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​Valuable Estate Lessons From The Passing Of George & Barbara Bush
Megan Gorman  Personal Finance
I write about achieving wealth and how it intersects with our lives.

The death of a longtime married couple in quick succession is often explained as “broken-heart syndrome”

When spouses pass within a short period of time of each other there may be challenges with beneficiary designations.

George H.W. Bush led an extraordinary, well-lived life during an exciting time in American history. In any discussion of his life and accomplishments, his late wife Barbara quickly comes to mind as well. Theirs is a well-documented and iconic love story. 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 12-3-18  

Woke AF  What do you know about QFS???

http://i68.tinypic .com/ff8kgp.jpg
Found this... if anyone is interested. I believe it was the new QFS being put online. Which means, the RV? No more slaves to the FED/Central Banks, Banks are closed on Wed under the cover of EO 11582, funeral for Bush Sr.

https://www.cia .gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp89b00423r000200180006-9

Sparky  @sandyf. Brexit, UK opting out of the EU, not the Euro. Thank you for the correction


JCNoble: Tomorrow is the day for the vote on the final Iraqi ministers.

Tishwash: Likely to delay the parliament session tomorrow because of the dispute over 4 ministries   link

NetGlobal: So the Iraqis are still fighting over filling the Cabinet positions. Who would have thunk that? LOL

Briona: The Iraqi Parliament would have a problem agreeing on what day of the week it is. They are going to have to learn to work together if they want to move ahead.

RVAlready: There is always a fight in Iraq over the cabinet. Nothing new here. The folks saying delay tomorrow...just their personal opinion. I think they will finish most or all of the posts tomorrow… The Secretary General of the UN is led there, adding his support

RVAlready: I think it is a good week for Allaq to push the button. They really need the RV to move forward….. So much of what they want to do needs money. The RV will supply that

Bigt35: i personally dont think any of it matters, its when the PTB decide to let it rip is when we will go and i its hope sooner than later but it is what it is and ill keep holding on .


Samson: Baghdad calls on Washington to cooperate in activating the terms of the Strategic Framework Agreement”

2018/12/3 14:34

Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim called on Washington to cooperate in activating the terms of the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States.

"Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim met with US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman and discussed means of enhancing strategic relations between the two countries and stressing the importance of achieving common interests in various fields of the two friendly peoples," a foreign ministry statement said. 

"The minister called on Washington to cooperate in activating the terms of the strategic framework agreement concluded with Baghdad to stimulate investment in Iraq and contribute to the reconstruction of cities liberated from the gangs of terrorist da'is.  


Don961: Events awaiting investors in the Iraqi market during the next three days

07:34 - 02/12/2018

Baghdad - Mawazine News 

The Iraqi financial market is witnessing several important events this week. 

The events start tomorrow Monday, with a meeting of shareholders of the Mansour Hotel to discuss the treatment of the deficit in the final accounts of the company last year. 

On Tuesday, shareholders of the National Islamic Bank will meet to discuss the dividend, final accounts of the bank and the election of board members. 

On Wednesday, the shareholders of the Middle East will gather for the production and marketing of fish to discuss the dividend and final accounts of the company  Link