2019
Why Personal Finance is a Bit Too…Personal
Though you have probably never heard of Wally Jay, he is considered one of the greatest judo instructors of all time. Despite never once competing in judo (only in jiujitsu), Jay consistently produced champions in judo and other martial arts. One of Jay’s key insights was that not everyone learned like he did:
The biggest mistake is for an instructor to teach exactly the way he was taught. Once a teacher said to me, “All of my boys fight like me.” Then when we got on the mat, not one of his students could beat one of mine. Not one. So I told him that he had to individualize his instruction.

​2 Things You Should Do (and 1 You Shouldn’t) When You Increase Your Income
Post From Money Saved Is Money Earned
Most of you would like to increase your income.
Whether you’re looking to make a career move, change companies, start a business, or simply move up in your current situation, making more money is likely one of the major factors in your job decisions.
Here at Money Saved is Money Earned, we know money isn’t everything and you shouldn’t live just for money. However, we also know that money plays a major factor in your ability to live the way you want.


CBI governor discusses expansion of banking ties with Iraqi officials
April 23, 2019
TEHRAN- Central Bank of Iran Governor Abdolnaser Hemmati met some Iraqi senior officials during a visit to Baghdad to explore the ways for the expansion of banking relations between the two countries, IRIB reported.

Hemmati met Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi on Monday, Iraqi Finance Minister Fuad Mohammed Hussein and Central Bank of Iraq Chairman Ali Mohsen Al-Allaq on Sunday.

Iran and Iraq are determined to boost their trade ties and to meet this target many officials and delegations from each side have been recently visited the other side.

‘Working With Rich People Is Making Me Depressed’
By Charlotte Cowles
 Post From My Two Cents
The Cut’s financial advice columnist Charlotte Cowles answers readers’ personal questions about personal finance. Email your money conundrums to mytwocents@nymag.com
Dear Charlotte,  I’m 32 and have spent the past five years working for a nonprofit that provides educational services for kids in low-income communities. 
I recently got promoted and now my job is more “outward facing,” which means that I spend a fair amount of time explaining what we do to wealthy donors and/or maintaining relationships with them.