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Samson:  Kurdistan announces the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution    LINK

Don961:  sounds like some people in Kurdistan are spreading news that 140 is implemented .. and are trying to erect barriers and borders .. but no one told the residents yet ..

Either someone pulling some shenanigans or it has happened behind the scenes but not announced yet

With Samson's previous post about Barzani meeting with Halabousi ... yep they always do talk about it .. either something happened to assure it .. or KRG is being presumptuous by making assumptions and jumping the gun ... would be very cool if true 
LarryH:  If this is true the next stop is the bank. They are not going to pay their people at a program rate that would be an insult. IMO

​7 World-Class Choices You Want to Make That Will Get You World-Class Success
Post From The Mission
Anthony Moore  Dec 11
1. Don’t Let Anyone Define “Success” For You
In the words of Srinivas Rao, host of The Unmistakable Creative podcast:
“At some point, I realized that I had to give up other people’s definition of success. This is one of the most difficult things to give up because it is so deeply embedded in our cultural narratives that it becomes the standard by which we measure our lives.
Even as entrepreneurs we have collectively agreed that fame and fortune are the markers of success.
But, giving up other people’s definition of success is incredibly liberating and ultimately leads to the fullest expression of who you are and what matters to you.It’s not a one-time thing. It’s a daily habit of comparing less and creating more.”

Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
December 13, 2018  Santiago, Chile

The boogeyman is coming for you… no matter where in the world you are

The anti-terrorism unit suited up.
This was an international affair… a deal between the USA and New Zealand, two members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

Helicopters, tactical suits, high caliber firearms—the whole shebang. They busted in the doors and successfully raided the multi-million-dollar compound.


BAP: INTEL UPDATE - One of my bank sources said that Wells Fargo held a meeting for all staff who are trained and ready to exchange. They asked that anyone in the group who held currency to raise their hands. About 20 people raised their hands. They were told that if they wanted to continue to work for Wells that they should consider transfering to another department because if they stayed in the exchange dept it would be like them doing insider trading…… Interesting perspective.

Imageinary2: GM BAP, do you know when the meeting took place? Was it this past week?

BAP: yesterday

Briona: I don't see how anyone who is trained for the exchange process, would not have their own currency.

BAP: Because when they were trained, they were required to sign an agreement that they could not purchase or hold any currency.