December 10th 6pm

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​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Afternoon 12-10-18 Part 2 of 2

Spectra  Government of Iraq    Translated from Arabic by Microsoft

Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi addresses the @AdilAbdAlMahdi Iraqi people and our armed forces on the first anniversary of Iraq's victory and the defeat of the terrorist gangs of ISIS. Click here to follow the highlights of the speech.

Spectra  https://twitter .com/IraqiGovt/status/1072128563866943488

Woke AF  http://vietnamnews .vn/economy/481734/petrovietnam-surpasses-production-targets-in-11-months.html#jGfjA8vG81Tt6rtG.97

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Afternoon 12-10-18 Part 1 of 2

xyz  The Central Bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves
http://economy-news .net/content.php?id=14682

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alak said Monday that the bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves, pointing out that the bank continues its efforts to stabilize the local currency.

Al-Alak said in a speech during the opening of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank in Baghdad and attended by "Economy News", that " coinciding with the first anniversary of the victories of the security forces on the organization is calling, this annual conference is looking forward to the sustainable development of the Iraqi economy," noting that " Continue his efforts in stabilizing the local currency. "

"Iraq is Now able to RI/RV" by TJ - 12.10.18

Entry Submitted by TJ at 10:54 AM EST on December 10, 2018

I get the feeling that what happened for Iraq on the weekend was not fully appreciated by all.

As of Saturday 8th December, Iraq had a legal government in place and was offered and accepted Sovereign status, and therefore became able to accept ownership of the nation's in-ground assets that had previously been taken from them by the cabal.

The IQD is now asset-backed, and Iraq's calculations from some years ago showed that they had no issue then with the IQD being traded at $16 US on forex if backed by their in-ground assets, which they suddenly now own again.

​Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
December 10, 2018 Dorado, Puerto Rico

This beautiful country is in crisis again, offering CHEAP living + a FAST passport

Last year, when Argentina offered a 100-year bond, I argued it was plain insanity.

Argentina sold $2.75 billion of the debt… but the issue was nearly four times oversubscribed.

How could investors place so much faith in a country that spent most of its post-independence history defaulting on its debts. Plagued by a series of populist governments since the mid-20th century, Argentina defaulted twice in the last twenty years, and eight times since its independence in 1816.


Samson: US-Iraqi talks to develop trade exchange

9th December, 2018

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein discussed with US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman Sunday bilateral relations and trade exchange. 

"Hussein received the US ambassador to Baghdad, Douglas Silliman, and his accompanying delegation," the press office said. "The meeting reviewed the bilateral economic and trade relations between the two countries and discussed the best ways to strengthen and develop them. Serving the interests of the two peoples". 

"The two sides also discussed the development of trade exchange and the promotion of economic cooperation, as well as the latest political developments at the local and regional levels," the statement said.    LINK


Throughout this ordeal of the impending GCR/RV/Bond Redemption, a massive amount of information has been disclosed by means of historical events, rumors, influential contacts and relationships, bloggers, and whatever other sources that have been deemed or identified as “Bona-fide” information.

The components related to our assimilation of this information are things like the original source and aggregation of the global assets, how and why this event has come to be, how and who has the authority to release these funds, and by what means and financial mechanisms are these funds to be delivered and utilized.

What were the causes and circumstances that brought the need for this event about? There appears to be a vast array of opinion and speculation as to the relevance or participation of each of these components in what is now a global financial disaster.

The Original Source and Aggregation of the Global Assets. This is considered to be what all currencies and bond issues, globally, are hedged against that give these currencies and bond issues values.

These are some of the speculated and actual sources for these assets: