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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 12-20-18 Part 2 of 2

forest54  URGENT The first reading of the 2019 budget will be added to the agenda of the parliament session today
Date of release: 2018/12/20 10:11 • 231 times read

Add the first reading of the budget of 2019 in the agenda of the parliament session today

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, the first reading paragraph of the draft federal budget law for the year 2019 on the agenda of the session of parliament to be held on Thursday.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 12-20-18 Part 1 of 2

Chattels  Parliament holds its meeting today without a vote on the rest of the cab
Release date: 2018/12/20 8:33 • http://www.alliraqnews .com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=79827

chattels  The head of the council, Mohamed Halboussi, attended the ministers in Thursday's session to take the oath of office before the House of Representatives. He called on the Prime Minister to submit new candidates within a maximum period of 48 hours.


16-Dec... 1196.189- 1195.939
17-Dec... 1195.512- 1195.270
18-Dec... 1194.840 -1194.809
19-Dec... 1194.468- 1194.450
20-Dec... 1195.223- 1194.936

2cents:  Big Day.....Parliament completes First Reading of the Budget for 2019 and the COM declares 12/30, 12/31 and 1/01 a Holiday.....The stage is set in Iraq!!!!

Trump declares Christmas Eve a Holiday. Will he declare New Year's Eve a holiday???? IMO, this would clean up the "stage" if he does.

Come on Kurds, get that last minute payroll completed by the 29th!!!!

How to Open Someone's Safe Deposit Box 

A safe deposit box provides secure storage for valuables like jewelry, family heirlooms, wills and property deeds. Both the bank that provides the box and the state where it is located have rules regarding accessibility. Read this article to learn more about these policies and how to pursue an exception when you need to access to someone else's safe deposit box.

Things You'll Need

Photo identification
Documentation authorizing your access
Key (optional)

​Safe Deposit Box Laws /Rules/Regulations /Tips/Warnings

FDIC Consumer News - Winter 2018
Five Things to Know About Safe Deposit Boxes, Home Safes and Your Valuables

Safe Deposit Boxes

Over time, your valuables change, and so do your options to protect them. Here are a few choices, including safe deposit boxes and home safes, along with suggestions on how to assess each option for your specific needs.

Think about what should or should not be kept in a bank's safe deposit box. Good candidates for a safe deposit box include originals of key documents, such as birth certificates, property deeds, car titles and U.S. Savings Bonds that haven't been converted into electronic securities.


Happy Birthday Frank!!!!

Samson: This is a good report - well worth reading

A Sovereign Wealth Fund for Iraq

20th December, 2018

The Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies has proposed the creation of sovereign wealth fund in Iraq.

Once used by only a few countries around the world, Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are becoming an increasingly common feature of international finance and state-led economic development.

An increasing number of countries, predominantly developing countries, who rely on the export of commodities such as hydrocarbons and minerals are creating SWF portfolios .
The exact motivation behind creating an SWF varies between countries. Some SWFs aim to provide funds for an aging or growing population while others invest the funds in development and investment programmes to help diversify revenue generation mechanisms.

Others are explicitly designed to cushion a country’s economy from price shocks, currency volatility and general international economic instability.

Please click here to download the full report: http://www.bayancenter .org/en/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/98767564.pdf

LINK -  http://www.iraq-businessnews .com/2018/12/20/a-sovereign-wealth-fund-for-iraq/