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Samson: Is it time to establish an Iraqi sovereign fund?

27th April, 2019 by Dr Jawad Kazem al-Bakri

The Sovereign Fund is a collection of public financial surpluses and their investment in interest in foreign financial assets.

Most of the sovereign wealth funds were originally created to diversify the sources of income in oil-producing countries with surplus funds. These funds existed in developed countries with surplus sources of income Need in the state budget.

The need for these funds to invest in them has been underscored to alleviate the crises experienced by countries to preserve the future of future generations that have the right to live in dignity. For example, Saudi Arabia and its Strategic Plan 2030 will depend on 30% of the sovereign fund's revenues without oil.

So we know what kind of funds we want to grow up we should know the purpose of the establishment of the fund, the objectives of sovereign funds are:

IQDCalls Chat Early Saturday  4-27-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday  4-27-19  
Chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A bipartisan delegation of US senators this week reaffirmed Washington's support to high-level Iraqi and Kurdish politicians in visits to Baghdad, Erbil, and with US troops. 

Chattels  "[W]e are going to build a strong independent Iraq, we have detailed plans and programs to strengthen the economic situation, attracting investment, building laboratories," the PM said.

100-Year-Old Advice For Entrepreneurs Today
By  Christine McAlister

3 lessons from a little-known genius

“Making chalk mark on generator: $1 Knowing where to make mark: $9,999.”-Charles Proteus Steinmetz
Have you heard the story of the man who identified the cause of Henry Ford’s broken generator and charged him $10,000 — roughly $150,000–200,000 in today’s dollars — for this seemingly simple service?


Slyqdog: are we there yet

Actech426: For everyone, this is just my opinion, I think we're at the door saying, "Open, open, open". We've been at this place many times. Keep your head level. If it doesnt continue, pray it will next time. Keep positive.

Dedar: They are waiting for the US to release this.

Dedar: Everything is done in Iraq. It is just releasing the 800 numbers.

KMAN: With all the money that has supposedly been moved into place, someone has to be making money off it, because money just doesn't sit around gathering dust.

SusanaC: please remember what Tony has said to us...things will get very chaotic right before rv..stay centered and avoid negative thoughts about the Abundance that is About to Come To TNT


Lobster: F26 Quote: "Things are looking really good & they're doing something!"  Thanks Frank!!

Popeye7:  Great video Frank... IMO, you are saying that they are doing things within Iraq as if they are article 8... Yet, while accomplishing these things, they are preparing to announce it in order to hit the ground running when it is heralded...

Iobey777:  IMO..Frank is waiting for the rest of the 2nd article, just like we are!! He cannot tell us what they have not told us!!!! However..that being said...they ARE telling us PLENTY and they are saying they are DOING it NOW!!

Maybe, they will make the Big Announcement just before the end of the FI week...perhaps next Monday or even Tuesday we will see what the citizens will be shown!!!

As Popeye just said...we have been given the "signs" and we Know it's COMING...we just don't know which day they will show it....or do we?

MAYBE it's the 30th of April...which is the LAST day of the Financial Inclusion week! They sure seem to be pushing more education on to the citizens and preparing them for what is coming!! They must be SMILING and happy and so am I!  Pray for it to come to an end in the next few days!