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​Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
[Editor’s Note: One of the most important topics we cover in Notes from the Field is the current state of pension funds around the world, a.k.a. the global pension crisis.

This tiny corner of Rhode Island shows us the future of Social Security
Many pension funds and social security systems globally do not have enough money to cover the retirement obligations they owe to millions of workers. For example, in the US alone, pension funds are about $7 TRILLION short of the funding they need to cover the promised benefits.

4 Simple Habits To Live With Integrity
How to live with integrity with 4 simple habits
By Carthage Buckley
Successful people live with integrity. They say what they do and they do what they say. They are trusted by those whom they interact with and they build healthy relationships with consummate ease.
These relationships then help them to achieve bigger and better things.

​When you live with integrity, you influence, inspire and motivate others; not just with your words but with your actions too.


Harambe: AP News: Iraqi lawmakers demand US withdrawal after Trump visit

Airam: I think this is the beginning of a new excuse for delay .....everytime we are getting close to the end of this story something starts brewing as a rumor and finally is the cause for a new delay .......ok and now everybody call me negative ......and is not the way its been happening for many yrs the spark for the next fire ....that is called OBSERVATION

Annie68: Airam, in my opinion, it means absolutely nothing to us, I feel it is straight out of Malikis camp.If you heard the Presidents speech yesterday "" Our troops are not leaving Iraq!"

Fishon: This RV cant happen with our troops gone. We will not leave. Trump wants it.

Yada: The article said “Iraqi lawmakers”. People just shooting their mouths off especially since Trump showed up unannounced.

RVAlready: Those in Iraq who hate the west will always want us out. But, we more than proved our worth in getting rid of saddam and Isis. We will not be leaving Iraq in the foreseeable future. I feel we are headed for the RV. The 2019 Iraq budget is written in post-RV numbers (billions, not trillions, of dinar). Iraq needs this RV to move forward. The CBI is clearly planning to get this done. To me, everything else is just noise.

Speedy: Remember Kuwait, bad news, then RV !!! Be encouraged !!!

​​What Building Wealth and the Greatest Airplane Have in Common
Post From Millionaire Foundry

Lower Your Burn Rate (Save), Maximize the Value of You (Career), Millionaire Foundry, Your Wealth Generating Machine (Invest), Your Wealth Success Plan (Plan)
Throughout my career I’ve read over one hundred books on building wealth, and even more on the topics of success and business.
One of my favorite business management books of all time is The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge.