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The Grifters: 10 Stories of Scams and Scammers  Part 2 of 2
Interview by Haley Cohen Gilliland and Andy Wright
Post From Issue No. 22 Belief
The College Exam Hustler
Rick Paulas, 37 - Writer living in Oakland, California
The Scam
Taking a test is a lot easier if—with the help of classmates—you can look at the test questions a few hours before actually having to turn it in.
In 2003, I was a senior in my spring semester of college at Michigan State. There was a group of us in an advertising class, and we needed to come up with an advertising campaign as our final exam—I think it was for Kraft Mac & Cheese.

The Grifters: 10 Stories of Scams and Scammers  Part 1 of 2
Interview by Haley Cohen Gilliland and Andy Wright
Post From Issue No. 22 Belief
We learn about hustles and lies from all sides of a con: scam victims, scam baiters, and the scammers themselves.
WE ARE LIVING IN THE AGE OF THE SCAM. Catfishing, advanced video fakery, multilevel marketing, Instagram lifestyle gurus, the Fyre Festival, Dirty John, Trump Moscow, a pyramid scheme involving actual pyramids: scratch any news story these days, and fraud falls out. But what are these scammers really thinking? And what is it like to be one of their victims?


All the conversations and narratives from the past week seem to be suggesting the GCR/RV has started and is well underway.

Following a predesigned schedule of fund release: the tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 distribution sequences. Tier 4 being the public. Basically the Royals, Elders, elites and groups, then the public.

This rollout is over a period of time not a next day scenario. The key thing is to verify it has begun, then it is just a matter of time before the public gets their opportunities.

I listen to way too much rhetoric on the GCR with no real way to verify the information.

They say, the prosperity programs have begun payouts, paymasters have been made liquid, the USN is live though the QFS, F&Ps money is moved for disbursal. All good news but do we hear what we want to hear or is there reality behind it?

There is really know way to know or verify. So why concern yourself on things you can’t change or effect?

Emailed to Recaps: 

Sam Oliver: Just know, the patterns are developing and a brighter future is coming. Also, keep in mind that copper, silver, and gold are being blended together to make gold shine even brighter. This was shared in a article not long ago.

This will extend the use of gold in backing our currencies around the world and the crypto currencies. Not sure what will happen with gold in the future. Last week, it began growing on it's own the last two days. Will it now have it's own place in the world, or will we use it to back one single currency?

I think the answer lies in what is happening in the crypto currency world and the future of a cashless society. It looks like it will have a usefullness and life of it's own, so it can be used in multiple directions creating more value within it.

It would be advantageous for this to happen since it would no longer be held down any more from the weight of a currency not meeting expectations in the world economy.

We may have just found a path that will truly lead us all into a prosperous future each of us can live in well.


Don961:  The government is accelerating economic growth and anticipating an important recovery phase

Sunday 28 April 2019  Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf 
Within the direction of the Council of Ministers to support the private sector as the main partner of the public sector in moving the Iraqi economy, the Ministry of Planning approved the launch of 30 percent of the entitlements of projects implemented by the private sector in Baghdad, in preparation for launch in other provinces. 

This step and moves preceded by the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, an expert in the field of real estate "successive good news." 
Way of achievement

"The government and this step will move the wheel of action that has been stalled for years, for several reasons, most notably the fight against terrorism and the economic crisis and previous measures," said expert Saad al-Zaidan. "Hundreds of projects that are idle or not implemented will find a way to achieve them after these steps, .