August 4th 6pm

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Dinar Recaps: Our thoughts and Prayers are with the family and friends of Alabama~May she Rest in Peace


Tishwash : Did anyone announce Alabama, for those who know who she was, has passed?

JudiblueEyes: Alabama had a call of her own. She was a true southern lady and had a wonderful spirit. I am sorry to hear of her passing

Tishwash: yes prayers to the family and I know there are members here who used to listen to her call so I wanted to share the news

FullSail: R.I.P.... Alabama gave it all to what she believed in, in her heart, this rv in order to help many in need. Many have had the same aspirations and have left us way too early. A reminder(not that we need one) that life is short

Briona: It is sad, hearing of all the people who have passed while waiting for the revaluation to get here. So many hopes and dreams that will never come true.

GJHHonor: Sorry to hear ALabama left us but she is probably having a party in heaven rejoicing with THE LORD

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday 8-04-18  
BREW TNT@THE_TNT_TEAM I tried to tweet the English version but it’s too long. Simply put the Iraq Dinar is now globally traded as of yesterday and those are the rates.
NickNak BREW
BREW NickNak thanks. NickNak still worthless me thinks.
NickNak Just saw this also "now globally traded" should be a start?
Tebow BREW they can't post because it's too long, why not provide the link.... They can't :laugh

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Dfieldzy: Hey peeps haven’t posted in a long time but wanted to share. 
Not sure how to post a video but CBS news was talking about the Dinar this morning and De’larue printing the currency. They had bank notes blasted all over the tv. Not the new ones but they were there. I took a video of it but not sure how to post it.