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The Tangled Relationship Between Wealth & Money
By John Michael Greer
And why we're focusing on the wrong economic 'fixes'
One of the most dangerous mistakes possible to make in trying to understand the shape of the economic future is to think of the fundamental concepts of economics as simple and uncontroversial. They aren’t.
In economics, as in all other fields, the fundamentals are where disguised ideologies and unexamined presuppositions are most likely to hide out, precisely because nobody questions them.


2Cents: Schedule of UN Operational Rates of Exchange

The Operational Rates of Exchange were last updated for the effective date in accordance with the schedule below and thereafter until further notice.

Publishing Date     Effective Date
12 Dec 2018          14 Dec 2018
27 Dec 2018           31 Dec 2018

Walkingstick: The timing/ change of the exchange rate, of.. any country... is not, dictated, the date/s listed on the UN operational rate/s of exchange... 
Goldenboy: I agree Walkinstick. If they plan to do this on a moments notice, it will be a flip of the switch in the middle of the night. The element of surprise has to be installed here. There are billions of dollars at stake here and the ones in charge don’t want to show their cards on this deal!

Why Won't The Iraqi Dinar Scam Die?
Post From Our Archives By IQDCrazy 
IQDCrazy: Why wont the Iraqi Dinar scam Die? Definition of a scam.A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. tr.v. scammed, scamming, scams. To defraud; swindle.
In order for the Iraqi Dinar to be a scam, one the person would not receive merchandise and two it would have to have a proven track record of loss. Neither exist so it is not a scam.
In the thought that any currency is going to make you a millionaire overnight is Stupidity not a scam, used car dealers say your buying a great car and it breaks down every other day and it doesn't mean its a scam. You get what you pay for.