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How to Deal With Sudden Wealth Syndrome and Manage Newfound Riches

By Amy Livingston

A lot of people have fantasized about suddenly striking it rich. They imagine that a financial windfall – inheriting a fortune from a distant relative, collecting royalties for a best-selling novel, or even winning the lottery – would make all their dreams come true. They picture themselves traveling the world, lounging on beaches, sipping champagne under blue skies while palm trees wave in the breeze.

But when this dream of sudden wealth actually comes true, it often turns into a nightmare. Instead of feeling happy and carefree, people who get rich quickly tend to become stressed and anxious. Their relationships often suffer too, as the money creates distance between them and the people they were once close to.

Sometimes, the newly wealthy try to comfort themselves by going on a wild spending spree. Unfortunately, this often makes matters worse. If the money isn’t as limitless as they thought, their newfound wealth quickly disappears, leading to even more stress.

These problems are so common that psychologists have given them a name: “sudden wealth syndrome.”

29 of the Best Personal Finance Tips for Beginners and Beyond
Budget· Financial Independence· Investing· Make Money· Paying Debt· Saving Money
Post From Invested Wallet

Personal Finance Tips for Beginners 

If you search the Internet, you’ll find a lot of various personal finance tips available.

So why is this post any different?

Well, for one this is a collection of the very best ones that beginners really need to know. I’ve seen posts with like 75+ tips and I’ve seen articles with like 10 very general tips.

Certainly not a knock on those articles, but I wanted to write one more focused on the must-haves. But also, these were ones I really grasped towards in my own journey.

And secondly, all of these tips are things I started doing in late 2014 and really were key into how my financial life has changed.


Wednesday Night KTFA CC 2-13-19

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel “Dessert”

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#   or PLAYBACK: 641.715.3579  319183#

No Recorded playback available yet

McDan: Thanks for the Dessert Frank. I have waited to see the Forth Part of the HCL since 2007 finally. You know how much I appreciate Your Comment tonight . I know You like wise have waited as long as many other old times for the great news.

KickyKai: My eyes are looking to what transpires this weekend.

DocMagee: Ok, could someone bullet point it for us?  

Crose: Barzani coming to Baghdad to meet with big wigs and the finalize 140...CBI should also do alot of talking over the weekend...not to mention T and T (Taxes and tariffs) going into force the 17th and the budget taking off to do it's thing...put it all in the oven together and let's see what we feast on for Monday.

WaitingGame: We watch for more this weekend ….My own tidbit.... are your plans and affairs in order? It's always best to be prepared... .... .....


NetGlobal:  I think Madhi has done all he can do. He has claimed these unfilled positions as filled by him by proxy. Nothing more for him to do

Pearle: Hopefully the tariffs need the new rate

SusanaC: of course the tariff need the new rate..how else would they start the contracts march1?

QueenBea: i feel this will happen suddenly when we are not expecting it. soon.

RVAlready: I am sure that those who benefitted from Kuwait thought it was crazy also. But they hung on and exchanged.

Tishwash:     Billions of dollars of pending investment loans are waiting to complete the formation of the government

The head of the reconstruction fund of the affected areas, Mustafa al-Hiti, on Thursday, the arrival of completion rates of projects that began in 2016-2017 to 99 percent, indicating that there are 26 billion of investment loans allocated at the Kuwait Conference and stalled because of delayed formation Iraqi government.

Al-Hiti told "Iraq News" that "the completion rates in the projects that were established in the areas affected by terrorism for the year 2016 - 2017 amounted to 99 percent and projects in 2018 also reached the advanced stages."

He added that "there are 26 billion dollars within the investment loans allocated by the countries in the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq and is now waiting for the formation of the Iraqi government and know the policy of Iraq where to turn and then launch."
link - http://aynaliraqnews .com/index.php?aa=news&id22=113826