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Samson: This is an article that Frank mentioned on the call he would like studied

The effectiveness of monetary policy in Iraq

15th April, 2019 by Ahmed Hazal

Monetary policy is one of the most important tools used by countries to deal with economic problems, whether at the level of growth, unemployment, poverty, inflation and monetary stability

There is no distinction between economic and monetary stability. Economic stability is linked to economic policy as a whole, This is different from the monetary stability, which aims to achieve balance in the exchange rate and safe levels of inflation rate and increase economicgrowth rates through monetary policy instruments, which naturally leads to economic stability if the response of the sectors. 

The Central Bank of Iraq Law No. (56) of 2004 affirmed that one of the central objectives of the Central Bank is to achieve monetary stability. As a result of the non-response of the real sector to the variables of monetary policy, this reflects the structural imbalances in the Iraqi economy

Three Levels Of Wealth
By Ben Carlson
On a recent episode of How I Built This with Guy Raz,  Stewart Butterfield  was asked how this enormous wealth has impacted his life. He told Raz, “beyond a certain level of wealth it doesn’t make your life any better.” 
He went on to list what he considers to be the three levels of wealth:

Emailed to Recaps:
Sam Oliver - Just a note on money before I begin today. I have heard many comments these last 10 years about money. I have heard "it changes you." "It is the root of all evil." And, so much more. I have had both lifestyles in my lifetime. I am finally in a good place financially, but I had to change my relationship with money before I could find that sweet spot I am comfortable with in life.

What I have found most of all is that money is energy. You will get what you want if the desire is strong enough and intentions are focused. What I have learned is it does reveal where you place your attention and what you have become.

Money is a powerful force to those controlled by it. Folks, money is neutral, and it only can reveal you. The only thing that changes are the experiences you will have that reflect the soul's desire to experience.

That being said, there is a relationship showing up in the Markets right now reflecting a desire to break free from a state of being controlled by our money to a desire to be the makers of a life we have all imagined.