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Foreign Currency Laws - Penalties & Risk Part 2 of 2

What Is Foreign Exchange Risk?   
By Kofi Bofah,
Foreign exchange risk is related to the pitfalls of transacting international business. Lost buying power for everyday transactions and catastrophic trading losses for big investors and multinational corporations will arise from the failure to understand the risks of foreign exchange.
Fluctuating currency values and political fallout are important risks that need to be addressed for both the individual and the corporation, while operating upon a global scale. All segments of international commerce must take care to hedge against foreign exchange risk.

Foreign Currency Laws - Penalties & Risk Part 1 of 2
We sincerely hope you enjoy the added feature of more informative posts directly and indirectly related to our investment
Foreign Exchange Transaction Laws   
By Jeffery Keilholtz,
Foreign exchange is a money transfer from one form of currency to another. Foreign exchange transaction laws are a device for keeping foreign currencies accessible and acceptable to nations participating in the world market. Laws determine how rates are "fixed," the differences between bilateral and trade-weighted exchange rates and penalties for law violation.

​Note from Dinar Recaps:

We have again been receiving complaints from folks about content posted on the site.

We have a large variety of readers with different beliefs on the Iraqi Dinar and on how a RV/GCR will appear.

Some folks believe it’s all about Iraq, the GOI, the CBI and security and stability of Iraq. They believe it is only a RV of the dinar and that there is no GCR.

Some folks believe that it started in Iraq as a simple RV and was hijacked worldwide to include all other countries – turning into a Global Reset of Currencies (GCR)
Then there is group who believe in Gesara/Nesara and the Restored Republic where the cabal who have been controlling and stealing the money worldwide from people and need to be stopped, arrested, taken out of power before the “good guys” release the vast GCR sums to all.
These folks feel that the Central Bank and Federal Reserve need to be replaced with the new Quantum Financial system so funds are total safe once they have been exchanged.


Tishwash: Abadi warns of 3 challenges facing Iraq and confirms: We will work the government of Abdul Mahdi

The former Prime Minister, the leader of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, warned on Tuesday (December 18, 2018) of the three challenges facing Iraq, while he indicated that he .will be a supporter of the government of his successor Adel Abdul Mahdi

Abadi stressed during his meeting with a group of media and analysts at the Iraqi Center for Media Development, according to a statement of his media office stressed: "The importance of the Iraqi national decision and rejection of dictates and pressures and external interventions."

He stressed: "We are with balanced relations and good with countries away ".from interference in the Iraqi issue He pointed to "the seriousness of these interventions, which reached a trend that can not be ".tolerated Abadi pointed out that "there is a second challenge, the militarization of society," noting that "the citizen does not feel safe with the presence of irregular forces, as well as arms of ".individuals who are not from the security forces and this requires a clear leadership Abadi said, "The third challenge is the economic file, which needs to continue economic ".reform and remove the mafia of corruption and the economy

The stability of security in the country should not be reversed," he said. "The security" ".imbalance is not easily reformed He expressed his "hope for the success of the government," saying: "We will be supportive of them and at the same time we will turn to assess them for the benefit of the country and ".citizens        link

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday 12-18-18  
Larrykn  gm everyone :)

larrykn  Parliament to vote on remaining ministerial portfolios on Tuesday: M 

 Futuremoney  larrykn I bet ten to one the meeting is postponed
larrykn  futuremoney they might vote on some of them but the two big post I bet your right
futuremoney  only 8 months since the election and no gov yet...pretty soon it will be time for elections again
futuremoney   paaaaaaaaaa-thetic