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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Evening  4-4-19  
TWWIII  Baxter I went bk to Chase today for more info if the can release it. Then I went US Bank that holds our trusts. I will do 2 separate postings. This may take a few minutes for ea bank...
TWWIII  At Chase I spoke with Ryan, mgr. He did answer my questions. Yes they are retrfiting the new QFS platforms. Major on a state basis, are all getting QFS implemented since Mar 30th. The Fed wire system was down from 31 Mar til the eve of Apr 02. He asked for an update of my email address & ph#.
TWWIII  Then I went to US Bank where our trusts are set up with, Well, I asked the teller if they have set the new QFS...then the branch mgr came over to answer. Shocked how she opened up.


Thursday UPDATE for April 4, 2019

Three names have been submitted to PM Mahdi for the Interior and Defense Minister positions by Construction and Reform

Reportedly, Iraqi TV was broadcasting the adoption of a policy opening the country regionally and internationally in all applications.


Popeye7:  IYO, do you believe a change in value would need to be done before the inclusion event of April 25th takes place?... IMO, it would seem so to ensure a smooth transition... 

MilitiaMan:  Now that you bring it up about the 25th? Don961 made an interesting observation about they way they show dates. Not always accurately described.. Like 30 should read 03..

So look at the above chronology of events and ask your self why would the broadcast that 25th date? Could they be throwing out propaganda in a way we wouldn't expect? Could that be for the corrupt politicians? Keeping the leaks to pin hole size.. I believe like yesterday the article about trade in Dinars was similar news that makes little to no sense, unless one can decipher past history of how they report things and when.

So could they be saying 2-5, April 2019? Notice they say NEXT SUNDAY.. That is this weekend. Word on the Street they were celebrating on 2nd and not for the Imam as they said.. imo..

Word from across the pond there may be some important announcement from the USA / DC coming up as early as tonight through tomorrow. Not sure what exactly, but, it could be the Deal of the Century? Lets not forget the meetings with Egypt, Jordan and Iraq and that was referenced in articles.. Some more things to think about.. imo !~ MM