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Visualizing U.S. Millionaires by State of Residence
Jeff Desjardins on August 22, 2018 at 12:38 pm
Visualizing U.S. Millionaires by State of Residence

There are literally millions of millionaires in the United States.
In fact, there are 7.1 million households in the country that have investable assets of $1 million or more.
Impressively, this gives the U.S. a higher total population of millionaires than any other country in the world, even though China’s rapidly rising wealth is also quite notable.


Article: “Iraqi President urges new lawmakers to quickly hold first session”    LINK

Jay: We TRULY don't know what we don't know. The above is something to pay attention to because it is in their CONSTITUTION and it is in ink. Keep in mind they are still in a CARETAKER gov. Which means nothing new can be done as per their constitution.   ALL IMO.

Fuze: These periods or days, only mean they have up to that number of days, it does not mean they must take all of those days. The entire GOI technically, can be formed in 72 hours complete with PM.

Article: “Anbar: Delay in the formation of the government caused the suspension of a number of projects”     LINK

Jay: WHY??? Because imo nothing NEW happens under a CARETAKER Government.  All imo.


Tishwash: the EID is over if anyone is wondering

Fishon: I think this needs done now in the US eyes and Iran is feeling it big time!. I think this RV is there!

RVAlready: Yes, I like the fact that Iraq is getting pressure from all sides to do the RV NOW.
RVAlready: They need to RV and kill the auctions. Iran is bleeding them dry, trading counterfeit Dinar for US dollars.

Luvwulfs: Love Tony's simple statement...Pop e RV and auctions will stop.

RVAlready: Yep. As D.C. used to say...the RV will fix a lot of things in Iraq.  The RV is now a win-win-win situation for Iraq. And not doing it is a lose-lose -lose situation. An easy choice to make.

RVAlready: I suspect that the investors from the Kuwait conference told them if the did not RV real soon, they would lose the 80 billion in reconstruction money…. It is a total loss in many ways now, to not RV.