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Walkingstick: Special Abadi's economic adviser: The decline of the currency in Iran and Turkey is in the interest of Iraq


Minister Haider Abadi that the decline of the currency in Iran and Turkey is in the interest of Iraq.

Saleh said in an interview with "Trend Press" said that the economic problems in Turkey are different from what is happening in Iran, there is a big difference between them and the decline is due to a deficit in the calculation of payments in general, indicating that as Iraq is a country imported from Turkey and Iran will be goods The low price is because the economic theory involves the transfer of part of the benefits that are falling out of the country.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  8-07-18 Part 2 of 2

chattels  Dollar exchange rates in Iraq Tuesday

Economy News _ Baghdad  The dollar exchange rate, Tuesday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market.

According to figures received by "Economy News", the price of selling the dollar in Baghdad today was 119 thousand and 750 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand and 750 dinars compared to 100 dollars.

On the Basra Stock Exchange, the selling price today recorded 119 thousand and 750 dinars, and the purchase price 120 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  8-07-18 Part 1 of 2

Whitelions  Mastercard’s MoU With Central Bank of Iraq Signals Bright Future for the Country’s Emerging Digital Payments Ecosystem

In a move that underlines its commitment tosupporting Iraq’s emerging digital landscape, Mastercard, a leading technology company in the global payments industry, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), aimed at accelerating the development of a strong payments ecosystem in the country.


Actech426: Google: What is a credit freeze? Also known as a security freeze, this tool lets you restrict access to your creditreport, which in turn makes it more difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts in your name…..Freezing your credit is the best way to keep criminals from accessing your credit without your consent.

If you want to freeze your credit, you’ll need to contact each of the three major credit bureaus individually; each has a slightly different process. Generally, you need to provide your Social Security number, birthdate and other information confirming your identity.

Equifax: Call 800-349-9960 or go online. Check out a step-by-step Equifax credit freeze guide

Experian: Call 888‑397‑3742 or go online. Here’s a detailed walk-through on a credit freeze with Experian.

TransUnion: Call 888-909-8872 or go online. Read our TransUnion credit freeze guide.

What It Means To Be Rich: The Difference Between Income And Wealth
By J.D. Roth August 2018

I’m generally a pretty laid-back guy but, like anyone, I do have pet peeves. Because I write about money, I have lots of trivial personal-finance pet peeves. (It’s “saving rate“, not “savings rate”. Dave Ramsey did not invent the debt snowball, and his version is but one kind of debt snowball. It’s not the only debt snowball. See? I told you these pet peeves were trivial!)

It’s silly that I’m bugged by this stuff, but I am. I’m sure you have pet peeves too, especially when it comes to your work.

One of my top pet peeves in the world of personal finance is when people who should know better conflate income and wealth. A high income can lead to great wealth — although it doesn’t always — but they’re not the same thing.