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Post From The Final Wake Up Call
The Monetary Transition
The Plan Is To Abolish All Central Banks
The Future Is Proving The Past
The Financial System Must Crash
Political Policy Analyses  
The amount of debt in the world has expanded hugely since 2007, when financial institutions started failing. They failed because they had too much debt. Now, there’s even more debt. There’s far more debt in all sectors, including the automobile, student loan, mortgage, and consumer sectors, not to mention government debt.

Emailed to Recaps:

Bluwolf:  Attention P.R. and all Spanish-speaking countries, well this blessing is about to begin. Be ready with documents in your hands. All changes will be made by HSBC or WF. They need two forms of ID with photos, two forms that identify their residence, birth certificate.

They need a code area of the state where you want to change. As I have said before, we are already in the thick of our lips to receive this blessing, according to the Pentagon we are minute by minute in this with a view to receiving the 800 at any time.

The coffers of change for the inside of Monday through Tuesday of this week. And others are also informing you of the same thing that I had already anticipated and that is confirmation.

Now do not fill my phone with calls because they are already on alert, I only ask you to pray because there is no attempt to obstruct any. The rates will be high and comfortable and I understand that Zimbabwe will be changed like this without any elimination of zeros. I understand that it will be based on 1 to 1 USTN.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 4-6-19  
chattels  BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Foreign currency markets recorded a stable dollar against the dinar on Friday.
The sale price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad, 120 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars, and the purchase price 119 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars, while yesterday recorded the same price.    LINK  
chattels   Iraq’s @modmiliq announces the arrival of a new batch of F-16 Fighting Falcons. These six aircrafts brings the total F-16s at the Iraqi Airforce’s helm to 27.  LINK 

FRANK26 4-6-19 Video

Delta Post referenced in Franks video   Link

MilitiaMan “Roadmap” Posts   Link

KTFA Members on “Financial ‘inclusion”   Link  



Financial Management Law
Article 3 First, the Minister of Finance starting from the month of March of each year a report on the priorities of fiscal policy, strategy and the government program and the central recommendations of the trends of the federal budget of the State in terms of elements and size and distribution functionally and sectorally in addition to the foreign exchange report proposed by the Central Bank for a period of (3) Three years or more and submit it to the Economic Affairs Committee of the Council of Ministers at the beginning of May of the same year

Mike100: Well if we look back at Iraq's history they have usually done something regarding their currency in the month of April or September but usually in April. So we shall see if they do it by the end of April.