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JJonesMX: Monday, December 17, 2018

Iraq-Iran negotiations on adopting local currencies

Tehran/ Iraq TradeLink: Negotiations are under way between the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iranian

Central Bank to put the final touches to start official arrangements to use local currencies in trade between the two countries.

Chairman of the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce Yehya al- Is-haq stated that the Iranian exports in 8 months of this year was equivalent to the exports of the whole last year, which reached to 8 billion dollars.

If the agreement is finalized, both countries can open LCs to each other.

The current payments are done through exchange offices and limited number of banks, Is-had added.

http://www.iraqtradelinknews .com/2018/12/iraq-iran-negotiations-on-adopting.html?m=1

​​The Case For Separate (But Combined) Finances
By Angela Rozmyn —17 December 2018
In the world of personal finance, the subject of how couples share (or don't share) their money comes up time and time again. It's no surprise. After all, money problems are a leading cause of divorce.

But for some reason, the concept that “personal finance is personal” doesn't always factor into people's opinions about combining finances — especially within a marriage.

Often, people argue that in order to be a team, couples must combine finances fully. Or that separate accounts mean there's some lack of trust within the relationship. Or that you aren't truly committed to each other. Or that you must not be on the same page about long-term hopes and dreams.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday  12-17-18  

sandyf  @Woke AF My point is, nobody. NOBODY knows nothing. NOTHING.

That is not true, there are people that know things, and surprise surprise, they do actually publish information.

What is ISO 4217?
ISO 4217 is the International Standard for currency codes. The most recent edition is ISO 4217:2015.

Learn how to get rich and stay rich by listening to the experts.
By Autumn Rose April 19, 2017

The richest people in the world climbed to the top of the fiscal food chain with smart investments and dreams of making a meaningful impact on the world. They also had a good deal of business savvy.

See these inspiring tips from billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to find out how to get rich — and stay rich.


Samson: Iraq .. Open 1000 files related to the financial situation

17th December, 2018

A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Ahmed al-Saffar, the opening of about 1000 files relating to the financial situation in Iraq previously and currently during the current parliamentary session.

Al-Saffar said in an interview with the official newspaper that the Finance Committee intends to open 1000 files relating to the financial situation of the country, indicating that the committee is working to divide its members into a mini-committees to study the files and then opened and processed seriously.

He warned of a sharp drop in oil prices globally, pointing out the possibility of activating all other economic resources in Iraq, which allows him to rely on it as an alternative to oil, otherwise it will be at a difficult stage of its economic history.

A member of the Finance Committee, also stressed that there is no intention to reform the state budget in 2019, as it is the same pattern of the budget this year by receiving the amounts of oil export and distribution between the operating budget and this is not possible in the coming year.   LINK