August 2nd 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  8-02-18  

chattels  Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk  This interview with the Planning Ministry's spox also provides good context for this discussion. I'll sum it up: even with higher oil $, Baghdad is barely keeping its head above water. It only recenty got to where it had any extra money at all.

chattels  Jobs in Iraq: a primer on job creation in the short-term


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Cabal have incited riots in Zimbabwe in an attempt to disrupt the election.

Paid actors were brought to the streets of Harare to rile up MDC Alliance supporters and attack the military.

Mnangagwa's government is being condemned by the mainstream media for opening fire on protesters.

What is condemned by the mainstream media is the Cabal's doing.

Mnangagwa has been informed that the ZIDERA amendment bill was privately signed and passed allowing Zimbabwe free reign over their assets.

Mnangagwa is working closely with the Elders to release Zimbabwe's assets to the world through GESARA via the QFS.

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2Berds: I need some help to fully understand the events of today. It is exciting that the global trading begins sometime between Sunday the 5th and Wednesday the 8th. This is my question does that mean that Iraq will have to have an exchange rate and not a program rate when the global trading begins? So even though the 2nd article is not revealed yet is this giving us a date of a time frame to expect our miracle?

StephenMac63: That is the consensus imo. Also remember that the article that WS put up about the Dinar being traded on Wednesday, its todays rates that are listed. No way in heck are they gonna put out the rate a week in advance

Davesx: this is probably a silly question but can they go international wed with a program rate wouldnt the whales destroy the dinar simple mind simple question?  

StephenMac63: Not a silly question at all, in fact, its a very valid question. Yes, they CAN come out using the program rate. Would they?, imo, it would be suicidal. Why give away your country's assets when you can get premium bucks. Its commerce, not charity. IMO, of course