February 16th 6pm

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I’d recommend even keeping some of these at your desk as a healthy reminder (:


DELTA:  Mawazine News. published the new pricing of customs in all ports of Iraq

custom base on international code

pricing baseon international code

(Pictures at link)

YES I CAN ..................... SO CAN IRAQ !!!
AND BTW ...................... TOLD YOU SO .................... LOL

the MarkZ Update emailed to Recaps:  Thank you PDK

MarkZ today: I was told years ago during the Obama administration that the RV/GCR needed a 3-day weekend and a national emergency to release it. They might need the ability to close the borders when this goes.

That administration and the Bush administration did not want the reset.  The Trump administration is pushing for it.

I am very excited for this weekend...so many things I was told we needed are lined up right now. the paymaster who already have the funds cannot release them yet..... I was told there may be one more document that President Trump needs to sign today to release the paymasters funds.

Hopefully we will know more by the end of tonight.. a lot of anticipations for today through Tuesday ..

I am hearing WF is release bank and HSBC as well.. 800#'s will be out soon and we should be in the banks by Tuesday


Baller: Great find JJ. Budget passed. Check. President signed off on it. Check. Published in the Gazette. Check. Taxes and Tariffs started at the borders. Check. Now just drop the 3 zero's and raise your rate Iraq. Seems this is the mother of all time frames 2.0. Especially with Dr. Shabibi's 3 day weekend starting tomorrow. 
JJOnesmx: Baghdad, Arbil customs tariffs in force today

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Customs Department announced starting unification of customs

procedures starting from today, 16 February, 2019.

The department added that the new agreement will cancel all customs check-points along the federal borders.

A customs document shall be prepared in both Arabic and Kurdish languages to facilitate procedures at all border crossings, the department added.