August 22nd 10pm

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MilitiaMan:  WS, if your not to busy.. Care to comment on the following that I had with a friend?

"Good day to all, I will be happy with end of August.. I also like that the Iraq gov has been ratified as of about two days ago now. They are to activate the ISX and it has been said that they would bring their currency global.

The ISX opens on the 27th. It is my understanding that they could allow the people of Iraq possibly up to three days of having their exchange rate adjusted to international standards before they have to tell the world they did it. (Not sure if exchange rate fits, as a dinar in country is a dinar. But at least they may have the new currency for that time while they wait to go live.)

If that is the case and they do, that would or could start as early as tomorrow. The CBI just recently spoke of their currency and metals (fils) on 08/19/2018. We all know there is no need for those at a program rate nor would they launch globally their stock exchange at a program rate..

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Evening  8-22-18  
Dave  Baxter are they stuck on the second reading on both?
Baxter  Pretty sure..
Baxter  its been sitting there for a couple years
Dave  just cant wrap my head around the fact that with 2/3 of the mps replaced where the allegiance is going to be with all the new ones
Baxter  hopefully with the new govt
Dave  we talk of those 155-`165 seats.....those are incumbents?
Baxter  im not sure Dave... it takes 165 to make a quorum...

What The Marshmallow Test Can Teach Us About Money
By J.D. Roth  14 August 2018
By now, you’ve probably heard of the famous Stanford marshmallow experiment. Most folks are familiar with this fifty-year-old study and its conclusions. In case this is the first you’ve learned of it, however, I’ll give a quick review.
During the late 1960s, psychologist Walter Mischel tested the willpower of young children (roughly four years old). A researcher would bring the children — one at a time — into a room where they had access to a selection of treats, including marshmallows. The children were told that they could eat have one treat right away or, if they waited fifteen minutes, they could have two. Then the researcher left the room.
​... ​