August 9th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  8-09-18  

Baxter  I heard today Abadi is coming to address the U N

Tebow  coming days

Baxter  If Abadi is coming to the U N.... that tells me he is the PM

chattels  The arsonist in California claims that the fire department stole some of his dinar.

foxmulder  chattels LOL now thats new twist

chattels  Forrest Gordon Clark is the alleged arsonist / dinar holder.

chattels   Unpassed Laws: Ramifications and Mechanisms to Expediate Their Passage in the Next Parliamentary Round
NickNak  chattels Is Forrest Gordon Clark a dinar guru?



https://cbi. iq/page/89

Boxman: Why would they add specimen to notes that are already in existence????
As you said interesting....  

Kindworld33: One Day After The United Nations Security Council meeting yesterday. Hmmmmmm

Suzie: Could you please explain?  


"Re: Why are we Still here?" by Truthseeker - 8.9.18

After reading Midwestman's post (See Below) I felt I needed to reply with additional comments and thoughts. First off, I couldn't agree more with the thoughts and comments of Midwestman. I would just like to add some additional thoughts.

I, like Midwestman, have been in this speculative investment for well over 8-years now.

Within that period of time I have seen, heard and spoke with many (hundreds) of "so called" Intel Providers (i.e., Guru's), who come and go quicker than fast moving thunderstorms.

The only constant we Currency Holders seem to have is the "reset" that comes each and every Monday morning. Meaning; each and every Monday morning for well over 5 years now, everything seems to reset and we start over.

So with that being said, I would like to share my thoughts on why I believe we're still here and how I envision the roll out of the RV/GCR.

"Why are we Still here?" by Midwestman - 8.9.18

I read the daily blogs and ask myself, why are we still here? If a normal, sane, person reads these blogs the only assumption they could come up with is that everything is done, yet here we are, still here.

The all mighty grandfathers reached a consensus, the Zimbabwe elections are done and the results announced, Trump has signed off, the Dinar is international... I could go on about Bruce and Zap and others how they are saying its here, but not calling it because they don't want to cause a stir.

We hear about "sealed" indictments, we hear about terrible abuses done to children by the Pope and others (with no evidence revealed) yet this keeps going on and nothing is done about it?? Really?

We hear the cabal is defeated supposedly yet we let them rear their ugly head every time. Why do we give them a second, third, fourth, 4500th chance to change? They won't.

There will always be an evil factor that has nothing better to do than think about ways to end round the system and steal what is yours. God allows evil in this world for a reason and for us to think we are going to eliminate it before releasing the RV because we want everything to be perfect is pretty arrogant.


Walkingstick: One day after the start of US sanctions on Iran, the riyal is falling against the dollar

One day after the start of the severe US sanctions on Tehran, the Central Bank of Iran officially announced the increase of the dollar exchange rate in the licensed exchange market by 100%.

The official IRNA news agency reported on August 8, 2018 that the country's central bank announced the start of the implementation of the "common system of foreign exchange" and that the exchange rate of each dollar in the licensed exchange market in Tehran rose to 89 thousand and 500 Iranian riyals, 100 percent in just one day.    Link