August 21st 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  8-21-18   
Chattels Monday, August 20, 2018  Displacement In Iraq Drops Below 2 Million

chattels  Eight months ago, there were over 3 million IDPs.

chattels  two main issues, which will prevent future returns. One, the slow pace of rebuilding in many areas that were formerly under IS control will mean there are many that will have nothing to return to.

The lack of shelter and employment are two major disincentives to go home. Second, the scars from the war have created a large divide in those same areas leading locals to bar people they are suspicious of from going back.

33 Famous Thomas Edison Quotes to Eliminate Your Doubts
By Dan Western

Thomas Edison is much more of an inspiration than you think;

Most of us remember Thomas Edison as the genius inventor, responsible for sustainable light bulbs, the motion picture, the phonograph and the other 1090 odd inventions of his that helped change and shape the world as it is today.

But what you may not have known, is just how much Thomas Edison had experienced failure in his lifetime before becoming successful.

I was listening to the late Greg Plitt’s speech on Edison recently. In which he explained that Edison had been labelled as retarded when he was just a child.

He couldn’t speak until he was 4 years old. He was removed from school after being called retarded. He failed at every single job he had, until finally…


Richard:  Oh no here we go !!!!! what was wrong with Tuesday Aug 28th original date?

Txmmsgirl:  it’s my turn to use...ARE YOU KIDDING ME.???

Did you hear the CC last night?

Did you hear WS’s report which Frank so graciously and specifically delivered to us?

Did you hear the pure excitement in Frank and Delta’s voices?

If so, how in the name of God could you even consider a negative thought over a 2 day difference in Massoum calling the new parliament to meet?


Notes From The Field By Simon Black
August 21, 2018  Rome, Italy
An Excellent Way To Protect Your US Dollar Holdings

Last week we saw how quickly a currency crisis can destroy someone’s savings.

In just one week, the value of the Turkish Lira plummeted over 30% after the US imposed sanctions against Turkey.

So anyone holding all of their savings in Turkish Lira got hammered.

This was an unfortunate reminder of the importance of a Plan B – an insurance plan to make sure your wealth and your family are safe no matter what happens around the world.


Tishwash: more citizen education this time on fractional banking perhaps? Hmmm

How banks create money

On June 10, 76 percent of Swiss voters voted "no" in the referendum on the Swiss sovereign wealth initiative. This "initiative" was a bill that limits the legitimacy of creating money in the Swiss Central Bank without the rest of the banks in the country.

But how do banks create money? Is not the task really assigned to the central banks alone?

In our popular imagination money is the currency, the currency is money, but this is a minor definition of grasping the meaning of money from an economic perspective. Economics defines money as everything that constitutes an exchange environment and a unit of accounting and storage of value. 

Based on this definition, the amount of money in the world today is very large, and currencies are part of it.