August 29th 6pm

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Readtnow: We do know that it is now very, very close at this point. Iraq is actually telling us they are preparing to do it.

Rtresvant: IMO…..On September 30th we will see it for on October 1 starts the new money year

Yada: Rtresvant,,,Tony stated this cant wait unil 10-1,,too many issues now that have to be addressed that only the RV will resolve,,,riots, ratios of dollar to dinar, Iran causing trouble,etc,,,any moment now,,

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
August 29, 2018  Santiago, Chile

Market Hits New Highs On Back Of Fed Announcement, forgetting the Fed is clueless

Hallelujah, the US stock market is once again at an all-time high thanks to a little help from our friends at the Federal Reserve.

Every summer, central bank officials from around the world gather in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (which, if you haven’t been, is REALLY spectacular. Jackson Hole, that is, not the Fed conference.)

The event was held last week. And the main event was a speech from the new(ish) Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

His tone was decidedly ‘dovish’, as the commentators on CNBC will tell you. Dovish is code for “We’re going to keep interest rates low for as long as we can.”

And on that news, the market soared. That’s all anyone needed to know.

Everyone loves low interest rates.


GodsServant: A question from One whose brain is on overload. Can Iraq pay the HCL on the second set of books electronically and the rate be hidden from the outside world? Thanks to Teams, or Kona that can answer> 

Sunkissed: GodsServant... This answer doesn't come from me alone, but from more friends in KTFA that I have conferred with on this, as it is an excellent question!

First: Definitely NOT! 38 million plus men, women and children in Iraq and only 7 or 8 million (10 tops) have cards in order to receive their payments. This payment has to be for ALL citizens in Iraq and it will be divided equally among the citizens.

Second: They haven't spent all this time getting the 3 zero notes off the street only to hand them back to 30 million citizens and into the market again, because of the massive number of citizens that don't have cards.

It would be impossible to hide it from the world and impossible to pay all of the citizens electronically.

Frank26: (Big Smile)


Jeanette: My question, once the RI goes through the dinar will be worth more then the American dollar, that's all our hope. Or at least the same value. So why does Iran want the dollar so bad if the dinar will be worth more? I could be wrong in my thinking. Help me out here. Next, IMO, could it be that Iraq is taking their delegation to the US because they ARE going to push the button there?    Thanks EVERYONE

BWS: Jeanette- Iran is imploding right now and the dollar is the currency of the world. IQD doesn't help them pay the bills. They've been cut off and Iraq has been their best source. Each day that goes by puts them in a worse position and their people are boiling over.

As for question number 2- I'm sure the trip is related, might even be a final agreement meeting, but IMO he'll be home when the rate changes.