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Knight Kiplinger's 8 Keys to Financial Security
By Knight Kiplinger, Editor in Chief  

Over many years of publishing Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, my colleagues and I have built up a deep institutional memory of personal-finance wisdom, and I'd like to share some of it with you.

The following advice first appeared in the 50th anniversary of the magazine in 1997, and it's still just as relevant today. I hope it helps you and your family build (and protect) your wealth and achieve success.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night 4-9-19  

HoLeeRV  I'm so confused. I keep seeing this number "209" countries but theres only 195........ right? Am I missing something?

Chattels  HoLeeRV  The numbers mentioned by you likely refer to the discrepancy between the guru number of nations involved in the alleged global currency reset, 209, and the actual number of nations with currencies, 195.

Portmagaland  FYI, this is the best place for anything related to the dinar.
Portmagaland  When this thing pops, I'm coming here for my 800 number ......
Portmagaland  So, nothing new except I think Markz stated the dinar is up to $8.00 and the Dong is still at $2.50. Read somewhere the Zim is what's holding the RV up and they're debating that the zim should be 1 to 1. Anyways, like I said, this is the best place for anything dinar related. Cheers, guys!



Rafidain: Central Bank introduces modern technology banking transactions

09:14 - 08/04/2019


Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Monday that it received offers from five countries to open branches including France and Britain, noting that the Central Bank is currently working to introduce modern technology in banking transactions. 

"The Central Bank is currently working on introducing modern technology in banking transactions through the introduction of electronic administration to reach the e-government, and the banking system in Mesopotamia is in this direction," said the director of the bank Khawla Talib al-Asadi in statements reported by the official newspaper "Al-Sabah" "He said.